Kill Bill
                                 (retyped and edited for html)
                                    The 222 page draft of

                                          KILL BILL

                                      written & directed
                                      Quentin Tarantino

                                 TABLE OF CONTENTS

                                1. "2" goto
                                2. The Comatose Bride goto
                                3. The Man From Okinawa goto
                                4. Showdown at House of Blue Leaves goto
                                5. Yuki's Revenge goto
                                6. "Can She Backe A Cherry Pie..." goto
                                7. The Lonely Grave of Paula Schultz goto
                                8. The Cruel Tutelage Of Pai Mei goto
                                9. Elle and I goto
                               10. The Blood-Splattered Bride goto

               OVER BLACK
               We hear labored breathing.

               BLACK FRAME
               QUOTE APPEARS:

                                    "Revenge is a dish
                                    best served cold"

                                                   - Old Klingon Proverb - 
               QUOTE FADES OUT

               WE STAY ON BLACK
               ...breathing continues...

               Then a MAN'S VOICE talks over the breathing;

                                   MAN'S VOICE (O.S.)
                         Do you find me sadistic?

                                                                CUT TO:

               BLACK AND WHITE CU of a WOMAN
               lying on the floor, looking up. The woman on the floor has
               just taken a severe spaghetti-western-style gang beating. Her
               face is bloody, beaten up, and torn. The high contrast B/W
               turning the red blood into black blood.

               A hand belonging to the off-screen Man's Voice ENTERS FRAME
               holding a white handkerchief with the name "BILL" sewn in the
               corner, and begins tenderly wiping away the blood from the
               young woman's face. Little by little as the Male Voice
               speaks, the beautiful face underneath is revealed to the
               But what can't be wiped away, is the white hot hate that
               shines in both eyes at the man who stands over her, the
               "BILL" of the title.

               In another age men who shook the world for their own purposes
               were called conquerors. In our age, the men who shake the
               planet for their own power and greed are called corrupters.
               And of the world's corrupters Bill stands alone. For while he
               corrupts the world, inside himself he is pure.

                                   BILL'S VOICE (O.S.)
                         I bet I could fry an egg on your
                         head about now, if I wanted to.

               He continues wiping away the blood.

                                   BILL'S VOICE (O.S.)
                         No kiddo, I'd like to believe, even
                         now, you're aware enough to know
                         there isn't  a trace of sadism in
                         my actions... Okay - Maybe towards
                         these other jokers - bot not your.

               OVERHEAD SHOT
               We see for a moment, A WIDE SHOT looking down at the woman on
               the floor. Bill (from behind) bent down over her. Four others
               in black suits, standing over her (three are female, one is
               male). And about four DEAD BODIES lying in their own blood.
               We also see we're in a wedding chapel that's been redecorated
               by blood death and gunfire. And firstly or lastly, depending
               on the viewer, that the woman on the floor is dressed in a
               white bridal gown.
               This woman is our Heroine, and from this moment forth she
               will only be referred to as The BRIDE.

               Back to CU of The BRIDE.

               The BRIDE on the floor. Her pretty face is wiped clean.

                                   BILL'S VOICE (O.S.)
                         No Kiddo at this moment, this is me
                         at my most masochistic.

               While still in her CU The Bride speaks for the first time in
               the picture. She looks up at the man standing over her and

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Bill, I'm pregnant. It's your baby.

               After saying the "y" in "baby", we hear a BANG and The Bride
               receives a bullet in the side of her head.

                                                                CUT TO:
               BLACK SCREEN: Presentation Credit

                                     "The 4th Film by
                                    QUENTIN TARANTINO"

                                                                CUT TO:

               B/W CU of a Young MAN in a TUXEDO. Shot to death.

               The BRIDE speaks to us in a VO;

                                   THE BRIDE (V.O.)
                         That's Tim, Arthur's best friend.

               CU A PRETTY YOUNG WOMAN in a frilly pink dress with two
               bullet holes in her.

                                   THE BRIDE (V.O.)
                         That's his girlfriend Janeen.

               CU A PLUMP YOUNG WOMAN, shot to death, wedding bouquet still
               clutched in her dead fist.

                                   THE BRIDE (V.O.)
                         That's my best friend from work

               AN OLDER MAN IN A BLACK SUIT shot fulla holes.

                                   THE BRIDE (V.O.)
                         That's the minister. I think his
                         name was Reverend Hillhouse.

               A DEAD OLDER WOMAN by his side in an old-fashioned flower
               print dress.

                                   THE BRIDE (V.O.)
                         That's his wife.

               A DEAD OLDER WOMAN slumped over an organ.

                                   THE BRIDE (V.O.)
                         Organ player, don't know her name.


                                   THE BRIDE (V.O.)
                         That's Arthur. Arthur Plympton. The
                         name on his driver's license was
                         Charles Arthur Plympton, but for
                         some reason he preferred Arthur.
                         Maybe if he went by Carles people
                         would have called him Charlie. If
                         that was his reason for going by
                         Arthur I can understand it.
                         Nothing wrong with the name
                         Charlie, except he didn't look like
                         a Charlie, he looked like an
                         Obviously you'll have to take my
                         word on this. Speaking of names, I
                         was about two seconds away from
                         becoming Mrs. Charles Arthur

               And then finally, The Bride.

                                   THE BRIDE (V.O.)
                         And that, that's me. I'm the Bride.

               We do a DISSOLVE from the Bride looking dead in the bridal


               The Bride, still in B/W, still in a bridal gown, but the
               asswippin she took in the scene before must have been in the
               past, because she looks like a million dollars
               now.......three million even.

               INT. CAR (MOVING) - NIGHT

               The Bride behind the wheel of a Volkswagen Karman Ghia
               convertible. Her long blodne hair whipping in the wind. A
               PROCESS SHOT PLAYS behind her.

                                   THE BRIDE (V.O.)
                         Looked dead, didn't I? Well I
                         wasn't, but it wasn'T for lack fo
                         trying, I can tell you that.
                         Actually Bill's last bullet put me
                         in a coma. A coma I was to lie in
                         for five years.
                         When I woke up, ...I went on what
                         the movie advertisements refer to
                         as a Roaring Rampage of Revenge. I
                         roarded and I rampaged and I got
                         bloody satisfaction. In all, I've
                         killed 33 people to get to this
                         piont right now.
                         I have only one more.
                         The last one.
                         The one I'M driving to right now.
                         The only one left.
                         And when I arrive at my
                         .... I'm gonna Kill Bill.

               TITLE SEQUENCE

               As a female-sung ballad of heartbreaking lament plays on the
               soundtrack, we see the credits of "Kill Bill" play over the
               Bride in her bridal gown, driving to the film's climax.

               The sequence ends with the Bride arriving at Bill's home.

                                                       WE FADE TO BLACK

               BLACK FRAME
               TITLE APPEARS:

                                       Chapter one


                                                                CUT TO:

               WE CUT OUT ONE...TWO...THREE...TO A
               CU of The BRIDE IN GLORIOUS COLOR
               She's sitting in a parked pickup truck. Her eyes focused on

               The BRIDE'S POV:
               A very homey three-bedroom house in the affluent suburb of
               Pasadena, California. A purple Dodge Neon sits parked in the
               driveway. A tricylce, a big wheel, and a few toys sprinkle
               the grass on the front yard. A mailbox with the name "The
               BELLS" on it sits out in front of the lawn. We hear but don't
               see ice cream truck bells.


                                       "The city of
                                  PASADENA, CALIFORNIA"

               We hear a Car Door Open and Close....THEN....The Bride Walks
               into the shot, heading for the front door.

               EX CU: A long, white female finger pushes a doorbell.


               The front door opens and an attractive black HOUSEWIFE the
               same age as The Bride stands in the doorway.
               The Housewife's face shows immediate recognition of the
               blonde on her doorstep.

               The BRIDE
               on the porch; we do a quick Shaw-Brothers-style Zoom into her

               (That means our Heroine is remembering something, and we see
               it with an orange filter.) We're back inside the wedding
               chapel. The Bride is taking the beating of her life by four
               people in black suits. A black woman PUNCHES HER in the
               face... WE see it's the black housewife, five years earlier.

               The BRIDE ON THE PORCH
               We Zoom quick out of her eyes to CU, a VENGEANCE THEME PLAYS
               LOUD ON THE SOUNDTRACK. (Whenever we hear this theme
               throughout the picture, we'll quickly learn what accompanies
               it is The Bride goin Krakatoa all over whoever's ass happens
               to be in front of her at that moment.) As the Vengeance Theme
               plays, a Vein in The Bride's forehead begins to pulsate. When
               the Vengeance Theme stops, The Bride ATTACKS The Housewife.


               The white woman and the black woman FLY into the center of
               the living room, CRASHING onto her coffe table in front of
               the sofa.

               These two wildcats go at each other savagely, TUMBLING OVER
               the couch, clawing and scratching all the way, landing
               together on the plush carpet.

               The HOUSEWIFE
               KICKS The Bride, sending her CRASHING backwards into the
               small table where the phone, a note pad (for messages), and
               the mail is kept.

               The Housewife scrambles up on her feet, but is caught by a
               FLYING TACKLE from behind by The Bride that sends them both

               An ornamental iron and tempered-glass bookcase that has
               framed family photos, display toys, some African art, and a
               collection of painted commemorative plates depicting the
               negro experience in the American military. Starting with a
               plate featuring Cripis Atkins in the revolutionary war, negro
               troops in union blue during the civil war, Buffalo soldiers
               fighting Indians, the Jim Crow troops of the first world war,
               the colored troops of world war two, Korea, Vietnam, and
               finally Colin Powell....The Bride and The Housewife CRASH
               THROUGH all this reducing everything to rubble.

               They land hard on the floor covered in broken glass, locked
               in grapple, each trying to get the best of the other one,...
               When The Housewife HEADBUTTS The Bride in the nose.

               The HOUSEWIFE
               hops off The Bride, runs into the kitchen, opens a drawer and
               comes out with a HUGE MOTHERFUCKIN BUTCHER KNIFE.

               The BRIDE
               rises from the floor, and WHIPS OUT a KNIFE in a sheath
               hanging from her belt known as a SOG. (A SOG is a long,
               double-edged knife that's as sharp as a razor, and is what
               Navy Seals use to kill humans with.)

               The Bride backs up into the mess of the now totally
               demolished living room.

               The two woman stalk each other, each holding her blade, each
               looking like they know how to use it, each waiting for the
               other to make a mistake so they can plunge their blade deep
               into the other one.

               Blood and sweat dript off of the faces of the two women
               locked in life and death combat......

               ....When The back kitchen door opens, and a FOUR-YEAR-OLD
               LITTLE GIRL, carrying a lunch box steps inside.

                                   FOUR-YEAR-OLD GIRL
                         Mommy, I'm home!

               The two warrior women whose eyes reflect only combat
               concentration, suddenly switch upon hearing the four-year
               old's voice. The Housewife's eyes flash a look of pleading to
               the eyes of The Bride.

               The Bride seems to answer back; "Okay."

               The Black woman and the white woman hide their edged weapons
               behind their backs, as the Four-Year-Old Little Girl walks
               into the newly destroyed living room.

               The Housewife switches to her mommy voice.

                                   THE HOUSEWIFE
                         Hey baby, how was school?

               The Little Girl is flabbergasted at the mess, and the
               condition of her mother, who looks like she's just been in a
               bar room brawl.

                                   LITTLE GIRL
                         Mommy, what happened to you and the
                         T.V. Room?

                                   THE HOUSEWIFE
                         Oh, that good for nothin dog of
                         yours, got his little ass in the
                         living room and acted a damn fool,
                         that's what happened.

                                   LITTLE GIRL
                         Barney did this?

               She says it with the slightest hint of skepticism, then tries
               to enter the living room.

                                   THE HOUSEWIFE
                         Now baby, you can't come in here,
                         there's broken glass all over the
                         floor, and you gonna cut yourself.

               The little girl's eyes go to the blonde lady in the living
               room who she ain't never seen before, who also looks like
               she's been fighting.

               The Bride smiles at the confused Little Girl.

                                   THE HOUSEWIFE
                         This is a old friend of mommy's I
                         ain't seen in a long time.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Hello sweety, I'm *(BLEEP)*, what's
                         your name?

               * Whenever during the picture somebody says The Bride's real
               name, it will be BLEEPED OUT ON THE SOUNDTRACK, ...that is,
               till I want you to know. *

               The shy, suspicious little girl doesn't say anything, she
               just stares at the blond lady.

                                   THE HOUSEWIFE
                         Her name is Nikki.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Nikki. What a pretty name for such
                         a pretty little girl. How old are
                         you Nikki?

               Nikki still says nothing, only stares.

                                   THE HOUSEWIFE
                         Nikki, *(BLEEP)* aked you a

                             (to The Bride)
                         I'm four.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Four years old, aye. You know I
                         once had a little girl. She'd be
                         five right now. Maybe you two could
                         of played with each other.

                                   THE HOUSEWIFE
                         Now baby, me an *(BLEEP)* have some
                         grown-up talk to talk about, so you
                         go in your room now and leave us
                         alone till I tell you to come out.

               The child doesn't move, so the mother repeats herself.

                                   THE HOUSEWIFE
                             (snapping her fingers)
                         Nikkia - in your room - now.

               The little girl slowly walks away and disappears behind the
               door of her bedroom.

               The two women turn to face each other, masquerade and combat
               both finished.

                                   THE HOUSEWIFE
                         Want some coffee?

                                   THE BRIDE 
                         Yeah, sure.

               The two women move into the kitchen. The Bride re-sheaths her
               SOG, and The Housewife puts the butcher knife back in the

               The Bride sits down at the kitchen table, while The Housewife
               pours both of them coffee.

                                   THE HOUSEWIFE
                         Cream and sugar?

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Both, please.

               As The Housewife fixes the coffee, we hear The Bride's

                                   THE BRIDE (V.O.)
                         This Pasadena homemaker's name is
                         Jeanne Bell. Her husband is Dr.
                         Lawrence Bell. But back when we
                         were acquainted, five years ago,
                         her name was VERNITA GREEN. Her
                         code name, was "COBRA"..... Mine
                         was BLACK MAMBA.

               The two combat artists sit at the kitchen table, drinking
               coffee out of Vernita's coffee mugs.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Were you expecting me?

                         Yes and no. Bill got in touch with
                         me right after you woke up, and
                         then again a little later after
                         your episode in Japan.
                         So I suppose it's a little late for
                         a apology, huh?

                                   THE BRIDE
                         You suppose correctly.

                         Even if I was sincere?

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Oh. I'm quite positive you're
                         sorry, now.

               Vernita says to the Bride across the table furiously but with
               low volume;

                         Look bitch, I need to know if
                         you're gonna start anymore shit
                         around my baby girl!

                                   THE BRIDE
                         You can relax for now. I'm not
                         going to murder you in front of
                         your daughter.

                         That's being more rational than
                         Bill led me to believe you were
                         capable of.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Well that's a demonstration of
                         Bill's complete ignorance when it
                         comes to the subject of me, and
                         what I'm thinking, and what I might
                         do. It's mercy, compassion, and
                         forgiveness I lack, not

               She pauses for effect -- the ham.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         I'll wait for now, but I won't wait
                         for long. I'll allow you to choose
                         a time and place for us to meet
                         again, preferably as far away from
                         Nikki as possible.
                         I could have just HIT you, I
                         didn't, I demand respect for that.
                         Since this is not a HIT, consider
                         it a DUEL. And as two former Deadly
                         Vipers, we will observe Viper rules
                         of honor. One on one - no help - no
                         bushwhackin - no treacherous
                         weapons - on weapon of choice - our
                         skill and our bodies.

               Vernita says her name;


                                   THE BRIDE
                         - I'm not through telling you.
                         Failure to keep our date, or
                         duplicity of any kind, will result
                         in me putting a xoxo hollow point
                         bullet into the back of your skull
                         from a window of a building across
                         the street from Nikki's elementary
                         school. Now, feel free to respond.

                         Look...I know I fucked you over. I
                         fucked you over bad. I wish to God
                         I hadn't, but I did.

               The blonde listens to the black woman with a poker face.

                         If I could go back in a machine I
                         would, but I can't. All I can tell
                         you is I'm a different person now.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         I don't care.

                         Be that as it may, I know I do not
                         deserve mercy or forgiveness.
                         However, I beseech you for both on
                         behalf of my daughter.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         -- Bitch, you can stop right there.

               The B-word stops Vernita short, almost like a cold-handed
               slap in the face (it should affect the audience that way as

                                   THE BRIDE
                             (leans in close)
                         Just because I have no wish to
                         murder you before the eyes of your
                         daughter, does not mean parading
                         her around in front of me is going
                         to inspire sympathy. You and I have
                         unfinished business.
                         And not a goddamn fuckin thing
                         you've done in the subsequent five
                         years - including getting knocked
                         up - is going to change that.

                         You have every right to wanna get
                         even --

                                   THE BRIDE
                         -- But that's where you're wrong,
                         Vernita. I don't want to get even.
                         To get even, even Steven. I would
                         have to kill you, go into Nikki's
                         room, kill her, then wait for your
                         old man, Dr. Bell, to come home and
                         kill him. That would make us even.
                         No, my unborn daughter will just
                         hafta be satisfied with your death
                         at her mother's hands.

               Vernita knows no matter what else is said, blood will spill.

                         When do we do this?

                                   THE BRIDE
                         It all depends... When do you want
                         to die? Tomorrow? The day after
                         tomorrow? That's about as long as
                         I'll wait.

                         How bout tonight, bitch?

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Spendid. Where?

                         There's a baseball diamond where
                         our little league has its games,
                         about a mile from here. We meet
                         there around two-thirty in the
                         morning, dressed all in black, your
                         hair in a black stocking, and we
                         have us a knife fight, we won't be
                         bothered. I have to fix Nikki's

               As they continue to talk, Vernita pulls down a cereal bowl
               for her daughter and lays it on the kitchen counter.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Bill said you were one of the best
                         ladies he'd ever seen with an edged

               Vernita moves to another kitchen cabinet, and pulls down a
               box of the sugar cereal, "Kaboom."

                         Fuck you, bitch, I know he didn't
                         qualify it, so you can just kiss my
                         motherfuckin ass, Black Mamba.
                             (snorts to herself)
                         Black Mamba, I shoulda been
                         motherfuckin Black Mamba.

               As the two females continue to talk, Vernita reaches her hand
               inside the cereal box.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Weapon of choice? And if you want
                         to stick with your butcher knife,
                         I'm cool with that.

                         Very funny.

               Vernita FIRES A GUN from inside the cereal box at The

               .... The bullet explodes out of the cardboard box, and HITS
               the coffee mugh directly in front of The Bride, BLOWING IT TO

               The Bride THROWS HERSELF ON THE FLOOR....

               Vernita pulls the gun out of the cereal box and FIREES

               ...The bullet HITS THE FLOOR of the tiny kitchen...

               ...The Bride moves under the kitchen table, then using her
               INTO Vernita, pinning her flat up against the table top, and
               the kitchen counter.

               While her left hand holds the table, her right hand goes to
               the SOG on her belt, her fingers wrap around the blade's
               grip, lifting it up out of the sheath and PLUNGING IT THROUGH
               THE TABLE TOP up to the handle, with all the SOG's steel
               entering Vernita's abdomen.

               The table falls back to the floor with the dying homemaker
               pinned to it. The two former colleagues meet eyes.

                         Sorry, bout the bushwhack. Please

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Do to your daughter, what you did
                         to mine...
                             (she takes her hand)
                         ...I won't.

               Vernita dies.

               The Bride removes her Sog, looks up and sees little Nikki
               standing in the doorway of her room. The little girl sees her
               mother dead on the floor, lying in her own blood. And she
               sees the blonde lady standing over her mother, bloody knife
               still in her hand. But oddly enough, Nikki doesn't cry. The
               little girl locks eyes with the big girl, and holds her

               As she talks to the little girl, she removes an already
               stained with blood white handkerchief with the name "BILL"
               sewn on it. And the blonde wipes the girl's mother's blood
               off her blade.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         It was not my intention to do this
                         in front of you. For that I'm
                         sorry. But you can take my word for
                         it, your mother had it coming. When
                         you grow up, if you still feel raw
                         about it, I'll be waiting.

               And with that apology, statement, and invitation, The Bride
               walks out the kitchen side door, leaving the little girl to
               her mourning.

               EXT. VERNITA'S HOME - DAY

               The Bride walks down the dead woman's driveway to her
               vehicle. She glances at the lawn toys one more time as she
               makes here getaway.

               She climbs into her big, yellow pickup truck, with the words
               "Pussy Wagon" written across the flatbed's hatch door in a
               pimpy font. She takes out a ringed notebook and turns to a
               page that's headline reads;

                                     DEATH LIST FIVE

               On the pager are five names numbered going down the page
               written in red ink.

               The first name has a line drawn through it with black ink.

               The second name on the list is;

                                      VERNITA GREEN

               The Bride takes a black felt pen and draws a line through
               Vernita's name. Turns on the truck's engine and drives out of
               the residential district.

                                                         FADE TO BLACK.
               OVER BLACK
               TITLE CARD:

                                       Chapter two

                                    The comatose Bride

               FADE UP ON

               CU The comatose Bride
               lying in her hospital bed, wide open unblinking sightless
               eyes, that constantly stare yet see nothing. The Bride is at
               the beginning of her comatose journey.

               A SUBTITLE APPEARS:
               under her face.

                           "Five years and four months earlier
                              in the city of El Paso, Texas"

               Although we're only in a tight CU, we can tell a few things:
               one, she's in her hospital room; two, she's alone; three,
               it's night; and four, one hellva RAINSTORM is pounding


               The rain pisses down in buckets in front of the hospital...


               The wheel to an Alfa Romeo rolls into FRAME and stops.

               The car door opens and two yellow galoshes step out into the
               wet night.

               OVERHEAD SHOT
               A red umbrella opens as rain falls down.

               CU the back of a head wearing a yellow rainslicker hood,
               framed by the red umbrella above it, which water cascades
               down and beats a rhythm against.

               The figure in the yellow rainslicker with the red umbrella
               (who we can guess is female) starts walking towards the
                                 WE GO TO SPLIT SCREEN

                      Left Side                   Right Side
               CU The Bride's unblinking        The back of the yellow
               comatose sleep.	                slicker - walking in the
                                                rain towards the
						hospital's entrance.

						CU her yellow galoshes
						slapping against the wet
						asphalt, and splashing
						through puddles.

	       CU The Bride in her coma	        CU the hospital's
						electrical doors -
						WOOSH - OPEN.

						We follow behind the
						woman in the raincoat
						as she walks from
						outside into the hospital
						down the hall, and into
						the ladies room door.

	       CU The BRIDE	                EX CU OF A WHITE
	       in her coma		        WOMAN'S SHAPELY
						stepping into a sheer,
						white stocking.




						The liquid is drawn up
						into the syringe.

						"A lethal cocktail of
						Bill's own concoction.
						He calls it, 'Goodbye

						ON TOP of the woman's
						blonde head.


               The door marked "ladies" is opened, and a beautiful 6-foot
               blonde in a white nurse's uniform, with a matching white eye
               patch over her left eye, steps out, carrying the nurse's tray
               with the "Goodbye forever"-filled syringe on it.
               She walks down the corridor towards The sleeping Bride's


                                       "ELLE DRIVER

                                        Member of
                           The DEADLY VIPER ASSASSINATION SQUAD
                                CALIFORNIA MOUNTAIN SNAKE"
                                   END OF SPLIT SCREEN
                                  STAY WITH ELLE'S SIDE


               The Bride, alone in her bed, alone in her coma, alone in her

               Elle Driver opens the door to her room and steps inside.
               The female assassin approaches the comatose woman.

               looking down at her sleeping target, victim, rival, and
               opposite number.

               EX CU The BRIDE'S EYES
               wide open - blank stare.

               Elle standing over The Bride's hospital bed, says to her;

                         I might never of liked you. Point
                         in fact I despise you. But that
                         doesn't suggest I don't respect
                         you. You were a master of a
                         profession that's most difficult to
                         Dying in our sleep is a luxury our
                         kind is rarely afforded. My gift to

               As she lifts the syringe off the tray....

               Her cell phone RINGS....

               She curses to herself...there can be only one person on the
               other end....she answers it.

                         Hello, Bill.
                         I'm standing over her right now.

               The female assassin turns away from the wide-eyed stare of
               The Bride, and paces the hospital room talking in the cell

                         Don't fuckin ssshhh me! If you
                         think I came all the way down to
                         Texas - in a dog and cat rainstorm
                         no less - just to tuck sleeping
                         beauty in bed - you got another
                         fuckin thing comin -
                             (pause, then real loud)
                         You don't owe her Shit!!
                             (then again, but quieter)
                         You don't owe her shit.
                         Man, fuck that bitch!
                         Oh you're not are you? Well Bill,
                         you never leave a job half done.
                         A great teacher taught me that
                         once, he looked a whole lot like

               Elle pauses as Bill on the other line has his say. We don't
               hear his side, we stay with Elle as he talks. We can tell by
               her face, he's making some sense. After awhile she answers

                         I guess.
                         No, I don't need to guess, I know.
                         I love you too, bye bye.

               The female assassin puts the phone away and looks down at The
               comatose Bride with the open eyes. Even though her face is
               expressionless, she almost seems to be smiling.

                         Thought that was pretty funny
                         didn't ya? Word of advice shithead,
                         don't you ever wake up.

               Elle leans closer to the Bride's face.

                         Ya know now I get a better look at
                         you, you're not so damn pretty.
                         Yeah, you go that Venus thing going
                         for you but...ya know, now I get a
                         closer look at you you're kinda
                         weird looking. You got this big
                         nose that doesn't fit with the rest
                         of your face, your eyes are two
                         different sizes. And look at your
                         skin...My complexion is way better
                         than yours --

               The Bride does one of her motor reflex functions...She SPITS
               in Elle's face.

               Elle springs up, wipes the spit off her cheek and looks down
               at The comatose Bride in her bed.

                         Oh, no you didn't.

               She grabs The Bride by the front of her hospital gown...

               ....Yanks Her up to a sitting position...

               ...And PUNCHES her hard in the face three times.

                         If you ever take your ass out of
                         this Goddamn bed for as long as you
                         fuckin live, I will beat you into
                         the ground, bitch!


               Elle Driver in her nurse's uniform, angrily walks down the
               hallway. She passes by a DOCTOR, STRUGGLING WITH A PATIENT
               BLEEDING PROFUSELY on a gurney.

                         Nurse come here quick, we're losing
                         this man!

               Elle doesn't even look back.

                         Tough titty, I quit.

               She walks out of the SHOT.

                                                         FADE TO BLACK.

               BLACK FRAME
               TITLE CARD:

                                    Five years later.

                                                                CUT TO:


               The CAMERA is in a corner of the ceiling, looking down on the
               comatose Bride, who lies motionless in her bed.

               WE HEAR the sound of a BUZZING MOSQUITO, doing loop de loops
               and figure eights in the air, looking for some warm blood.

               The BUZZING stops....

               MACRO CU
               of mosquito on The Bride's forearm, its stinger dug in her
               flesh, visibly drawing blood from its host.

               CU MOSQUITO'S FACE
               drinking her blood.

               drinking blood...when The Bride's hand comes into FRAME and
               SQUASHES the bug flat. Her fingers FLICK the dead bug away.

               CU The Bride
               her wide-open eyes, that have stared in a constant gaze for
               the last five years,


               They SUDDENLY POP OPEN.

               She has no idea where the fuck she is. WE DO A SHAW BROTHERS

               back at the wedding chapel, gun pointed down at our face.


               BANK still echoing in her ears. She lets out a SCREAM OF PAIN
               and her hand goes to the side of her head, as if she were
               just shot.

               Her hand feels the metal plate embedded in the side of her
               skull where the hole was. She knocks against it with her

               Suddenly she says out loud;

                                   THE BRIDE
                         My baby.

               Her hand goes down to her belly, unly to find it not swollen
               but flat. She doesn't understand, lifts up her hospital gown
               and sees a JAGGED SCAR which runs down her abdomen. Her
               fingertips trace it.

               She quickly looks at the palm of her and and counts the

               MACRO CU The LINES IN HER PALM look like a road map.

               She stops counting, shocked;

                                   THE BRIDE
                             (to herself)
                         Five years.

               She counts again.

                                   THE BRIDE
                             (a statement)
                         Five years.

               The Bride's two eyes fill with tears as she realizes her baby
               is long gone.

               WHEN SUDDENLY...

               She hears the STEP...STEP...STEP...OF BILL'S BOOTS WALKING
               TOWARDS HER ROOM....

               BALLOON by her head. INSIDE OF IT WE SEE BILL'S BLACK BOOTS
               walking across the wood floor of the wedding chapel.


               We see a HOSPITAL ORDERLY'S bright red and white Reeboks
               softly slapping against the smooth surface of the
               institution's floor. They make a sound nothing like Bill's

                               SCREEN GOES TO SPLIT SCREEN

                         LEFT SIDE                    RIGHT SIDE
               The BRIDE listening to them         Orderly's Reeboks walking
               getting closer. WE HEAR the         down the hospital
      time        corridor.
               with Orderly's sneakers.
                                                   CAMERA MOVES UP TO
                                                   Orderly's face, leading
                                                   two TRUCKDRIVERS.
               The Bride HEARS BILL'S

                      BILL'S VOICE                         ORDERLY
                     (in time)                           (in time)
                  She's right in here.             She's right in here.

                                  SPLIT SCREEN FINISHES
                               STAY WITH The BRIDE'S SCREEN

               The Bride decides the best course of action, till she gets
               her bearings, is to play possum. She throws herself back down
               on the bed, just as the three men enter her room.
               They see just what they expected to see, The Bride lying in
               her bed in her coma.

               She duplicates her comatose eyes-wide-open-fixed stare.
               Except knowing she's awake, and sees everything in front of
               her, creates a slightly different effect.

               The Bride, however, while she sees the Two Truckdrivers for
               what they are, when she sees The Orderly she sees Bill, when
               The Orderly talks she hears Bill. WE HOWEVER WILL NEVER SEE
               BILL'S FACE COMPLETELY.

               The Orderly takes her shee covering off, and hitches up her
               hospital gown till her blonde pussy is exposed. He does kind
               of a "TA-DA" presentation of her vagina.

                                   THE ORDERLY
                         Now is that the cutest little
                         blonde pussy you ever saw, or is
                         that the cutest little blonde
                         pussy, YOU-EVEA-SAW?

               Trucker #2 (Gerald) would tend to agree, Trucker #1 (Warren)

                         I seen better.

               CU The BRIDE
               EYES WIDE OPEN PLAYING POSSUM. She can't believe she's being
               exhibited in this manner. A look of chagrin crosses her
               trying-to-be expressionless face, "I've seen a fuck load
               better than you, fatass."

                                   THE ORDERLY
                         Yeah, in a movie - maybe. But I
                         know damn well this is the best
                         pussy you ever saw you had touchin
                         rights to. The price is seventy
                         five dollars a fuck gentlemen, you
                         gittin your freak on or what?

               The Truckers pay the bill of fare.

               As The Orderly counts The Truckers' money, he lays out the

                                   THE ORDERLY
                         Here's the rules; Rule number one;
                         no punchin 'er.
                         Nurse comes in tomorrow an she got
                         'er a shiner - or less some teeth,
                         jig's up. So no knuckle sandwiches
                         under no circumstances. And by the
                         way, this little cunt's a spitter -
                         it's a motor reflex thing but spit
                         or no, no punchin. Now are we
                         absolutely positively clear about
                         rule number one?

                                   TWO TRUCKERS

                                   THE ORDERLY
                         Rule number two;
                         No monkey bites, no hickeys - in
                         fact no leavin no marks of no kind.
                         But after that, it's allll goooood.
                         Her plummin down there don't work
                         no more, so feel free to cum in 'er
                         all ya wont. Keep the noise down -
                         try not to make a mess, and I'll be
                         back in twenty.

               The Orderly turns to leave, then remembers something, and
               turns back. He takes out the most disgusting jar of vaseline
               in the history of cinema, and hands it to Warren.

                                   THE ORDERLY
                         Oh by the way, not all the time,
                         but sometimes this cunt's cunt can
                         get drier than a bucket of sand.
                         If she dry, lube up with this and
                         you'll be goo to go. BON-APPETIT,

               And with that, The Orderly's gone.

               The BRIDE'S POV:
               As soon as he leaves the Two Truckers start giggling. Warren
               begins to unbuckle the belt that lies beneath his belly.
               While he looks down to accomplish this, The BRIDE'S POV

                         Hey Warren, she just blinked.

                         He said she can't blink.

                         I know what he said, I'm tellin ya
                         she just did.

               Warren drops his Levi's to his ankles.

                         Just wait, when I get through with
                         this little dumbbell, she gonna
                         stand up and recite the Gettysburg

               Warren begins to climb up on the bed and mount The Bride.
               Before he does he stops, and looks back to Gerald.

                         Hey, Gerald.


                         This shit ain't no peep show. Go
                         out in the hall and I'll let ya
                         know when it's your turn.

                         Awww c'mon, I gotta leave the room?

                         I can't get no errection wit you
                         lookin at me, so go on.

                         Well, just hurry up then.

               Gerald leaves the room; we go out with him in the hallway.

               INT. HALLWAY (HOSPITAL) - NIGHT

               Gerald paces, waiting for his turn behind the door.


               He hears behind the door a commotion, then Warren SCREAM LIKE
               A BITCH. He bangs on the closed door and says;

                         He man, keep it down in there, I
                         can hear your ass out here.

               More falsetto SCREAMS behind the door...


               The HEAVY THUD of a body falling. Not what the expected.

               INT. THE BRIDE'S ROOM - NIGHT

               Gerald pushes open the door to see one hellva sight. His
               buddy, bloody and lying motionless on the floor, and The
               Bride lying haphazardly on the bed, in her coma.

               He moves to his buddy, who's dead. Then moves to The comatose
               Bride... Who SUDDENLY SPRINGS TO LIFE, GRABBING him by the
               front of his shirt, YANKING HIM DOWN TO HER, and PLUNGING the
               AROUND and AROUND, turning the right side of his brain into
               scrambled eggs a la The BRIDE.
               She tosses the now brain-dead Gerald to the floor.

               The BRIDE
               upon waking, without leaving the bed where she lay the last
               five years, has just killed two men. She throws off the
               bloody blankets, whips her legs off the side of the bed, and
               tries to stand - THEN QUICKLY FALLS OUT OF FRAME. WE HEAR THE
               CRASH BELOW FRAME.

               The Bride is flat on the floor. Her legs and feet don't work.
               Which means she's stuck on the floor with only a functioning
               top half, and a completely useless bottom half. What's a girl
               to do?


               The elevator doors open, and The Orderly steps out.

               BACK TO The BRIDE
               She hears the sound of Bill's boots approaching the room...

               She sees Gerald has a Trucker's knife in a holster attached
               to his belt. Her hands removes it.

               The Orderly swaggers down the hall to The Bride's room, red
               Reeboks slapping against the smooth floor.

               CU The BRIDE
               She SNAPS the knife's BLADE OPEN in her CU.

               The Orderly pushes open The Bride's door, stopping in shock.

               The ORDERLY'S POV:
               He sees an empty bed with bloodstains on it, Two dead
               Truckers on the floor, and no Bride.

                         Oh shit!

               WE GO TO SLOW MOTION as he freaks, Then PAN DOWN HIM... Past
               shirts - pants - to his Reeboks...Once on the floor WE SEE
               The BRIDE, curled up low next to the doorway, behind his
               ankles, knife ready. WE GO BACK TO 24 FRAMES A SECOND. He
               steps into the room; when he does The Bride reaches out and
               SLASHES both of his Achilles tendons.

               The STANDING ORDERLY
               lets out a "YELP," adn FALLS OUT OF FRAME.

               IMPACT CUT
               The Orderly HITTING the floor face first. The boy is stunned.

               The BRIDE (Confined to the floor)
               crawls over and drags the stunned fucker across the floor,
               placing his melon head between the door and the door frame.
               Then taking the door in her right hand.





               The ORDERLY
               lies on the floor in a stange state of consciousness. He's in
               both excruciating pain, and quite sure he's lost his mind,
               since at this moment he's lying on the floor, looking up at
               The comatose Bride asking him questions.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Where's Bill?

                                   THE ORDERLY
                             (hurt and confused)


               He screams.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Bill! Where is Bill!

                                   THE ORDERLY
                         I dunno no Bill.


                                   THE BRIDE
                         I saw him here myself.....
                         ....Now do you tell me where he is,
                         or do I beat your fuckin brains in?


                                   THE ORDERLY
                         Please please stop, don't hit me

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Where is Bill?


               Suddenly The Bride sees the gold coke straw around his neck,
               that she thought she'd seen earlier on Bill. She snatches it
               from around his neck.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Where did you get this from?

                                   THE ORDERLY
                         That's mine.


                                   THE BRIDE
                         Bullshit! I saw Bill wearing it in
                         this room ten minutes ago.


               Then The Bride looks down and sees two tatoos on the
               Orderly's hand - one spelling "B.U.C.K." on each finger of
               his left hand. And another spelling "F.U.C.K." on the fingers
               of his right.

               The Bride seems to look inside her own mind - Whenever she
               does this A SPECIAL THEME MUSIC WILL PLAY (We'll call it her
               REMEMBERING THEME).

               We see Buck enter her room that first night, five years
               ago.... He's holding in his hand one of those big flashlights
               you use in a tent when camping. -- It gives off a soft blue
               light. Buck examines The Bride through the blue.

                         Well, ain't you the slice of cutie
                         pie they all said you wuz. Well
                         Ma'am, I'm from Longview Texas, my
                         name's Buck, and I'm here to fuck.

               He starts to unbuckle his belt.

               OFF. She looks down at Buck and says;

                                   THE BRIDE 
                         Your name's Buck, right? And you
                         came to fuck, right?

               A "how the fuck does she know look," crosses his face.

               The Bride looks down at him....The VENGEANCE THEME BEGINS
               WITH The MUSIC. Every time The Bride comes face to face with
               a tormenter, this Theme will play on the soundtrack. By mid
               movie this music should drive the audience wild with orgasmic
               anticipation of the carnage to come...

               ...and With the door in her hand and one mighty slam, this
               Longview Texas boy is sent to the Promised Land.

               She searches the dead man's pockets, coming up with a brown
               wallet that says on it, "BIG EL PASO PIMPIN," loaded with
               lettuce. She also pulls out a set of car keys on a pickup
               truck key chain that has the words, "Pussy Wagon" on it
               written in a pimpy font. She gathers up all these items, and
               Gerald's knife, then begins to strip Buck of his orderly


               The elevator doors to the hospital's underground parking lot
               open, revealing The Bride in Buck's orderly scrubs in a

               She wheels out of the elevator fast into the parking lot. Her
               arms spinning the wheels as she goes down the line of cars,
               looking for a pickup truck that Buck would own...she stops.

               What made The Bride stop. The ass end of a big, yellow 4x4
               hard-body pickup truck, with flames painted along the side,
               and the words, "PUSSY WAGON," written along the flat-bed
               hatch door. Pimpy font.

               The Bride looks at Buck's key chain in her hand.

               EX CU CAR KEY in truck door lock, it turns.



               The Bride pulls herself up into the backseat of Buck's pickup
               truck. Once in the backseat, she shoves the wheelchair away.

               It rolls out of control down the parking ramp, and CRASHES.

               Now The Bride's lying vertically in Buck's truck's backseat.
               Seemingly out of danger - at least out of sight - but she's
               still stuck hiding in the hospital. And until she regains
               full use of her legs and feet, this little Bride ain't goin
               anywhere or doin anything.

               Lying flat, with the back of her head propped up against the
               door, her long, lifeless legs stretched out in front of her,
               her two bare feet at the end of them, pointing to the sky,
               the Bride focusses her eyes, her stare, her thoughts, her
               strength, and all her concentration....on her big toe.

               SLOW ZOOM INTO BIG TOE....

               SLOW ZOOM INTO HER FACE....

               SLOW ZOOM INTO BIG TOE....

               SLOW ZOOM INTO FACE.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Wiggle your big toe.

               Toe doesn't move an inch.

                                   THE BRIDE 
                         Wiggle your big toe.

               It doesn't move.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Wiggle your big toe.
                             (VOICE OVER)
                         As I lay in the back of Buck's
                         pickup truck, trying to will my
                         limbs out of entropy, I could see
                         the faces of the cunts who did this
                         to me, and the dick responsible.
                         Members all of Bill's brainchild;
                         "The Deadly Viper Assassination

               TITLE SEQUENCE

               For what looks like a 60's television show about an ALL-GIRL
               HIT SQUAD, complete with its own LALO SHIFFRIN THEME MUSIC.
               (All different breeds), DONE IN A COOL BUT LOW-BUDGET SPEED
               RACER-STYLE OF ANIMATION, rears its heads to strike.

               The IMAGE FREEZES... AND THE SHOW'S TITLE (In an especially
               cool font) AND LOGO (The black silhouette of five sexy gals
               each with a samurai sword hanging from their hip, and one guy
               in a black suit) APPEAR BENEATH IT.

                                    "The DEADLY VIPER
                                   ASSASSINATINO SQUAD
                                      the D.iV.A.S."

               The SHOW CAST CREDITS START:

               WE SEE The BRIDE doing something cool...FREEZE

               WITH CROSSHAIRS over The Bride's face. OFF TO THE SIDE IS HER
               IDENTIFYING CREDIT;

               (The Bride's real name is covered by a stamp that reads)
               BLACK MAMBA"

               A beautiful Japanese woman wielding a samurai sword - FREEZE

               O-REN ISHII

               VERNITA GREEN doing something cool - FREEZE
               SAME GRAPHIC

               VERNITA GREEN

               The older, male doing something cool - FREEZE
               SAME GRAPHIC


               ELLE DRIVER doing something cool - FREEZE

               ELLE DRIVER

               WE SEE VARIOUS SHOTS of The Vipers (all dressed alike in the
               same BLACK, SKINTIGHT CAT SUITS, except for Budd, the male
               who wears a BLACK SUIT) all doing exciting shit. It ends with
               the reappearance of the six-heades snake logo, and the six,
               black silhouettes.
               The FINAL CREDIT APPEARS;

               "Created and Produced


                                   THE BRIDE (V.O.)
                         Now after five years of beauty
                         sleep I knew absolutely nothing
                         about my enemies' strengths
                         weakness or whereabouts. But as
                         fated by God vengeance would have
                         it, I who knew nothing - knew one
                         thing. As sure as God made little
                         green apples...

               BECOMES A POSED PICTURE OF O-REN in all her Deadly Viper

                                   THE BRIDE (V.O.)
                         ....if O-Ren Ishii, the first name
                         on my Death List, was still
                         alive... she'd live in Japan. O-Ren
                         Ishii, made her first acquaintance
                         with death at the age of eleven.

               FLASH ON
               CU O-REN (11-years old), hiding under a bed, watching...

               ...her FATHER (dressed in the uniform of a sergeant for the
               American Army) fighting THREE YAKUZA GANGSTERS. He kills one
               with his bare hands. The other two slice him to death with
               samurai swords...

               ...and her MOTHER being raped by the same men. When they
               finish, they SHOOT her.

               Little O-Ren watches, hidden from sight, withi the eyes and
               face of a stone.

                                   THE BRIDE (V.O.)
                         It was at that age, a half-Chinese,
                         half-Japanese American Army brat
                         witnessed the murder of her Master
                         Sergeant father. And the rape, then
                         murder of her mother at the hands
                         of Japan's most ruthless Yakuza
                         boss, Boss Matsumoto. She swore
                         revenge...luckily for her, Boss
                         Matsumoto was a pedophile.

               SHOCK CUT
               geyser. Boss is naked, O-Ren wears a Japanese schoolgirl

                                   THE BRIDE (V.O.)
                         At thirteen, she got her revenge.

               The Boss's screams cause TWO OF BOSS'S MEN to run into the
               room, only to be SHOT DOWN by O-Ren, as she removes a gun
               from a holster strapped to her thigh.

               The 20-YEAR OLD O-REN ISHII
               on a rooftop with a high-powered, scope-sight rifle up to her
               eye. Her EYE is HUGELY MAGNIFIED in the SCOPE.

                                   THE BRIDE 
                         By twenty, she was one of the tip
                         top of female assassins in the

               She fires.

               INT. CAR - DAY

               A Central American General riding backseat of his government
               vehicle. TWO BEAUTIFUL LATIN WOMEN in one-piece bathing suits
               sit on either side of him. They both wear sashes down their
               front; one reads, "Miss Panama," the other reads, "Miss
               Venezuela." As we cut to this shot, he has both hands on each
               of their bare knees. He's laughing as the TOP OF HIS HEAD is
               BLOWN OFF.

               The 23-YEAR OLD O-REN ISHII
               stands before Bill and The Bride. (Bill is not clearly

                                   THE BRIDE (V.O.)
                         At twenty-three she joined Bill's
                         Deadly Vipers...

               The 25-YEAR-OLD O-REN ISHII
               BEATING UP the pregnant Bride with the other Vipers...

                                   THE BRIDE (V.O.)
                         At twenty five she did her part in
                         the killing of eight innocent
                         people, including my unborn
                         daughter, in a small wedding chapel
                         in El Paso Texas. But on that day,
                         five years ago, she made one big

               POSED FIGURE of the BRIDE in all her pre-beating bridal gown

                                   THE BRIDE (V.O.)
                         ...she Should of killed nine.
                         However, before statisfaction would
                         be mine, first things first...

               CU The BRIDE IN BUCK'S TRUCK
               An hour and a half later from the last time we saw her.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Wiggel your big toe.

               CU The BRIDE'S BIG TOE
               wiggles - slightly.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Hart part's over. Now let's get
                         these other piggies wiggling.

                                                         FADE TO BLACK.

               BLACK FRAME
               SUBTITLE APPEARS:

                                  "Thirteen Hours Later"

               BEGIN MUSIC MONTAGE

               FADE UP ON


               Pavement of the parking lot. We HEAR a CAR DOOR OPEN
               OFFSCREEN, then The Bride's bare foot comes from above FRAME,
               stepping down INTO The SHOT.

               She walks around to the driver's side and climbs in.

               She sticks Buck's ignition key in its slot and turns.

               The truck's engine RUMBLES to life.

               She spies a pair of Elvis T.C.B. SUNGLASSES lying on the
               dash. She puts them on.


               The Bride drives Buck's big, yellow pussy wagon all over El
               Paso buying supplies.

               WE FOLLOW Her bare feet into a clothing store.

               Her feet, legs, and ass slip into a new pair of LEVI'S.

               Her hands grab a pair of CHERRY BROWN COWBOY BOOTS.

               Then slips on the cowboy boots.

               Chooses another TOP.

               And finds a warm JACKET.

               She opens Buck's "BIG EL PASO PIMPIN" wallet, and pays for
               the items.

               She emerges from the store wearing her new outfit, and climbs
               back in the truck.

               She drives, stopping at a DEPARTMENT STORE, and walking

               She picks up a SHOVEL, a HAND PICKAXE, a big CAMPING
               FLASHLIGHT, a MAP OF TEXAS, a writing NOTEBOOK, and a bunch
               of RED and BLACK FELT PENS.

               While the Bride is buying items in the department store we'll

               ....with her driving the pussy wagon up to a low-rent motel
               called, "The Texican"....

               ...Her Registering with the OLD BASTARD of a desk clerk,
               getting the key, and paying him out of the "BIG EL PASO
               PIMPIN" wallet....

               ...her drawing a bath in the bathroom of the motel room...

               Shampoo is taken off the shelf of the department store...


               ...a bar of soap...

      water runs out of the bathtub faucet...

               ...steam rises off the hot bathwater...

               ...she pulls down a bunch of bath products, like bubble bath,
               salts, apricot this - kiwi that, we see her pour all the
               items in the bathwater...

               ...then we see her bare foot enter the bathwater...

               ...then Lower her whole body into the bathwater...

      submerged in the warm bathwater, by herself, perfect
               MUSIC CUE ON SOUNDTRACK, she begins to cry...her poor heart
               has been shattered and five years of tears come flooding out
               of her.

               She cries for her baby...

               She cries for the motherhood robbed from her...

               She cries for all the innocent people at the wedding chapel,
               who died simply because they were unlucky enough to cross her

               She cries for the betrayal at the hands of her lover...

               She cries for the treachery at the hands of her comrades...

               She cries for the five years of life snatched from her...

               She cries for the countless violations she endured while

               And finally, she cries for all the misery she will cause the
               undeserving......enroute to Bill's retribution. Retribution
               that begins the minute she steps out of this bathtub.

               She curls up into a fetal position inside the tub of warm

               We DOLLY give our heroine some privacy...WE
               DISSOLVE through the bathroom door...Till we're on the other
               side, filming a closed door with crying on the other side.

               When she's finished shedding tears, is when she'll begin
               shedding blood.

               When the bathroom door opens, the woman that emerges, has
               closed out all of her from one...revenge.

               It's that woman, in her new outfit, that climbs into the
               yellow pussy wagon, puts the T.C.B. Sunglasses over her eyes,
               and starts the engine that sets into motion the gory story to

               END OF MUSIC MONTAGE


               The truck shines its headlight beams on an open patch of
               prairie wasteland. We see dirt, rocks, plants, and an oil
               derrick pumping up and down.

               The Bride STOPS the truck.

               Taking her flashlight with her, The Bride walks into the
               headlight beams towards one rock on the ground in particular.

               She lifts it off the ground, there's an X on it's underside.

               She smiles. If the X hadn't been there, she would have taken
               it as a sign that her vengeance quest was never meant to be.
               But as it is there, it would appear that fortune has smiled
               on The Bride and her bloody intentions.

               She walks back to the truck, takes the shovel and the hand
               pickaxe out from the flatbed, reaches into the truck cab and

               CU The BRIDE'S COWBOY BOOTS
               next to the X ROCK
               IN TIME WITH The METAL, The Bride's cowboy boots count out
               ten paces from the rock.
               When the boots stop, the flashlight ENTERS THE SHOT
               illuminating the spot, THEN...the shovel ENTERS, striking
               deep in the unmarked earth.

               EXT. TEXAS DESERT - NIGHT

               Deep in the middle of Fuck-Knows Texas, lit by the headlights
               of Buck's 4x4, The Bride digs a hole in the

               She HITS SOMETHING HARD.

               She gets down on her knees, hacking away at the dirt with the
               hand pickaxe, till a large box covered in plastic is
               revealed. She hoists it up out of the earth.

               She rips off the plastic, revealing a large, green Army
               footlocker, untouched by the condensation of being buried in
               the ground for over five years. Flipping the two locks open,
               she lifts the lid, placing the big camping flashlight on the

               Unfolding a sleeping bag long-ways, she bought at the
               department store. The Bride begins collecting the contents of
               her buried treasure, and laying them on the sleeping bag.

               We see her remove them from the footlocker, one by one.


               2 9mm AUTOMATICS, w/ AMMO
               and HOLSTERS.

               1 small HAND GUN, w/ AMMO
               and HOLSTER (which fits around the thigh).

               1 SNUB NOSE .38
               w/ ANKLE HOLSTER.

               1 double-edged SOG KNIFE
               w/ HOLSTER


               1 SILVER STEEL BOOMERANG, w/ a double-sided razor's edge
               w/ HOLSTER.

               1 old fashioned STRAIGHT RAZOR

               She flips it open, and inside broken down into four separate
               pieces is a HIGH-POWERED, SCOPE-SIGHT RIFLE.

               1 MANILA ENVELOPE.
               She reaches in and pulls out a PHOTOCOPY OF HER SONOGRAM.
               There on the page is a photocopy of her unborn baby girl. A
               fierce grimness crosses her face as she places the sonogram
               back in the envelope.

               1 CLEAR ZIP-LOCK BAG containing a PHONY I.D. and BANK BOOK
               both w/ the name "CANDY RALSTON" on them. Reaching back in
               the locker she pulls out the final item,

               1 SMALL KEY attached to a "DEALY VIPERS" KEY CHAIN.

               She rolls up the weapons in the sleeping bag, and drives off.
               The HEAVY METAL CONTINUES...

               CU SIGN reading, COMMONWEALTH BANK OF TEXAS


               CU The BRIDE
               standing at a teller window, she holds up her key.

               INSERT: 1 BANK BOOK and 1 DRIVER'S LICENSE w/ The Bride's
               photo on it and the name "CANDY RALSTON" on each.


               The Bride, with a big athletic bag slung over her shoulder,
               watches a TELLER remove four safety deposit boxes.

               INT. PRIVATE AREA - DAY

               Where you look isnide your safety deposit box by yourself.

               The Bride opens up the first box...

               ...It's filled w/ CASH.

               She opens up the second box....

               ...It's filled w/ CASH.

               She opens up the third box....

               ....It's filled w/ CASH.

               She opens up the fourth box....

               ....She Takes out a BAG. Inside the bag are 14 FORGED
               PASSPORTS and DRIVER'S LICENSES in 14 different names.

               Also in the box, is one COMPACT REFRIGERATOR CASE. She opens
               it, inside are 2 BEAUTIFUL HANDMADE GOLD SYRINGES and 1 VIAL
               OF FLUID.


                                       TRUTH SERUM
                                       of Bill's own
                                       He calls it,
                                       "The Undisputed Truth."

               AS The HEAVY METAL CONTINUES...WE see The BRIDE leaving the
               bank, all the weapons she needs, all the money she needs,
               taking the first step on her bloody trail...


               The tiny figure of a black AIRPLANE flies over the map,
               leaving a dotted-line trail behind it. We move into the black
               airplane and DISSOLVE to

               INT. AIRPLANE (FLYING)

               OVERHEAD SHOT
               of the Bride in her passenger seat, flying to Japan. We see
               she's holding a clean white handkerchief. She's sewing the
               name "Bill" in the corner.

               END OF MUSIC MONTAGE.
               BLACK FRAME
               TITLE CARD:

                                      Chapter Three

                                       The MAN From

                                                             FADE UP ON

               INT. SUSHI BAR (OKINAWA, JAPAN) - DAY

               The ENTRANCE to a tiny sushi bar, covered by a Japanese

               SUBTITLE APPEARS:

                                       "The City of
                                     OKINAWA, JAPAN"

               ....The fabric is moved aside, and The Bride enters the shot,
               and the tiny establishment.

               The little fish and sake bar is the definition of the word
               cozy. Besides The Bride, the only other person inside is The
               SUSHI CHEF, who smiles at her behind the midget bar.

               This Japanese man in his mid-fifties greets the tall, blonde
               western girl with a turned-on-for-the-tourists affability.

                                   SUSHI CHEF (ENGLISH)

                                   THE BRIDE (ENGLISH)
                         Almost -- American.

                                   SUSHI CHEF (ENGLISH)
                         Ahhhh,...America, welcome...
                         Welcome... My English -- Very good.

               The Bride smiles at this and walks further inside. She
               doesn't come across as one of the world's deadliest
               assassins, but instead as a sweet, slightly airheaded,
               American tourist.

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)

               The Sushi Chef gives an exaggerated look of surprise, and

                                   SUSHI CHEF (ENGLISH)
                         Oh, "Domo", Very good -- very good,
                         you speak Japanese?

                                   THE BRIDE (ENGLISH)
                         Nooo, just a few words I learned
                         since yesterday. - May I sit at the

                                   SUSHI CHEF (ENGLISH)
                         Sure sure sure - sit. What other
                         words did you learn - excuse me --

               The Sushi Chef YELLS IN JAPANESE, to someone OFFSCREEN.

               The Bride thinks the restaurant so small it's almost hard to
               imagine there could be a back room to it.

               Before getting a response from whoever it was he was yelling
               to a moment ago, The Sushi Chef turns back to The Bride.

                                   SUSHI CHEF (ENGLISH)
                         -- What other Japanese you learn?

               The Bride puts on a thinking face.

                                   THE BRIDE (ENGLISH)
                         Oh...let's see..."Arigato."

                                   SUSHI CHEF (ENGLISH)
                         "Arigato"...Very good.

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)

                                   SUSHI CHEF (JAPANESE)
                         "Ah-So!" You know what "Ah-So"

                                   THE BRIDE
                         "I See."

                                   SUSHI CHEF
                         I see - Very good.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         I already said "Domo", right?

                                   SUSHI CHEF (ENGLISH)

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)

               The Sushi Chef goes "Oooh" like he's just discovered the
               answer to a mystery.

                                   SUSHI CHEF (ENGLISH)
                         ..."Kon-nichi-wa"...repeat please.

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)

               Saying with surprise and admiration;

                                   SUSHI CHEF (ENGLISH)
                         Most say Japanese
                         words, like you Japanese.

               The Bride smiles and lets loose with a girlish giggle.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Now you're making fun of me.

                                   SUSHI CHEF (ENGLISH)
                         No no no - serious business.
                         Pronunciation - very good. You say
                         "Arigato" we say "Arigato."

                                   THE BRIDE (ENGLISH)
                         Well, thank you - I mean...arigato.

                                   SUSHI CHEF (ENGLISH)
                         You should learn Japanese - very

                                   THE BRIDE (ENGLISH)
                         No kidding, I heard it's kinda

               Whenever the Sushi Chef doesn't either hear your or
               understand you, he yells the word;

                                   SUSHI CHEF (ENGLISH)

               And everybody always speaks LOUDER and CLEARER immediately

                                   THE BRIDE (ENGLISH)
                         I always heard it was difficult.

                                   SUSHI CHEF (ENGLISH)
                         Yes yes yes - most difficult. But
                         you have Japanese tongue.

                                   THE BRIDE (ENGLISH)
                         Maybe I was Japanese in another

               The Sushi Chef proclaims as if he should know;

                                   SUSHI CHEF (ENGLISH)
                         Most definitely, most definitely
                         Japanese in another life.

               He sets an order of colorful, raw fish in front of the young
               blonde woman, that not only looks good, it looks beautiful.

                                   THE BRIDE (ENGLISH)
                         How did you know tuna's my

                                   SUSHI CHEF (ENGLISH)

                                   THE BRIDE (ENGLISH)
                         Tuna's my favorite.

                                   SUSHI CHEF (ENGLISH)
                         Ah, thank you very much.

               He YELLS OFFSCREEN in Japanese agai. A little BALD JAPANESE
               MAN with a shitty attitude, comes out from the back room. He
               heads for the tall blonde asking in a grumbly voice in
               Japanese, "What she wants to drink?"

                                   THE BRIDE (ENGLISH)
                             (to the bald man)
                         I beg your pardon?

               The Sushi Chef pantomimes drinking.

                                   SUSHI CHEF (ENGLISH)
                         - Drink -

                                   THE BRIDE (ENGLISH)
                         Oh yes, a bottle of warm sake.

                                   SUSHI CHEF (ENGLISH)
                         Ahhh sake,
                             (he holds up his thumb)
                         Very good.

               In Japanese he YELLS/ORDERS the warm sake, the little Bald
               Man disappears. The Bride takes a bite out of her fish.

                                   SUSHI CHEF (ENGLISH)
                         First time in Japan?

                                   THE BRIDE (ENGLISH)

                                   SUSHI CHEF (ENGLISH)

                                   THE BRIDE (ENGLISH)
                         Yes, this is my first time.

               As the chef slices the next portion with a large knife, he

                                   SUSHI CHEF (ENGLISH)
                         What brings you to Okinawa?

                                   THE BRIDE (ENGLISH)
                         I came to see a man.

                                   SUSHI CHEF (ENGLISH)
                         Aaahh, you have friend live in

                                   THE BRIDE (ENGLISH)
                         Not quite.

                                   SUSHI CHEF (ENGLISH)
                         Not friend?

                                   THE BRIDE (ENGLISH)
                         I've never met him.

               The Sushi Chef continues slicing.....

                                   SUSHI CHEF (ENGLISH)
                         Who is he, may I ask?

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Hattori Hanzo.

               There's a break in the Sushi Chef's slicing. After a beat, he
               brings a bloody finger INTO FRAME and sticks it in his mouth.

               The little Bald man appears with a bottle of warm sake, he
               pours one for The Bride, then disappears again.

               As The Bride sips the sake, she looks at the chef.

               As The Sushi Chef sucks his finger, he looks at The Bride.

               The Sushi Chef drops the voice he had been using up to that
               point...and IN JAPANESE SUBTITLED IN ENGLISH asks;

                                   SUSHI CHEF (JAPANESE)
                         What do you want with Hattori

               The Bride answers in Japanese;

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)
                         I need Japanese steel.

                                   SUSHI CHEF (JAPANESE)
                         Why do you need Japanese steel?

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)
                         I have vermin to kill.

                                   SUSHI CHEF (ENGLISH)
                         You must have big rats you need
                         Hattori Hanzo steel.

                                   THE BRIDE (ENGLISH)


               The trap door in the floor opens up, and HATTORI HANZO (Sushi
               Chef), climbs inside the room, followed by The Bride.

               The room has many handcrafted samurai swords in hand-carved
               wooden sheaths resting on wooden racks running the length of
               the second half of the attic.

               The Bride walks down the row of Japanese steel, looking and
               touching the shiny wood. She looks behind her to Hanzo who is
               still by the trap door, and says;

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)
                         May I?

               The Sushi Chef answers in ENGLISH;

                                   HANZO (ENGLISH)
                         Yes you may.....

               She starts reaching for one...

                                   HANZO (ENGLISH)
                         ...try the second one down in the
                         sixth row on your left.

               She finds it lying sleeping in its shiny, black sheath.

               Her hand lifts it from the rack.

               She UNSHEATHS the steel, partially....then with GREAT

               Hanzo's mouth froms a smile.

                                   HANZO (ENGLISH)
                         Funny, you like samurai swords...

               He pulls a baseball out of his pocket.

                                   HANZO (ENGLISH)
                         ...I like baseball.

               THEN SUDDENLY - HE THROWS THE BASEBALL HARD, right at The
               Bride's head....


               The two perfectly cut baseball pieces, hit the floor.

               He gives her a slight nod, then crosses the attic towards

                                   HANZO (JAPANESE)
                         I wanted to show you these....
                         However someone as you, who knows
                         so much must surely know, I no
                         longer make instruments of death. I
                         keep these here for their ascetic
                         and sentimental value.
                             (he takes both sword and
                              sheath from her...)
                         Yet proud tho I am of my life's
                             (...he closes them
                         I am retired.

                                   THE BRIDE (ENGLISH)
                         Then give me one of these.

                                   HANZO (ENGLISH)
                         These are not for sale.

                                   THE BRIDE (ENGLISH)
                         I didn't say, sell me. I said, give

                                   HANZO (ENGLISH)
                         And why should I be obliged to
                         assist you in the extermination of
                         your vermin?

                                   THE BRIDE (ENGLISH)
                         Because my vermin, is a former
                         student of yours. And considering
                         the student, I'd say you had a
                         rather large obligation.

               Hattori Hanzo goes to a dusty window, and writes the name,
               "BILL" on it with his finger.

               The blonde girl nods her head yes.

               The proud warrior moves over to the door in the floor,
               throwing it open.

               He points into a corner...

                                   HANZO (JAPANESE)
                         ...You can sleep there...

               .....starts to descend....

                                   HANZO (JAPANESE)
                will take me a week to make
                         the sword...

               .....before his head disappears, he says;

                                   HANZO (JAPANESE)
                         ...I suggest you spend it

               ...he closes the door behind him.

               She smiles slightly...then moves over to the window, takes
               out a handkerchief, and wipes Bill's name off.

                                                         FADE TO BLACK.

               OVER BLACK
               TITLE APPEARS:

                                     "One week later"

               Under black we hear Hattori Hanzo's voice in Japanese and
               read the subtitles;

                                   HANZO (V.O.; JAPANESE)
                         I'm done doing what I swore an oath
                         to God 28 years ago to never do
                         again. I've created, "something
                         that kills people." And in that
                         purpose I was a success.

                                                             FADE UP ON

               CU HATTORI HANZO

                                   HANZO (JAPANESE)
                         I've done this, because
                         philosophically I'm sympathetic to
                         your aim.

               EX CU The HANZO SWORD
               TRACKING EX CU of the Hanzo sword in its shiny, black wood
               sheath. At the base of the sheath, by the handle, he's carved
               the face of a lioness...

                                   HANZO (V.O.; JAPANESE)
                         I can tell you with no ego, this is
                         my finest sword. If on your
                         journey, you should encounter God,
                         God will be cut.

               CU HANZO.

                                   HANZO (JAPANESE)
                         Revenge is never a straight line.
                         It's a forest. And like a forest
                         it's easy to lose your get
                         to forget where you came in. To
                         serve as a compass, a combat
                         philosophy must be adopted that can
                         be found in the secret doctrine of
                         the Yagu Ninja. And now my yellow
                         haired warrior, repeat after me;

               We go back and forth between CU of HANZO reciting the
               doctrine like a samurai drill instructor and the Bride
               repeating it.

                                   HANZO (JAPANESE)
                         "When engaged in combat, the
                         vanquishing of thine enemy can be
                         the warrior's only concern...

               The Bride repeats this...

                                   HANZO (JAPANESE)
                         ...This is the first and cardinal
                         rule of combat...

               The Bride repeats this...

                                   HANZO (JAPANESE)
                         ...Suppress all human emotion and

               The Bride repeats this...

                                   HANZO (JAPANESE)
                         ...Kill whoever stands in thy way,
                         even if that be Lord God, or Buddha

               The Bride repeats this...

                                   HANZO (JAPANESE)
                         This truth lies at the heart of the
                         art of combat. Once it is
                         mastered... Thou shall fear no
                         one... Though the devil himself may
                         bar thy way...

               The Bride repeats this... Her eyes look at the greatest maker
               of swords on this earth and says;

                                   THE BRIDE

               EX CU The Hanzo Sword,
               her white hand with her long fingers COMES INTO FRAME and
               removes the beautiful, artful instrument of vengeance.

                                                         FADE TO BLACK.

               OVER BLACK
               TITLE CARD:

                                       Chapter Four

                                   HOUSE OF BLUE LEAVES

                                                                CUT TO:

               A hand comes in and, as the Bride talks over this image,
               draws with a piece of charcoal, a portrait of the geisha
               regaled O-REN ISHII.

                                   THE BRIDE (V.O.)
                         When fortune smiles on something as
                         violent and ugly as revenge, at the
                         time it seems proof like no other,
                         that not only does God exist,
                         you're doing his will. At a time
                         when I knew the last about my
                         enemies, the first name on my death
                         list, was the easiest to find. But
                         of course, when one manages the
                         difficult task of becoming queen of
                         the Tokyo underworld, one doesn't
                         keep it a secret, does one?

               The charcoal drawing gets color and becomes ANIMATED, turning
               into a JAPAMATION O-REN...

               We see Japamation-style images of The Bride's verbiage.

                                   THE BRIDE (V.O.)
                         At the age of twenty, Bill backed
                         his Nippon progeny financially and
                         philosophically in her
                         Shakespearian-in-magnitude power
                         struggle with the other Yakuza
                         clans, over who would rule vice in
                         the city of Tokyo.

               Japamation images of O-Ren and her Army, taking on ANOTHER
               YAKUZA ARMY, among falling cherry blossoms.

               WE CUT BACK AND FORTH between cartoon images of this and the
               real life real McCoy samurai sword battle.

               O-Ren's ability is simply amazing.

                                   THE BRIDE (V.O.)
                         When it was all over, it was the
                         geisha-regaled O-Ren Ishii that
                         proved the victor.


               O-Ren has just become the official leader of crime in the
               city of Tokyo. The six Yakuza clan bosses, each with TWO
               BODYGUARDS standing behind them, toast their new leader, with
               much laughter and drinking...all except one...BOSS TANAKA.

                                   THE BRIDE (V.O.)
                         And just in case you're wondering
                         how could a half breed Japanese
                         Chinese American become the boss of
                         all criminal activity in Tokyo,
                         Japan,... I'll tell you. The
                         subject of O-Ren's blood and
                         nationality came up before the
                         council only once. The night O-Ren
                         assumed power over the crime

               Boss Tanaka is the picture of angered ambiance among the
               alcohol-fueled frivolity.

                                   THE BRIDE (V.O.)
                         The man who seems bound and
                         determined to break the mood is
                         Boss Tanaka. And what Boss Tanaka
                         thinks is...

               Boss Tanaka brings his fist down on the table, smashing the
               plate in front of him into itty bitty pieces.

               The party comes to a halt as all eyes go to the leader of the
               Tanaka Crime Family.

                                   CRIME FAMILY LEADER #2 (JAPANESE)
                         Tanaka? What's the meaning of this
                         outburst? This is a time for

                                   BOSS TANAKA (JAPANESE)
                         And what exactly should I be
                         celebrating? The perversion of our
                         illustrious council?

               The Bosses all react with shock and outrage...O-Ren remains
               cool. She raises her voice for the first word, but lowers it
               for the rest of the sentence.

                                   O-REN (JAPANESE)
                         Gentlemen...Boss Tanaka obviously
                         has something on his mind. Allow
                         him to express it.

                                   BOSS TANAKA (JAPANESE)
                         My father...
                             (looking at a clan head)
                         ...along with yours and...
                             (looking at another)
                         ...along With yours, started this
                         council. And while you drink like
                         fish and laugh like donkeys, they
                         weep in the afterlife over the
                         perversion committed today.

               The BOSSES react again...O-Ren;

                                   O-REN (JAPANESE)
                             (then composed)
                         Of what perversion do you speak,

               Boss Tanaka looks at the female half-breed American and says;

                                   BOSS TANAKA (JAPANESE)
                         I speak, Mistress Ishii,....of the
                         perversion done to this council,
                         which I love more than my own
                         children, making a half
                         Chinese American its leader.


               Faster than you can say Jimminy Cricket,...

               O-Ren's samurai sword is unsheathed...

               Boss Tanaka's head is liberated from its body...

               The head hits the floor...

               And from the spot between its shoulder blades, a geyser of
               blood shoots up in the air.

               The BOSSES who were shocked at Tanaka's words are even more
               flabbergasted at O-Ren's resonse.

               The two bodyguard's, standing behind Boss Tanaka, hands go to
               their swords and draw them.

               O-Ren turns her blade in their direction.

               The Bosses and their bodyguards say nothing,...only watch.

               The lady looks across at the two men and says in and
               authoritative voice;

                                   O-REN (JAPANESE)
                         Fight me or work for me.

               They look at her for a moment, then they lower their swords.

                                   O-REN (JAPANESE)
                         Drop them on the ground.

               They do.

                                   O-REN (JAPANESE)
                         Get behind me.

               They do.

                                   O-REN (JAPANESE)
                         Get on your knees.

               They do.

                                   O-REN (JAPANESE)
                         Put your foreheads on the floor.

               They do.

                                   O-REN (JAPANESE)
                         Keep your mouths shut.

               You better believe they do.

               The mistress' eyes got to the other bosses looking at her.

               As she speaks English, bodyguard translators translate for
               their bosses.

                         I'm going to say this in English so
                         you know how serious I am. As your
                         leader, I encourage you to -- from
                         time to time and always in a
                         respectful manner, and with the
                         complete knowledge that my decision
                         is final -- to question my logic.
                         If you're unconvinced a particular
                         plan of action I've decided is the
                         wisest, tell me so. But allow me to
                         convince you. And I will promise
                         you, right here and now, no subject
                         will be taboo...except the subject
                         that was just under discussion.

                                   O-REN (JAPANESE)
                             (to a bodyguard)
                         Hand me that head.

               He picks it off the floor and meekly offers it to the Queen.

               She takes it by the hair and holds it up as she speaks.

                                   O-REN (ENGLISH)
                         The price you pay for bringing up
                         either my Chinese or my American
                         heritage as a negative is, I
                         collect your fuckin head.
                             (now completely American)
                         Just like this fucker here. Now if
                         any of you sonsabitches got
                         anything else to say, now's the
                         fuckin time.

               Nobody says anything.

                                   O-REN (ENGLISH)
                         I didn't think so.
                         Meeting adjourned.


               The entire O-Ren Ishii crew moves through the restaurant. The
               CUSTOMERS all look up now as the crew passes. The restaurant
               staff acts as if the Shogun himself has just showed up on
               their doorstep demanding a meal. No doubt if the meal is not
               satisfactory the staff will gladly slice off a finger. The
               door to a private dining room is slid open, the crew steps
               inside, the door is slid shut.


               The private dining area of the Japanese restaurant. The
               patrons are surrounded by white paper walls. The CAMERA
               CIRCLES around O-REN ISHII.

               Sitting in between her, two personal bodyguards, the Yubari
               sisters, YUKI AND GO GO. The Yubari sisters are younger than
               O-Ren; Yuki is sixteen and Go Go is seventeen. Both girls are
               dressed in Japanese schoolgirl uniforms complete with plaid
               skirts and matching blazers.

               FLASH ON
               EX CU OF AN EYEBALL (The BRIDE's)

               On her right is her French and Japanese lawyer, SOFIE FATALE.

               FLASH ON
               EX CU OF AN EYEBALL

               The bunch of mop-topped young men, who all wear black suits,
               white shirts, thin black ties and Kato masks over their eyes,
               are her soldiers, "The CRAZY 88."

               FLASH ON
               EX CU OF AN EAR, The Bride's fingers come into FRAME and move
               blonde hair out of the sensory appendage's way.

               And finally there's a tall dark American in a black suit sans
               Kato mask -- that's O-Ren's head of security, MR. BARREL.

               They're all drinking and having a good time as Sofie tells a
               joke in Japanese.

                                   THE BRIDE (V.O.)
                         The mop tops in black suits and
                         Kato masks were O-Ren's soldiers,
                         "The Crazy 88." The two young girls
                         in the schoolgirl uniforms are her
                         personal bodyguards, the Yubari
                         sisters. Yuki, aged sixteen, and Go
                         Go, aged seventeen. The pretty lady
                         who's dressed like she's a villain
                         on Star Trek is O-Ren's best friend
                         and her lawyer, Sofie Fatale. And
                         finally, the American in the black
                         suit but sans Kato mask, O-Ren's
                         head of security, Mr. Barrel.

               SUDDENLY O-Ren hears something. Like a deer in the forest,
               her head springs up on alert. It's almost as if she's
               listening to The Bride's narration.


               O-Ren removes a SMALL DAGGER-DART from the folds of her robe
               and THROWS IT in the direction of the sound.

               CU The BRIDE dressed in a kimono
               on the other side of the private dining room's paper wall.
               taking off the tip of her nose in the process.


               O-Ren's action instantly brings the room's frivolity to a
               halt. Mistress Ishii silently orders Go Go and Yuki to
               retrieve the eavesdropper.


               The white paper door to O-Ren's dining room SLAMS OPEN. Yuki
               and Go Go step into the corridor.

               All trace of the Bride has vanished.

               They look out over the restaurant, patrons look normal.

               Whoever was there is gone now.

               Go Go removes the small dagger from the wood post and the
               Yubari sisters go back into the private dining room, SLAMMING
               the door behind them.

               ONE SHOT

               CU The BRIDE
               at the bar, in her kimono, drinking a colorful cocktail. She
               observes all the activity by O-Ren's private dining room.
               When the Yubari sisters go back inside, the Bride climbs off
               her barstool and goes through the restaurant...into the
               parking area...and up to her rental car. She opens the door.
               Takes off her Japanese kimono, underneath is a one-piece
               yellow track suit with a black stripe going down both sides,
               like the one Bruce Lee wears in "Game of Death." She tosses
               the kimono in the trunk, then removes the sheathed Hanzo
               sword. With the sword of vengeance in her hand, we follow her
               back inside the restaurant. She looks upstairs to the O-Ren
               dining room. We see Yuki Yubari and Sofie Fatale, slide open
               the door, and walk down the stairs together. When they get to
               the bottom, they give each other a kiss goodbye, and Yuki
               leaves the restaurant, while Sofie makes her way to the
               bathroom...only to have The Bride, now dressed in her Bruce
               Lee yellow outfit and samurai sword in her hand, bar her way.

                                                            END OF SHOT
               BACK AND FORTH
               between CU's of the two women, face to face.

                                   SOFIE (JAPANESE)
                             (to Bride)
                         Can I help you?

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)
                         Yes, I am looking for the attorney
                         of O-Ren Ishii, Sofie Fatale. Would
                         that be you?

                                   SOFIE (JAPANESE)
                         I'm Mistress Ishii's attorney. How
                         can I help you?

               The Bride PUNCHES her in the face.

               INT. O-REN'S PRIVATE ROOM

               Aside from drinking like fishes, what is the queen of the
               Tokyo underworld - Mistress O-Ren Ishii - and her private
               army doing when we cut back?

               Singing karaoke, of course.

               It's Crazy 88 MIKI's turn at the mike and he's having a whale
               of a good time singing Dionne Warwick's "Walk On By," in


               A COMMOTION is heard being made by the restaurant staff and
               the other patrons, from the other side of the white paper
               wall...Just as they all start to notice it, they hear;

                                   THE BRIDE (O.S., JAPANESE)
                         O-Ren Ishii! You and I have
                         unfinished business!

               The Crazy 88 spring to their feet. One slides open the door.

               They see O-Ren's lawyer, Sofie Fatale, standing in the middle
               of the restaurant, her left arm completely outstretched, hand
               gripped around a post. She has a terrified look on her face.
               Before anybody on O-Ren's side of the room can say anything
               ...The Bride steps out from behind Sofie.

               reaction shows how effective the element of surprise turned
               out to be. She says The Bride's name softly to herself; it's
               BLEEPED OUT.

               The Bride
               her forehead begins to pulsate. WE DO A QUICK SHAW BROTHERS
               beating the shit outta her at the wedding chapel IS
               BACK INTO A CU, the vein stops pulsating, and the theme STOPS
               The Bride loaded for bear.

               She raises her Hanzo sword, and Slices off Sofie's Arm at the
               Shoulder with one stroke.

               Spewing and Gushing Blood from her stump, twists her body in
               agony, painting the floor and the walls with giant Splashes
               of Red, as her body hits the floor, twitching in both
               surprise and shock.

               The CRAZY 88
               run out into the dining area and create a human wall between
               themselves and their Mistress.

               MR. BARREL AND GO GO
               take positions on either side of O-Ren.

               seated in a shogun's seat, rises furiously to her feet.

                                   O-REN (JAPANESE)
                         You bastard!

               The Bride does a swipe in the air with her sword; Sofie's
               blood flies off the blade.

               The entire floor of the dining room lies between the two
               warring parties.

                                        The Bride
                                       The Crazy 88

               The restaurant's STAFF and PATRONS sit or stand rigidly in

               O-Ren says loudly to the room;

                                   O-REN (JAPANESE)
                         Sorry everybody, but I'm afraid
                         we're going to have to close the
                         place. There's some private
                         business that we must attend to

               The Staff and The Customers Stampede the exits.

               The Bride, The Crazy 88, and O-Ren hold their ground without
               moving a muscle, till the dining room, as well as the entire
               restaurant known as "The House of Blue Leaves," is deserted
               of every human not engaged in the face-off that precedes

               O-Ren gives a simple order;


               MIKI, one of The Crazy 88 (The little one), steps forward,
               unsheaths his sword, and yells at the yellow clad blonde.

                                   MIKI (JAPANESE)
                         You had it coming bastard!

               Raising his samurai sword high, he Charges, Screaming A
               Banzai Scream...

               The Bride turns to face him.

               Miki Charging and Screaming...

               The Bride slowly raises the Hanzo Sword into Striking

               Miki Charging and Screaming, almost on top of her.

               The Bride, sword in position, waits for her opponent to

               Miki arrives at his destination, he Swings...

               The Bride Swings...

               The Hanzo Sword Slices Miki's inferior blade in half. Miki
               looks down at the impotent weapon in his hand.

               The Bride Thrusts her sword through Miki's abdomen, then
               Lifts the little guy off the ground straight up in the air.

               Miki screaming, Impaled on her blade like a fish at the end
               of a spear. Held up in the air, restaurant light fixtures in
               the B.G.

               O-Ren and her crew watch stunned.

               The Bride Drops the shishkabobbed Miki into the koi pond that
               starts outside the restaurant and ends inside, with a huge
               blue splash. Koi pond - Blue water - Orange and yellow fish -
               Red blood - Dead man.

               The BRIDE
               looks up from the pond, across the length of the floor, into
               the eyes of O-Ren Ishii.
               She takes one step forward, hears the slightest noise, Twirls
               the samurai sword in the air once, drops to one knee, and
               thrusts the sword into the beige-colored carpet-covered
               floor. The sword sticks in the floor half way...

               The Sound of human death rises from underneath the floor...

               OVERHEAD SHOT
               Looking down on The Bride at one end and O-Ren and her crew
               at the other. A Red Circle appears where the blade is buried
               in the floor...The red circle grows larger...and larger...and
               larger...and larger still...

               Leaving the sword stuck in the floor, handle sticking
               straight up in the air, The Bride rises up from her one knee,
               and straight and tall, staring down the queen of the Tokyo

               her eyes narrow with rage. She screams out another order;

                                   O-REN (JAPANESE)
                         Tear the bitch apart!

               The six remaining Crazy 88 unsheath their swords at the same
               time with a GREAT SOUND EFFECT.

               They circle the Bride.

               The BRIDE
               Inside the circle of Combatants who surrounded her. She Whips
               the sword out of the floor and raises her blade diagonally in
               front of her. Her eyes are reflected in the shiny steel.

               Holding her sword in the diagonal position, The Bride can see
               reflected in the shiny blade, whoever stands behind her.

               The six Crazy 88 Attack...

               The BRIDE
               does a Zatoichi-like SWISH-SLASH-SWISH with her steel blade.

               Four boys die an immediate samurai blade-inflicted death,
               COLLAPSE TO THE FLOOR.

               The last two put up more of a fight...but then one of them is
               SLASHED and FALLS and the last one is SLASHED AND CRASHES
               THROUGH the restaurant's big picture window.

               EX CU The EYES
               of The Bride, pointed down at the bodies by her feet,


               ...they Look back up at O-Ren.

               standing in between Go Go and Mr. Barrel. Her eyes narrow.

               The BRIDE
               swipes the air with her sword, the blood of the dead
               attackers flies off.

               GO GO and MR. BARREL
               unsheath their swords.


               We hear a LOUD SOUND of many ENGINES behind the Bride. Then
               behind her, through the broken pictures window we see
               seventeen motorcycles pull up to the parking lot. All the
               riders wear black suits with kato masks, and all carry
               samurai swords.

               The BRIDE
               looks from the reinforcements to O-Ren.


                                   O-REN (ENGLISH)
                             (to the Bride)
                         You didn't think it was going to be
                         that easy, did you?

                                   THE BRIDE (ENGLISH)
                             (to O-Ren)
                         You know, for a second there, yeah
                         I did.

               O-Ren smiles...

                                   O-REN (ENGLISH)
                         Silly rabbit...

               Both O-Ren and the Bride finish the phrase together,...

                                   O-REN/THE BRIDE
                         ...Trix Are for kids.

               This is something they used to say back when they fought
               alongside of each other as "Vipers."

               The seventeen Crazy 88 reinforcements come running into the
               restaurant and with drawn swords surround The Bride.

               As a HEAVY METAL COMBAT BEAT begins to PULSATE ON THE
               SOUNDTRACK, The Boys and The Bride have a Spaghetti Western

               We do a 360 INSIDE the CIRCLE of The Crazy 88, who surround
               the yellow-haired warrior. Not all have Samurai swords; one
               IRON over his head.

               As the Heavy Metal music builds...We Cut to various Shots of
               The Two Opposing Forces Preparing to Strike....Hands on Sword
               Handles...Feet finding Combat Stance...etc...

               ....Until Heavy Metal reaches its Breaking Point...

               ...At that point, the Metal EXPLODES OVER THE SOUNDTRACK...IN
               ON SCREEN.

               As she matches skill with the army of black-suited boys, arms
               flailing, silver blade Clashing and Slashing, long blonde
               hair whipping like a whirling dervish....
               ...She's a Goddess of War Venus.

               Not only is the FIGHT CUT TO THE HEAVY METAL MUSIC, but The
               Bride seems to be somewhat dancing to it as she fights.

               This explosion of furious violence is punctuated
               fight being filmed in HIGH CONTRAST BLACK AND WHITE, turning
               the squirting, spewing geysers of BLOOD FROM CRIMSON RED TO
               OIL BLACK.

               Many members of The Crazy 88 are Sliced, Slashed, and
               liberated from the limbs they were born with at The Bride's

               Some SPECIFIC MOMENTS

               While Clashing swords, The Bride whips the silver Boomerang
               out of its holster, and Throws it...

               ....It Twirls Through the Air...

               ...Embedding itself longways in one of the boy's faces.

               The Bride does a Mid-Air Somersault over the head of an
               Attacker, landing solid on her feet behind him...Slash, he's

               The Bride is knocked to the floor, her Attacker stands over
               her to Spear the young blonde, Her Legs Spring Up In The Air,
               Ankles Lock Around The Boy's Neck.

               She throws him down to the ground. With his neck still in the
               vise-like grip of her ankles, She removes The SOG Knife from
               its sheath and Plunges it Deep Into The Boy's Chest.

               While still on the ground, an Attacker Charges at her.
               Yanking the Boomerang out of the Dead Boy's Face, She Sends
               It Flying in the Charging Man's path...

               ...Boomerang Twirling Through the Air Close to the Ground...

               ...Chopping Off the Charging Attacker's Foot in Mid Step, he
               falls flat.

               The Bride jumps up onto an attacker's shoulders. She locks
               her legs around him so he's helpless at shaking her off.

               ...she swings down with her sword, and cuts the man's hands

               So while the helpless man with no hands screams, the now nine
               foot tall Bride fights with the others.

               When she's through she brings the blade across the man she's
               perched on's throat. He falls to his knees, bringing the
               Bride back to the floor like an alevator.

               As soon as her soles touch ground, she's off his shoulders,
               somersaulting on the floor, bringing her blade up between an
               attacker's legs into his groin.

               He lets out a scream, as she yanks her blade free.

               ONE ATTACKER steps out from the rest, "The Best One." He
               Twirls his sword expertly, challenging the young woman to,
               "Come get a piece."

               The Bride does a screaming charge towards him....
               ...Sword raised, The Attacker stands his ground, calm -
               steady, waiting for the blonde-haired locomotive to
               collide.....They meet.....

               CLASH - LOCK - TWIRL - SEPARATE -

               They match each other blow for blow, till one makes a
               mistake. It's the male. The Bride's swing, that's neither
               clashed or blocked, slices off his right arm.

               ...The arm, still gripping the samurai sword, drops to the

               The Bride pushes the Hanzo Sword right through the middle of
               his chest.

               Only half of the Crazy 88s that started the fight remain
               alive, or intact...They start to approach...The Bride, still
               holding the sword that's still impaling the skilled Attacker,
               backs up, keeping his body between her and the remaining

               Like a boxer, The Bride uses the momentary break in the
               action, to rest on her feet.....THEN...yanks the blade from
               his chest cavity....The Body Twitches - Spasms - Grunts and
               Crashes to the floor.

               The Attackers start to close in...The Bride readies herself
               for their attack....THEN (in perfect time with the Heavy
               Metal)...Drops to the floor on her back, Spinning like a top.
               She Swings and Slashes and Cuts down below at their legs and
               feet, like some hellish samurai sword-weilding turtle flipped
               over on its shell....

               Many black-suited, mask-wearing boys drop to the ground.

               ...Still Spinning like a break dancer, she spins up on top of
               her head, and Pops back up on her feet.

               And then there were seven.

               The seven remaining sword-weilding, black-suited boys moved
               out of range of the Bride's blade when she dropped to the
               floor. Now spread out, they make a large half-circle.

               The Bride, slowly points the tip of her blade to the floor,
               lowers herself to one knee and slightly bows her head. In

               EX CU The Bride's eyes
               pointed up, watch them move closer, COLOR COMES BACK INTO THE
               FILM. We see her face is splashed with blood.

               WHIPS OPEN a red fan.

               GO GO stands by the restaurant's junction box, she flips the

               The room goes dark.

               The Crazy 7 make a wide circle around the blonde who's still
               on the floor....

               ...Looking down on her breathing hard in the shadows. As she
               breathes in and out, The FACE OF A LIONESS IS SUPERIMPOSED
               OVER HER FACE.

               Breathe in (Bride) - Breathe out (Lioness) - Breathe in
               (Bride) - Breathe out (Lioness) .....

               The Bride rises to her feet...

               The Crazy 7 move in a circle around The Bride, she moves in a
               circle inside of their circle, all eight of them move in
               rhythm with the Metal...

               The Heavy Metal Music a big finish...THEN both
               Music and The Bride Explode!

               With the lights off, The White paper wall the eight killers
               fight in front of turns a Psychedelic Bright Blue. The snow
               falling outside is reflected against the paper wall like
               black snow falling on a blue shadow puppet stage.

               The eight samurais are Black Silhouettes against the blue
               backdrop. They begin to combat in a dance of blood, steel and
               death. The Bride does a sword-weilding dosey-doe with all
               sword-weilding partners.

               She CLISH-CLASH-CLISH-CLASHES with all of them - They
               seperate - stalk each other for a moment to the beat - then
               CLISH-CLASH-CLISH-CLASH again, with The Bride killing or
               hacking the limbs of one unlucky dance partner at each
               encounter - Sometimes during the separation, The Bride
               crouches down low in repose while the others continue to
               circle stalk...THEN...She Strikes again.

               We Cut in closer whenever we need to.

               Finally the last of O-Ren's soldiers falls to the Bride's

               GO GO
               Standing by the junction box, flips a switch turning the
               lights back on. The electricity shines light on...

               The BRIDE
               Splashed all over with blood. Blood painting the floor, walls
               and ceiling. Dead bodies, several limbs, and horribly wounded
               men who have yet to die, litter the ground.

               With a big "Whoosh" in the air, the blood of O-Ren's
               subordinates fly off the blonde avenger's blade.

               Then saying to the foes who litter the ground.

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)
                         Those of you lucky enough to still
                         have your lives. Take them with
                         you. But leave the limbs you've
                         lost. They belong to me now.

               The wounded men, crawl out of the restaurant.

               The yellow-haired crimson-covered woman, looks to the last
               remaining combatants...Mr. Barrel, Go Go Yubari, and O-Ren

               Go Go
               steps forward and removes her weapon, it's not a samurai
               sword. It's a heavy metal ball at the end of a long chain.
               She begins TWIRLING it above her head. Each rotation makes a
               WHOOSH sound in the air.

               BALL AND CHAIN
               in a 3-D-like effect, the metal ball comes right at us.

               The BRIDE
               ducks out of the way, the heavy ball destroying a large chunk
               of wood post behind her.

               Go Go
               eyes focused on her enemy...WHOOSH....WHOOSH....WHOOSH...she
               lets fly...

               The ball and chains wrap around the blade of the Hanzo

               ...Go Go yanks...

               ...the Hanzo sword FLIES out of her grip.

               GO GO

               The BRIDE
               removes her boomerang and THROWS it at Go Go.

               The BOOMERANG
               TWIRLS through the air heading right for Go Go.


               The young bodyguard swats it out of the air with her ball and
               chain. She lifts up her chain and the boomerang lies bent, on
               the floor. She looks across at her opponent...WHOOSH...
               WHOOSH...WHOOSH..she LETS FLY. It Strikes the Bride in the
               chest, knocking her on her back...

               ...Go Go twirls it over her head and sends it towards the
               Bride on the floor. The Bride rolls out of the way, the metal
               ball PUNCHES a hole in an overturned table instead.

               The weaponless Bride wrestles a table leg loose from its

               She hops up on a table, table leg in hand, ready to fight.

               Go Go hops up on a table...

               As they fight they hop from table to table...

               Go Go throws her ball and chain...

               ...The Bride - QUICK AS A WHIP...

               BATS it away with the table leg.

               Go Go lets loose with the balls and wraps around
               the Bride's ankle...Go Go YANKS...

               ...The Bride's leg is yanked out from under her, she FALL
               CRASHING through another table.

               Go Go jumps on top of the Bride, attacking her with a samurai
               short sword. The Bride uses the table leg to block it.

               The women fight fiercely, locked in grapple, each face ugly
               with struggle. Go Go lets her left earlobe get too close to
               the Bride's mouth...the Bride BITES DOWN on it. Go Go screams
               as the lower part of the appendage is bitten off, and she
               rolls off the Bride. The Bride comes at her, bringing the
               table leg -- WHOOPS UPSIDE HER HEAD -- WHOOP-WHOOP-SIDES-HER

               The girl in the schoolgirl uniform falls on her back, and
               delivers a powerful "C.K." to the Bride from below, dropping
               her to her knees.

               O-Ren is UP, and wraps the chain around the Bride's neck and
               begins to strangle.

               The chain digs into the Bride's throat.

               The Bride brings the table leg, which has a couple of nasty
               looking nails in it, hard against the Japanese girl's thigh.
               The nails cut through the plaid school uniform skirt into her
               flesh...the Bride rips out the nails, taking some leg meat
               with them.

               Go Go lets out a horrific scream.

               The Bride brings the table leg down on the toe of the young
               girl's white tennis shoe. The nails stick in, the white shoe
               becomes stained with red.

               Go Go SCREAMS letting loose of the chain...falling on the

               The Bride unwraps the chain around her neck, and begins
               breathing air into her lungs.

               Go Go tries to escape, dragging her fucked-up leg with her...

               The Bride rises from the floor and begins, twirling Go Go's
               weapon above her head.

               Go Go, fast as she can, climbs up the stairs to the second

               The Bride stands at the bottom of the stairs, twirling the
               ball and chain over her head.

               Go Go frantically, and in great pain, climbs the stairs...
               She gets to the top.

               The Bride lets loose with the ball and chain...

               It HITS the female bodyguard and one half of the Yubari
               sisters, smack DAB in the back of the head.

               CU GO GO
               We see her face as she's delivered a death blow right behind
               it. We see behind her eyes and features, her life and spirit
               shatter like a teapot.

               Like a discarded rag doll, Go Go Yubari TUMBLES down the
               staircase landing in a pile at the Bride's feet. Dead before
               the tumble began.

               The Bride throws the ball and chain to the floor. Her eyes go
               to the last two remaining combatants...

               ...Mr. Barrel and O-Ren Ishii.

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)
                         Any more subordinates for me to
                         kill, O-Ren?

               Mr. Barrel says;

                                   MR. BARREL
                         One last one.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         You're Mr. Barrel, right?

                                   MR. BARREL
                         And you're Black Mamba.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Our reputations precede us.

                                   MR. BARREL

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Tell me Mr. Barrel, why don't you
                         wear your Kato mask? Are you and

               Mr. Barrel takes out a kato mask on a stick, like from a 17th
               Century costume ball, and holds it over his eyes.

                                   MR. BARREL
                         I don't like that rubber band. It
                         fucks up my hair.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         You shouldn't work for her.

                                   MR. BARREL
                         Too late.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         It's not too late to quit.

                                   MR. BARREL
                         Do you have choices?

                                   THE BRIDE

                                   MR. BARREL
                         I know exactly how you feel.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         This has nothing to do with You and
                         I, and everything to do with me
                         taking satisfaction from that bitch
                         behind you. And there's absolutely
                         positively no way I'M going to
                         leave here without taking that
                         satisfaction. So Mr. Barrel, you
                         have to stand aside. And that means
                         you must quit, right now.

                                   MR. BARREL
                         I can't.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Yes you can.

                                   MR. BARREL
                         No I can't.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Don't say "Can't", there are no
                         "Cant's." Yes - You - Can.....

               O-REN ISHII
               Screams at her "...last line of defense;"

                                   O-REN (ENGLISH)
                         What are you waiting for? Are you
                         on a date? Attack her you fool!

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Oh my God...
                         ...She just called you a fool. She
                         just called you a fool in front of
                         me. Not only am I your opponent.
                         I'm a female fellow countryman.
                         And you're going to risk your life -
                         to say nothing of harming me - for
                         a woman who refers to you as a

               is furious, and slaps Mr. Barrel on the shoulder.

                                   O-REN (JAPANESE)
                         Attack, Goddamn you!

               The Bride acts like she's embarrassed to witness what she
               just saw.

               Mr. Barrel spins in O-Ren's direction shooting her a look
               she's never seen from him before.

               He then looks back to the Bride.

               Her eyes are waiting for his. She says with just the
               slightest hint of plea in her voice;

                                   THE BRIDE
                         I'll owe ya one.

               He looks at her a BEAT longer...then says as he resheaths his

                                   MR. BARREL
                         The things I do for a pretty face.

               INSERT: The Blade sliding back down into the Sheath, The
               Handle locks into place with a Click.

               He looks back over his shoulder at his former Mistress, and

                                   MR. BARREL (JAPANESE)
                         I quit.

               O-Ren fries and egg on her head.

               Then with his sheathed Sword in his right hand, and his left
               hand in his pants pocket, he walks across the carnage-strewn
               room and out the front door. As he walks, when he's parallel
               with the Bride, He stops and says;

                                   MR. BARREL
                         About that one you owe me.

                                   THE BRIDE

                                   MR. BARREL
                         I'm gonna collect someday, you

                                   THE BRIDE
                         I'll be disappointed if you don't.

               He continues walking without a look back. Before he Exits the
               restaurant, he throws a look in Sofie's direction, Who's
               lying minus her arm in a pool of her own blood, and says;

                                   MR. BARREL
                         Tough luck bout that arm Sofe.

               He exits the Movie.

               O-REN and The BRIDE
               match eyes. The Japanese gal says;

                                   O-REN (ENGLISH)
                         Very funny.
                         Your instrument is quite

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)

                                   O-REN (JAPANESE)
                         Where was it made?

                                   THE BRIDE

                                   O-REN (JAPANESE)
                         Whom in Okinawa made you this

                                   THE BRIDE
                         This is Hattori Hanzo steel.

                                   O-REN (JAPANESE)
                         YOU LIE!!

               The Bride just smiles at her rival's response.

               O-Ren's composure returns.

                                   O-REN (JAPANESE)
                         Swords however never get tired. I
                         hope you've saved your energy. If
                         you haven't, you might not last
                         five minutes.
                         Have you seen the garden in this

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)

                                   O-REN (JAPANESE)
                         Oh, you really should. It's quite
                         beautiful. Allow me.

               O-Ren moves out of the position she's stood in for the entire
               battle. She steps on the doormat of a corpse, that serves the
               same purpose of a bottom step, and moves over to the white
               paper wall and slides it open....REVEALING....

               .....A WHITE WINTER WONDERLAND, set against a Jet Black sky.
               A Snow-covered Japanese Garden awaits right outside. Snow
               falls from the sky (Slightly artificial, not phony - but
               Operatic/Theatrical). O-Ren stands next to the Bride in the
               doorway looking out into the white night.

                                   O-REN (JAPANESE)
                         As last looks go, you could do

               The Queen of the Tokyo Underworld steps outside...

               The Bride follows her...


               As snow falls around them, they stand the correct distance
               from one another.

               COMBAT MUSIC BEGINS PLAYING, but not Japanese drums - Spanish
               Flamenco Guitar.......

               The Bride Unsheaths her Sword Quickly...Holding it out in
               front of her...Tip of Blade pointed at O-Ren...Sword's Handle
               and her Fingers wrapped around that handle, up by her
               cheek...Her eyes are Reflected on the Blade...Snow falls
               around her.

               O-Ren begins walking forward towards the Bride...She raises
               up her Sword, still in its sheath, in front of her face
               vertically...then begins slowly unsheathing it...Snow falls
               around her.

               O-REN'S FEET
               White socks in wooden clogs, walk forward, Crunching Snow
               underneath them...

               The BRIDE
               Holding Sword...Eyes reflected in Blade...her Yellow Sneakers
               Crunching snow underneath them...

               when her Sword is fully unsheathed, the Japanese combat
               artist holds both arms straight out at her sides, Sword in
               one hand - Wood sheath in the other, like a bird....

               ....The Two Women circle each other....

               They SWING - CLASH - DANCE - SEPARATE...CIRCLE...SWING -
               CLASH - DANCE - SEPARATE...

               O-REN LEAPS in the air
               does a Somersault over the Bride's head, landing behind her
               opponent. She brings her Sword down in a Slashing Swing...

               SLASHING The BRIDE
               across her back - Spinning her around...

               O-Ren goes in for the kill...The Bride meets her blade... The
               Blades Clash and Lock...The Two Women's faces come together
               as the Blades become entangled...

               O-Ren moves her arm in a counter-clockwise motion that
               loosens the grip enough to bring her sword handle hard into
               The Bride's mouth...

               Knocking her backwards over a small, stone bench - Flat on
               her ass in a koi pond.

               - The Combat Guitar Stops -

               O-Ren doesn't charge the fallen blonde, She laughs;

                                   O-REN (ENGLISH)
                         Silly Caucasian girl likes to play
                         with samurai swords. Bill might of
                         humored you, but you will find
                         neither humor nor mercy at my
                         blade. Now unless you intend to
                         commit sepeku among the koi, stand
                         up and fight. You may not be able
                         to fight like a samurai, but you
                         can at least die like a samurai.

               The Combat Guitar starts again...As The Bride slowly rises
               out of the koi pond. She brings up her sword and Says Calmly
               to O-Ren in Japanese;

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)
                         Attack me. With everything you

               The Two Women Clash Swords furiously, their attack ends with
               The Bride's Striking O-Ren - not fatally - but deep. They

               ...breathing hard...Cold Air coming out of their mouths like
               two locomotives...

               O-Ren looks down to her wound, then back up to The Bride. The
               respect for the Bride's ability is transparent.

               The Two Women Circle Stalk each other again...

               Red Blood running down Yellow Legs onto Yellow Sneakers...

               Wooden Clogs crunching the Snow, Blood trail dripping down
               legs staining White Socks with Red...

               They Attack, the Geisha figurine and The tall western girl
               with the mane of Whipping Blonde Hair. They Swing - Twist -
               Turn - Clash, matching blow for blow till they both back off.

               Both Women are out of breath and have to stop to recuperate.
               As they both drink the harsh cold air into their lungs,
               leaving red blood stains in the white snow, the two females
               have the same thought. The next clash will be their last.

                                   O-REN (JAPANESE)
                         I apologize for ridiculing you

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)

               They continue breathing...

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)

                                   O-REN (JAPANESE)

               The Flamenco Guitar begins again, as The Two Women Circle
               each other for their final attack.

               With all the quickness and skill at their command, they clash
               in a superb display of Samurai Swordplay...TILL...They Find
               themselves on opposite sides of a garden wall...

               ...The Bride and O-Ren both begin Running diagonally through
               the snow, Swords held up high, Facing each other, Continuing
               to run even after they passed the wall, Screaming their
               Samurai hearts out...


               They both SWING...

               ...can't tell who got who...

               the white snow.

               CU O-REN ISHII
               facing away from the Bride. Sword still in her hand. We see
               she doesn't have the TOP OF HER HEAD ON. A touch of her BRAIN
               is exposed. Blood Droplets streak her face like raindrops.
               The Queen of the Tokyo Underworld, who's regime has just
               ended with one swing, stares off into space.

                                   O-REN (ENGLISH)
                         That really was a Hattori Hanzo

               Her sword FALLS from her the snow by her feet.

                                   O-REN (ENGLISH)
                         I always dreamed of owning one...

               O-Ren FALLS to her knees, toppling forward.

               Left Cheek in the snow, just barely alive, She says;

                                   O-REN (ENGLISH)
                         Did he make it for you?

                                   THE BRIDE (ENGLISH)

               The Last thing she says before she dies;

                                   O-REN (ENGLISH)
                         ...He must of liked you.

               With her cheek resting against the snow, her eyes close and
               she's gone.

               The BRIDE
               removes a white handkerchief (The One we saw her sewing
               earlier with "Bill" in the corner), and uses it to wipe the
               blood, once belonging to the first name on her death list,
               off her Hanzo Steel.

               EX CU THE HANZO SWORD
               is returned back to its sheath. The LION'S HEAD that Hanzo
               carved into the wood seems pleased.

                                                                CUT TO:

               The BRIDE
               now wearing a yellow, faceless motorcycle crash helmet on her
               head, stands FRAMED in a TRUNK SHOT.

               SOFIE FATALE
               Minus an arm, lies curled up in the trunk of her MAZDA XOXO.

               The BRIDE slams the trunk, SCREEN BOES BLACK...

               The MAZDA driving down the road at supersonic speed.

               The BRIDE
               behind the wheel wearing her crash helmet. It looks like an
               insert from "GRAND PRIX."

               car speeding...then stopping.

               BLACK SCREEN
               The BRIDE lifts up trunk lid, we look up at her FRAMED in the
               TRUNK SHOT. Helmet on head making her faceless, gold Deadly
               Viper syringe in her hand.

               When she speaks it comes out of a VOICE BOX at the bottom of
               the helmet. Turning her voice deeper and electronically
               spooky. The two women speak Japanese to each other.

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)
                         I've kept you alive for one reason.
                         Information. Being O-Ren's lawyer,
                         I take it you're familiar with

                                   SOFIE (JAPANESE)

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)
                         In fact, I'd guesstimate, you
                         worked for Bill before O-Ren, and
                         that's how it is you came to work
                         for O-Ren. Am I correct?

                                   SOFIE (JAPANESE)

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)
                         I thought so. Give me the arm you
                         have left.

                                   SOFIE (JAPANESE)

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)
                         I want information. Now gimme your

               Sofie offers up her remaining arm.

               She injects Sofie with the gold syringe.

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)
                         The cocktail racing through your
                         bloodstream at this moment is
                         Bill's own recipe. He calls it "The
                         Undisputed Truth."

               Sofie is injected.

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)
                         Okay, first things first. Where was
                         the other Yubari sister? Yuki?

                                   SOFIE (JAPANESE)
                         Yuki's sick. She went home early.

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)
                         Do tell? What's wrong with her?

                                   SOFIE (JAPANESE)
                         She has a cold.

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)
                         Awwww poor baby. What do you think
                         she'll do when she finds out what

                                   SOFIE (JAPANESE)
                         She'll wail with grief.

                                                           SHOCK CUT TO

               YUKI YUBARI upon hearing the news of her sister's death...

               She SCREAMS!

               BACK TO SOFIE

                         She'll drink excessively.

               BACK TO YUKI
               Big bottle of sake in her mouth pointed bottom up.

               BACK TO SOFIE

                         She'll start trouble.

               BACK TO YUKI
               sitting at a bar in drunken stupor. An OLDER JAPANESE MAN in
               a business suit sits next to her at the bar...he puts the
               make on her.

                                   BUSINESS SUIT (JAPANESE)
                         Do you like Ferraris?

               Yuki staring out into space, says with a drunken voice;

                                   YUKI (JAPANESE)
                         Ferrari...Italian trash.

               She slowly turns to face the older Japanese man in the
               business suit.

                                   YUKI (JAPANESE)
                         Do you find me hot?

               The man in the business suit giggles at her boldness; she
               gets annoyed;

                                   YUKI (JAPANESE)
                         Don't laugh! Do you want to fuck
                         me, yes or no?

                                   BUSINESS SUIT (JAPANESE)


               He lets out a GRUNT coming from below.

               We see she has stabbed him in the belly with a samurai short
               sword, and is slowly dragging the blade across his abdomen,
               creating a big red grin across his mid-section.

               Yuki focused, Business Suit penetrated...She opens him up
               more...he feels every inch of the blade's progress.

                                   YUKI (JAPANESE)
                         How bout now, big boy, do you still
                         wish to penetrate me...

               Blade cuts deeper...

                                   YUKI (JAPANESE)
                         Or is it I who has penetrated you.

               And with her last line, does the final disemboweling slice
               that sends his insides spilling out onto the barroom floor.

               BACK TO SOFIE

                                   SOFIE (JAPANESE)
                         When she stops shedding tears,
                         she'll start shedding blood.

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)
                         Best guess, what will she do?

                                   SOFIE (JAPANESE)
                         I don't hafta guess, she'll come
                         after you.

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)
                         Will she ever give up?

                                   SOFIE (JAPANESE)
                         She won't have to. When she finds
                         you, I don't know who will win. But
                         what I do know is, she will find

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)
                         Is she more skilled than I?

                                   SOFIE (JAPANESE)
                         Skilled won't be the word.

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)
                         Don't be coy with me, bitch. What
                         would be the word?


               The Bride takes this in...then moves on.

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)
                         Okay, now I want all the
                         information on the Deadly
                         Vipers,... What they've been doing
                         and where I can find them.


               The big hospital of TOKYO is located by a hill by the
               highway. Sofie's MAZDA pulls off the highway to the side.

               The Bride hops out of the car, runs to the back, opens the
               trunk, takes out Sofie's body, and rolls it down the
               hill....Sofie stops rolling in front of the entrance of the
               huge hospital.

                                                                CUT TO:

               CU SOFIE
               in a hospital environment. Bill's voice speaks to her OFF

                                   BILL (O.S.; ENGLISH)
                         Sofie, Sofie, my Sofie, I'm so

                                   SOFIE (ENGLISH)
                         Please forgive my betrayal --

               He shhhh's her off screen;

                                   BILL (O.S.; ENGLISH)
                         -- no more of that. I invented that
                         truth serum. Once it entered your
                         bloodstream, you no longer had a

                                   SOFIE (ENGLISH)
                         But, still --

                                   BILL (O.S.; ENGLISH)
                         -- But still -- nothing, except my
                         aching heart over what she's done
                         to my beautiful and brilliant
                         If you had to guess why she left
                         you alive, what would be your

                                   SOFIE (ENGLISH)
                         Guessing won't be necessary. She
                         informed me.


                                   THE BRIDE (ENGLISH)
                         I'm allowing you to keep your
                         wicked life for one reason and one
                         reason only. So you can tell him,
                         in person, everything that happened
                         here tonight. I want him to witness
                         the extent of my mercy..., by
                         witnessing your deformed body. I
                         want you to tell him, all the
                         information you just told me. I
                         want him to know what I know. I
                         want him to know I want him to

               Then with SUPERMAN X-RAY VISION we see through the helmet to
               the Bride's face inside as she says the last line.

                                   THE BRIDE (ENGLISH)
                         And I want them all to know,
                         they'll all soon be as dead as O

                                                           WE CUT TO A 

               CU of SOFIE
               WE PAN to a CU of YUKI

               Bill says off screen;

                                   BILL (O.S.; JAPANESE)
                         If O-Ren was number one, unless
                         she's being tricky, Vernita Green
                         will be number two.

                                   YUKI (JAPANESE)
                         Where is Vernita Green?

                                   BILL (O.S., JAPANESE)
                         Los Angeles. Vernita's in Pasadena.
                         But the woman you want will hold up
                         in a low budget motel, fifteen of
                         twenty minutes away from stepping
                         on board a plane departing LAX. If
                         I had to bet...I'd say Hawthorne.

               Yuki blows a pink bubble gum bubble, it pops and she says in

                                   YUKI (ENGLISH)
                         California, here I come.

                                                                CUT TO:

               CU HATTORI HANZO
               He's sewing something that requires a lot of concentration.

               CU The BRIDE'S BARE BACK
               What he's sewing is, the NASTY SLASH O-Ren gave the Bride on
               her back, closed with a simple needle and thread.

               CU The BRIDE
               lies naked on her stomach, head up, chin resting on her
               folded hand, feeling no pain at the needle piercing her
               flesh. The sleeping giant is awake, and in her eyes we see
               she's filled with a terrible resolve.

               As Hanzo sews, he recites in Japanese the Yagu mantra, the
               Bride recites in Japanese after him.

               EX CU: O-REN ISHII'S name written in the Bride's notebook
               with the number one next to it. A black felt pen comes into
               frame and draws a line through the name.

                                                         FADE TO BLACK.

               BLACK FRAME
               TITLE CARD:

                                       Chapter five

                                      YUKI'S REVENGE

               We hear music under this card...

               MONTAGE OF YUKI coming to Los Angeles cut to music.

               We see YUKI dressed in her Japanese private schoolgirl outfit
               with white blouse, plaid skirt, bobby socks, blazer, and
               barrettes in her hair, flying on a jet enroute to Los
               Angeles. She paints her fingernails with bubble gum-colored
               nail polish.

               Yuki walks through LAX.

               Yuki standing next to a CAR SALESMAN on a California car lot.
               She points at a car in front of her.

               We see her cool convertible sports car and her finger
               pointing at it.

               We see Yuki behind the wheel of the sports car, driving as
               fast as she can through the twists and turns of the Hollywood
               Hills, laughing all the way.

               We see Yuki running around all over LA, Hollywood and
               Disneyland taking pictures with her disposable Barbie camera.

                                     SPLIT SCREEN

                      YUKI'S SIDE                      THE BRIDE'S SIDE
               PHOTO: Yuki with the               The Bride on an airplaine
               Hollywood signin the b.g.,         flying to Los Angeles.
               she points to it.          

               PHOTO: Yuki in front of the        The plane lands in L.A.
               Chinese Theatre.

               PHOTO: Yuki at Grauman's        
               Chinese Theatre, wearing a         The Bride walks off the
               cowboy hat, in front of Roy        plane with the other 
               Rogers' and Trigger's hand         passengers.
               foot and hoof prints. She
               holds her fingers like a 

               PHOTO: Yuki posing with a          The Bride walking
               celebrityshe's bumped into.        through LAX.

               Yuki behind the velvet ropes
               of a Hollywood premiere with
               the other fans. She watches
               the STARS walk the red carpet
               with her autograph book in her

               YUKI screaming on a roller-

               PHOTO: At Disneyland. Doing
               a Bonnie and Clyde-style pose
               with a Captain Hook. And
               another photo in between
               Chip N' Dale.

               CU YUKI                            CU The BRIDE
               walking, stalking, and             walking through LAX.
               eating huge ice cream
               waffle cone.

                                  SPLIT SCREEN (CONT'D)

                        YUKI'S SIDE                   THE BRIDE'S SIDE
               We see Yuki is tailing the          We see The Bride is
               Bride through LAX.                  being followed by Yuki.
                                                   Our heroine is unaware.

               Yuki driving her sports car.        The Bride renting a
               Stalking.                           motel. We see Yuki's
                                                   car drive by in the B.G. 
                                                   through the motel's
                                                   picture window.

               MEDIUM CU of Yuki wearing a         YUKI'S POV:
               whiteuniform, and taking            The Bride entering her
               money. Her eyes watch               yellow pickup truck
               something off screen.               parked in front of
                                                   Vernita's house.

               We see Yuki is dressed like         EX CU: VERNITA GREEN'S  
               an ice cream man, and is            name in the Bride's
               selling ice cream to kids           notebook. She draws a
               from an ice cream truck on          black felt pen through
               Vernita's block.                    the name.

                                                         THE BRIDE
                                                        (to herself)
                                                   Two down, and three to
               CU Yuki's face as she watches       The Bride driving away
               the Bride drive away.               from the scene of her
                                                   latest victory.
               CU Yuki, smiles. Now's the          YUKI'S POV: The yellow
               time.                               pussy wagon drives away.
               Yuki, at night, sitting in          YUKI'S POV: The
               the surveillance seat of her        exterior of the motel,
               sports car. Her hands are           the Bride is staying in.
               busy below frame.                   The motel is located on            
                                                   a Hawthorne  residential
                                                   street. Her yellow
                                                   pickup truck is parked
                                                   on the street.

                                  SPLIT SCREEN (CONT'D)

                         YUKI'S SIDE                  THE BRIDE'S SIDE
               Yuki loading an Israel               The Bride, on the phone,
               compact sub-machine gun              booking her flight out
               that lays on her plaid               of LA to Texas, as she
               skirt lap.                           packs her crap inside
                                                    her motel room.

                                                    The Bride carries her
                                                    stuff, the Hanzo sword,
                                                    her money in a backpack,
                                                    and her other stuff in a
                                                    canvas duffle bag.

               CU YUKI watches. Weapon              She carries the stuff
               locked,loaded, and ready.            from indoors to
               She makes a line of baby             outdoors to the yellow
               blue powder on the                   pickup.
               dashboard, then snorts it           
               up her nose.                        


               DRUG of Bill's own concoction.
               He calls it, "The Blues."

               The drug affects her. Now's
               the time.

               Yuki gets out of the car             YUKI'S POV: We see the
               and heads for the                    Bride from a distance,
               oblivious Bride.                     by her truck.

               Cu Yuki walking towards the          YUKI'S POV: Approaching
               Bride.                               the Bride from behind.
                                                    A camera behind Yuki as
                                                    she walks, holding the
                                                    sub-machine gun behind
                                                    her back.

                                       FULL SCREEN

               We stay with Yuki's side as she stops across the street from
               the Bride. During their face-off we only see the Bride at a

               The Bride is in the b.g., back to us packing her trunk, just
               about ready to make a clean getaway...


               Yuki yells to the figure across the street.

                                   YUKI (JAPANESE)
                         Conigute wa!

               We see the back-turned figure of the Bride slightly freeze
               upon hearing the Japanese greeting. Without turning around
               she says;

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)
                         Conigute wa.

                                   YUKI (ENGLISH)

               THRILLER MUSIC begins on the soundtrack.

               The Bride turns around to face the young avenger.

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)
                         Can I help you?

                                   YUKI (JAPANESE)
                         You can kill yourself.

               Yuki giggles.

                                   YUKI (JAPANESE)
                         Taking a trip?

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)
                         I was.

                                   YUKI (JAPANESE)
                         You still are. One way.

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)
                         I know you feel you must avenge
                         your sister. But I beg you...walk

               Yuki giggles.

                                   YUKI (JAPANESE)
                         You call that begging? You can beg
                         better than that.

               Yuki giggles. Then she takes out a flashlight, and switches
               on the beam.

                                   YUKI (JAPANESE)
                         Can I see your face? I've heard
                         your beauty is exquisite. I would
                         like to see for myself.

                                   THE BRIDE (ENGLISH)

               Yuki shines the flashlight beam in the Bride's face.

                                   YUKI (JAPANESE)
                         Ohhhh,...look how pretty your face
                         is. Oooohhh,... I want to touch it.

                                   THE BRIDE

                                   YUKI (JAPANESE)
                         Your face is so pretty, I just want
                         to put both of my palms against
                         your cheeks and give you little
                         tiny kisses.

               Yuki then shines the flashlight up into her own face.

                                   YUKI (JAPANESE)
                         How do I look?

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)
                         Very pretty.

                                   YUKI (JAPANESE)
                         You're just saying that 'cause I
                         told you how pretty you are.

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)
                         Yuki, you're gorgeous.

                                   YUKI (JAPANESE)
                         Really? Is that how you'd describe
                         me to somebody if I wasn't here?
                         Yuki's gorgeous?

                                   THE BRIDE (ENGLISH)
                         You bet.

               Yuki giggles.

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)
                         Don't make me kill you.

                                   YUKI (ENGLISH)

               Yuki removes the Israel sub-machine gun from behind her back
               and FIRES A LOUD INTENSE VOLUME of firepower at The Bride.

               The Bride dives out of her way, just as her yellow pussy
               wagon is demolished by the ammo.

               The Bride, with her samurai sword in her hand, and her
               backpack full of money, takes off running across a couple of
               front lawns...

               Yuki chases her with machine gun fire...

               The Bride LEAPS over a long hedge...disappearing Behind it.

               Yuki runs after her, firing all the way, destroying the

               The Bride darts across the street, she hits the ground and
               rolls under a Volkswagen van.

               Bullet FIRE EXPLODES all around the Bride as she rolls out on
               the other side. She removes her 9mm automatic and returns
               fire from behind the van.

               Yuki yells to her in English;

                                   YUKI (ENGLISH)
                         You think you're safe! I say; Ha!

               She takes out a hand grenade, removes the pin with her teeth,
               and slides it towards the Bride.

               The Bride sees the live hand grenade skidding and sliding on
               the asphalt towards her...

               She takes off the Volkswagen van EXPLODES BEHIND

               She cuts through the backyard of a house -- THE CAMERA TAKING
               OFF WITH HER -- over their fence, in the backyard over the
               fence into another yard. She trips, falling into the other
               house's swimming pool. Instead of splashing around, the Bride
               swims like she was in the Olympics, till she's in the shallow
               end. Without breaking her stride, she runs out of the pool.
               Now with her gun out, the sopping wet Bride gets to the front
               of the house. It's located on a cul de sac.


               Yuki's sports car pulls up at the end of the street.

               Both women see the other.

               Yuki hits the gas, firing her machine gun out the window of
               her car as she speeds down the dead-end street.

               The Bride, runs across lawns and hides behind parked cars on
               the street, as the bullets rip up homes, lawns, and

               When Yuki's car reaches the end of the dead end,...

               She jerks the wheel...

               SPINNING the car around, pointing it in the opposite

               SHE HITS THE GAS AGAIN...


               BULLETS TEAR UP the cars lining the street.

               In the hail of bullets, the Bride tries to fire back.

               Yuki reaches the end of the street and spins the car around.

               She gets ready to make a third pass.

               Some PEOPLE in the house behind the Bride, look out of their
               front door.

               The Bride yells at them;

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Stay in your house and stay down on
                         the floor!

               Yuki speeds after her, but this time she pops the curb and
               drives across the front lawns on the street heading right for

               The Bride runs into the house she's in front of.

               She runs through the living room, to the kitchen and the back
               door, but the kitchen's where the family that lives here is
               hiding and they block the door.

               Yuki's sports car pulls up in front of the house. She stands
               up in the convertible. Takes out a grenade, pulls the pin and

                                   YUKI (JAPANESE)
                         Time for the rabbit to come out of
                         her hole!

               She lobs the grenade up on the porch, then throws herself
               face down on the lawn.

               The porch and the front of the house explodes into splinters.

               Everybody in the kitchen is blown back.

               Realizing there's no getting out of the back door, the Bride
               runs back into the living room that's now missing a wall, and
               runs up the home's staircase leading to the bedrooms.

               Yuki steps into the house, sub-machine gun in hand...

               The Bride makes it to the top of the stairs, and is just
               about to disappear behind the upstairs hallway wall...


               Yuki fires up at her, hitting her twice in the leg.

               The upstairs hallway, two bedroom doorways line both sides of
               the hallway. The Bride crashes to the floor -- SCREAMING --
               blood pours out of her gunshots.

               Yuki charges up the stairs...machine gun blazing, tearing up
               the house.

               The Bride aims her 9mm where she expects Yuki to emerge.

               Yuki gets to the top of the stairs, and steps into the

               The Bride fires...

               The Bride's bullet wings Yuki in the left breast, knocking
               her through a bedroom doorway.

                                   THE BRIDE
                             (to herself)

               Yuki screams like a little girl at the pain. She yells from
               the doorway into the hallway;

                                   YUKI (JAPANESE)
                         You fucking bitch! You shot me in
                         my breast! They're not fully
                         developed yet, you fucking asshole!
                         Now I'm always gonna have a dimple!

               The Bride answers Yuki back with an imitation of Yuki's
               giggle, which makes the youngin blow her top.

                                   YUKI (JAPANESE)
                         Piss me off!

               She fires her machine gun around the corner, tearing up
               everything around the Bride.

               When the young girl stops firing, the Bride yells;

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)
                         Yuki, in about two minutes there's
                         going to be an army of police here.
                         So if you're gonna kill me, now's
                         the time.

               From her hiding place, Yuki snorts a line of baby blue
               powder. It gives her energy.

                                   THE BRIDE (O.S., ENGLISH)
                         So what's it gonna be bitch?

               Slapping a new clip in her machine gun.

                                   YUKI (JAPANESE)
                         That fucking does it!

               Yuki comes around the corner FIRING her machine gun in the
               Bride's direction, ripping up everything around her.

               The Bride lying flat on the floor fires her 9mm.

               The explosion of ammo creates the hysteria of warfare combat.

               Yuki charges the Bride, Kamakazi style.

               Three more bullets rip into the Bride, the Bride fires up at
               Yuki, hitting her three times in the body, knocking her off
               her feet, and sending her tumbling down the stairs.

               The Bride shot up, pulls herself to the top of the stairs.
               She sees Yuki lying at the bottom, dead.

               Yuki's face, dead, eyes closed...then they pop up open...
               Guess what...she's not dead. Though she's bloody and her
               schoolgirl uniform is filled with bullet holes she rises. Her
               head turns in the direction of the Bride...

               The Bride sees this and can't believe it...

               They lock eyes...

               ...Yuki, who no longer has the machine gun, takes out a
               deadly looking knife and snaps it open with a smile that
               builds to a scream...

               She charges up the steps at the Bride.

               The startled Bride fires at her...the 9mm's empty...

               Yuki charging up the steps, yelling, knife raised high...

               The Bride, hurriedly removes the pistol she keeps in her
               ankle holster.

               Yuki chargin...

               The Bride cocks back the hammer...

               ...Yuki charging, getting closer...

               The Bride FIRES

               Bullet hits Yuki, stops her for a quarter of a second, but
               she keeps charging...

               The Bride fires again...

               Yuki jerks but keeps on charging...

               Bride fires...

               Yuki jerks, but keeps charging...

               Bride fires...

               Yuki jerks, keeps chargin, almost at her, knife raised

               The Bride FIRES

               Yuki jerks, but keeps charging, knife ready to do its duty...

               The Bride fires, but her gun jams...

               Yuki leaps on her with the knife...

               They struggle for a moment...


               ...The Bride realizes Yuki's dead. She tosses her to the

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Goddamn, what a wildcat.

               INT. NURSE OWEN'S HOME - NIGHT

               The phone rings and a black woman in a nurse's uniform with a
               name tag on it that reads, "B. Owens," answers the phone.

                                   NURSE OWENS

               CU The Bride
               on her cell phone, a business card in her hand, with a number
               written on the back that says, "B. Owens," and her phone
               number. She's bleeding from her five bullet holes. Sitting in
               a pool of her own blood. She's starting to tremble. We can't
               see where she's at, but it's somewhere surrounded by wood
               planks. The moon shines into the structure.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Hello, I'm calling Nurse Owens --

                                   NURSE OWENS
                         Who is this.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         You don't know me, but --

                                   NURSE OWENS
                         -- And I don't want to neither. Now
                         I don't know how you got my number,
                         but you can just rip that shit up,
                         because --

                                   THE BRIDE
                         -- I've been shot five times --

                                   NURSE OWENS
                         -- Stop, I don't wanna hear no
                         more. I got problems of my own.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         I'm dying.

                                   NURSE OWENS
                         Then bitch, you better call
                         yourself a ambulance, cause I don't
                         do this shit no more.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         I can't call an ambulance.

                                   NURSE OWENS
                         -- No, you can call a ambulance,
                         you just don't want to. But if your
                         ass is really dying, you ain't got
                         no motherfuckin choice.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         I do have a choice, and I'm
                         choosing to call you. If you refuse
                         to help me, I'll die. And that will
                         be your choice.

                                   NURSE OWENS
                         Bitch, I don't even know you!

                                   THE BRIDE
                         What do you need to know? I'm from
                         Earth, I'm a woman, I'm dying, and
                         only you can help me.

               Her last line has an effect on the hard-hearted nurse.

                                   NURSE OWENS
                         Okay, where you at?

                                   THE BRIDE
                         I'm in Hawthorne. I'm hiding in a
                         kids treehouse. It's a street
                         called, "Dimmick". 1-7-3-6 Dimmick
                         Avenue. There's a bunch of police
                         cars and firetrucks, about two
                         blocks away.

                                   NURSE OWENS
                         Whatcha do, crawl two blocks?

                                   THE BRIDE
                         If you can't walk, you better

               Nurse Owens likes that last line.

                                   NURSE OWENS
                         You got you some money dontcha, or
                         am I doin this out of the goodness
                         of my heart?

                                   THE BRIDE
                         You come and get me, today's pay

                                   NURSE OWENS
                         You ain't too far away. You gonna
                         bleed to death I get there in a
                         half a hour?

                                   THE BRIDE

                                   NURSE OWENS
                         Okay, I'll be there in fifteen

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Is that Pacific Standard Time, or

                                   NURSE OWENS
                         Just you better be there when I get
                         there, and you better be shot five
                         times, and your bony ass better be
                         on your last motherfuckin legs.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         How do you know I have a bony ass?

                                   NURSE OWENS
                         You sound like you have a bony ass.

               The Nurse hangs up the phone.

               INT. TREEHOUSE - NIGHT

               The Bride sits in her own blood waiting for Nurse Owens.

               Nurse Owens' head pops up from the door in the floor.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Glad you made it.

                                   NURSE OWENS
                         There's cops all over here, I had
                         to be cool. They tend to notice
                         things like Negroes sneaking around
                         people's backyards.

               The nurse hands the Bride a big bottle of Wild Turkey.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         What's that?

                                   NURSE OWENS
                         This shit's gonna hurt, and I ain't
                         got no anesthetic.
                             (refers to the bottle)
                         So git busy.


               OVERHEAD SHOT
               The Bride laid out on Nurse Owens' kitchen table, while the
               nurse extracts the bullets.

               The Bride screams.

               The TV is turned up loud to hide the screams.

               The fifth slug is placed in an ashtray next to three
               cigarette butts and other balls of lead.

               The Bride, drunk as a skunk, says to her savior;

                                   THE BRIDE
                         That fuckin smarts.

               Smoking her menthol Kool, Nurse Owens says;

                                   NURSE OWENS
                         Yeah, bullets are bad news. In the
                         future, you should avoid them if
                         you can.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         I'll keep that in mind. So, do I
                         have a future?

                                   NURSE OWENS
                         You'll live to kill again.

                                   THE BRIDE

               She passes out.

                                                         FADE TO BLACK.

               BLACK FRAME
               TITLE CARD:

                                       Chapter six

                               "Can she bake a cherry pie."

               EX CU SLOT IN DOOR
               is slid open revealing two male eyes on the other side.

                                   DOORMAN (O.S.)

                                   TWO EYES (O.S.)
                         I heard you had a game?

                                   DOORMAN (O.S.)
                         Who are you?

                                   TWO EYES (O.S.)
                         They call me Bill.

                                   DOORMAN (O.S.)
                         Bill what?

                                   BILL (O.S.)
                         That, no one ever calls me.

               A FEMALE VOICE FROM OFF SCREEN says to the Doorman;

                                   FEMALE VOICE (O.S.)
                         Open the door Alburt, let's see
                         what this Bill looks like.

               The door opens revealing BILL to the other side of the door,
               and for the first time, to the audience. He looks cool.

               INT. HOTEL ROOM - NIGHT

               Bill looks inside and sees a fancy hotel room converted into
               a crap game. A crap table has been erected in the middle of
               the suite. SEVEN MEN stand around the table trying their
               luck. All playing has stopped at the opening of the door.

               One woman in a beautiful black dress, stands at the head of
               the table...It's her game...her name is L.F. O'BOYLE.

               Bill stands in the doorway. ALBURT the doorman, who wears a
               tux, waits for L.F.'s word.

                                   L.F. O'BOYLE
                         Are you a policeman, Bill?

                         Not anymore?

               L.F. laughs.

                         Let him play, Alburt.

               Bill steps inside and the game continues in earnest.

                             (to the players)
                         We now return to the game already
                         in progress. The point is nine
                         gentlemen, nine is the point...

               As Alburt frisks him, Bill takes in the room. There are five
               other men all wearing black tuxedos, all carrying samurai
               swords (as is Alburt), all working for Miss O'Boyle. In his
               hand Bill holds his sheathed Hanzo sword. Referring to the

                         I'll take that.

                         You'll have to.

               The two men stare...

                         Now now boys...Mr. Bill, do you
                         intend to start any shit with that

                         I give you my word of honor, I will
                         start nothing.

                         Good enough for me.
                             (back to game)

                         Miss O'Boyle required a two-hundred
                         dollar membership fee.

                         That's rather pricey.

                         You wanna play for free, go to
                         Vegas. You start now you'll be
                         there by sundown.

               Bill takes out a roll of bills that would choke a rodeo bull
               to death. He peels off two hundred.

                         I think I'll stay here. I'm

                         That way.

               Bill walks over to the suite's bar, a YOUNG WOMAN tends it.


                         Twenty dollars.

                         Twenty dollars for a beer?

                         High cost of living shooter. You
                         don't like it, go to Vegas. You can
                         get a prime rib dinner there for

                         What am I going to do, I'm thirsty. 
                             (throws a 20 on the bar)
                         Pour the beer.

               The Bartender produces a dixie cup, and a can of Budweiser.
               She pops the top and fills the cup, leaving half of the beer
               inside the can. She then offers only the cup to Bill.

                             (pointing to the can)
                         I don't get that?

               The Bartender slowly shakes her head, no.

               He lifts the dixie cup to his lips, and says;


               Bill approaches the table with his dixie cup of beer.

                         Gentlemen, let's see if the new kid
                         in school wants to play right away.
                             (to Bill)
                         How bout it new kid, you wanna
                         handle my bones, or do you just
                         like to watch?

               Dropping his money roll on the table...

                         I came to play.

               Color L.F. impressed.

                         Boys take a look at this man, he's
                         what Webster's calls, a gambler.
                         The dice belong to you , sir.

               With her table stick, she pushes the dice to Bill. He takes
               them and inspects them.

                         I hope you're not implying
                         anything, friend?

                             (as he inspects dice)
                         I'm not implying anything.

               Alburt starts to move from his position by the door.

                         That did it fuckhead, you're out
                         the door --

               L.F. motions him back to his position.

               The players watch L.F. And Bill, an opposite ends of the
               table, trade quips.

               Bill looks from the dice to L.F.

                         You looked me over when I stood in
                         your doorway. I'm looking you over
                         as I step up to your table. If I
                         don't know, I don't throw.

                         Are you satisfied?

                         More or less.

                         I think we're getting into a
                         antagonistic relationship.

                         Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you were
                         trying to take my money, and I was
                         trying to take yours.

                         It's just a game.

               Bill throws ten thousand dollars on the table, the room

                         If you're game, take my bet


               Bill smiles as he rolls the dice in his hand, then
               throws...7...The room reacts...L.F. smiles and pushes the
               money and the dice back to Bill with her stick. He picks up
               his winnings, tosses them back on the table, and says;

                         Shoot it all.

               The room reacts.


               He holds the dice in his fist...and throws...5...

                         The point is five, gentlemen, five
                         is the point.

               Bill throws...5...more reaction...more money...

                         Shoot it all.


               He shoots again, he wins again...

               L.F. MOVES THE MONEY in front of him.

               Bill picks up the stack of moola...L.F. Stands behind her
               table, stick in her hand, eyes on her opponent.

               In the midst of this silence, his beeper goes off. His eyes
               go to it. It reads; ELLE DRIVER.

               He raises his eyes from the beeper to L.F., casually tosses
               the green on the felt and says;

                         Shoot it all.

                         Pretty lucky tonight, huh?

                         Play a game of luck long enough
                         you're bound to meet some lucky

                         You know we've never been properly
                         introduced, I'm L.F. O'Boyle.

                         And I'm not interested.

                         No, you're rude. Why so rude rude
                         boy, I'm only trying to be

                         I didn't come here to make friends.
                         I came here to shoot a little crap.
                         But then your boy over there hits
                         me up for a two hundred dollar
                         privilege to play fee --

                         -- That's a membership fee, good
                         for --

                         -- You and nobody else. You sell at
                         the bar a half can of warm piss, at
                         twenty bucks a shot. How much did
                         the six-pack cost you? 5.60, 5.65?
                         You're greedy O'Boyle. You're just
                         too Goddamn greedy. You know what I
                         like to do when I meet greedy
                         people? Take every fuckin thing
                         they got. Leave em with nothing.

                         So that's your game, you want to
                         teach me a lesson?

                         I wanna burn you down. When I'm
                         through with you, you won't have a
                         pot to piss, or a window to throw
                         it out of. You'll thumb a ride out
                         of L.A. wearing a barrel.

                         I could always save myself this
                         horrible fate by not taking your

                         To be replaced by a different fate.
                         The embarrassing truth that you run
                         a gutless game. I won't forget it.
                         I'm sure these gentlemen won't
                         forget it. I'm sure they'll tell
                         people who won't forget it. And we
                         won't come back. If we don't come
                         back, you won't get our money.
                         Couple of weeks, you won't have a

                         You got a big mouth, lucky boy. And
                         the idea of taking everything
                         you've won away, and sending you
                         out the door with nothing but a red
                         face, is so appealing to me, that I
                         will take your bet. But.....not
                         with those dice.

                         Oooohhh, that's....

                         The house's perogative and you know

               She holds out her palm and two new pair of dice (black) are
               placed in her hand by one of her bodyguards. She sets the
               dice on the table, and moves them in front of Bill with her

               Bill looks down at them.

                         Maybe you would like to change your

                         Yes I would.....Shoot it
                         all.....Against myself.

               His hand scoops the dice off the table.

               He catches the young lady by surprise.


                         Did I stutter, I'm changing my bet.
                         I'm betting I don't make it.

               From the door Alburt says;

                         You can't do that.

                         Oh yes I can. It's the shooter's
                         perogative, and she knows it.


               He throws....


               The spectators go apeshit.

               Bill scoops up his money and looks to the lady who's game he
               just busted.

                         Can I use your phone?

                         Sure it's next to the bed.

               INT. BED AREA OF HOTEL ROOM

               Bill sits on the bed talking with Elle Driver on the phone.

               In the b.g. L.F. is throwing everybody out.

                         Game's over, get out! Get the fuck
                         out! No more tonight, go home....

                             (into phone)
                         Vernita's dead? When?
                         What about her family?
                         Nice to see Kiddo hasn't gone
                         completely apeshit. No idea where
                         she is?
                         Okay that did it, we're going to
                         Texas and talk sense into Budd
                         before (BLEEP) makes him number

               He looks over and L.F. is sitting on the floor of the bed.
               All the players have left, only L.F. and her five tuxedo boys

                         We're going to have a talk about
                         this later.
                         Well, I'm not exactly among friends
                         at the moment.
                             (pause...he laughs)
                         I'll keep that in mind, bye bye.

               He hangs up.

                         Got a nose problem?

                         I said you could use my phone. I
                         didn't say I wouldn't listen.

                         This is true.

                         You didn't burn me down you know?

                         Course not. First rule of any
                         house, ya gotta have LUCKY GUY
                         comes in and wipes the place out

                         If there weren't losers it wouldn't
                         be a game.

               Standing up, folding his winnings into his inside jacket
               pocket, looking at L.F. and her boys, he says;

                         I sincerely hope you mean that.

               Without another word he exits the hotel room.

               Nobody makes a move to stop him.

               L.F. O'Boyle and her henchmen stand still as they wait for
               the sound of the elevator in the hall.

               The Bride's Voice comes on the soundtrack;

                                   THE BRIDE (V.O.)
                         What L.F. O'Boyle didn't know was,
                         the real game was just beginning.
                         Bill was on the job, and she was
                         the target. Now Bill was the
                         greatest assassin of the 20th
                         century. In fact the term HITMAN
                         was coined for him. And he rarely
                         performs actual assassinations
                         anymore. However every once in
                         awhile - to keep his hand in - he
                         does. Only he plays a game. He
                         doesn't start big trouble...he lets
                         them start it. If they do, they're
                         dead. If they don't, not only won't
                         he perform, he'll take the hit off
                         the market. It's kind of fun
                         watching people gamble when they
                         don't know they're gambling, isn't

               They hear the elevator in the hall.

               L.F. O'Boyle tells her men;

                         Get my money back. Don't kill him.
                         Chop off all his fingers.

               Alburt smiles.

               The Five men go out the door.

               INT. HALLWAY HOTEL

               The Five tuxedo-clad bodyguards hit the hallway, only to
               see....BILL, with his Hanzo sword unsheathed, standing at the

               This wasn't expected, they unsheath their swords.

               He Charges at them.

               In the hotel's hallway, Bill cuts through the five men. His
               mastery of the Hanzo sword in his hand is peerless. He cuts
               through the first four rather quickly. The fifth one, Alburt,
               is the most skilled, but he too falls under the master's

               INT. HOTEL ROOM

               L.F. O'Boyle hides in her room, holding a gun, pointed at the
               front door.

               She sits in bushwhack mode, waiting for Bill, or anybody for
               that matter, to step through the doorway.


               The window her back is up against SHATTERS, and a black
               gloved hand reaches inside and GRABS her by her hair, and
               YANKS her out the window.


               Bill on the ledge of the hotel window (the 26th floor),
               outside L.F. O'Boyle's room.

               He's yanked her outside and he's dangling her over the side
               by her hair.

                         Do you know a Jessica?

               L.F. Is too hysterical to answer.

                         Well, she knows you.

               He drops her......

               ............... SHE FALLS....

               ...................................SHE SPLATS.

               Bill watches her all the way down. When he's confident her
               fall was fatal, he leaves the ledge.

                                                         FADE TO BLACK.

               BLACK FRAME
               TITLE CARD:

                                      Chapter seven

                                   "The lonely grave of
                                      Paula Schultz"

               EXT. BUDD'S TRAILER - DAY

               A small camper trailer sits all by its lonesome in the middle
               of a barren Texas wasteland.

               A SUBTITLE APPEARS under this image;

                                       "The city of
                                      Austin Texas."

               A fist knocks on the trailer door.

               It opens, revealing Bill's brother, BUDD. Not the Slick
               Willie Budd with the black suit and the silver-tipped black
               cowboy boots we saw earlier at the wedding chapel massacre.
               No, the Budd we see now is the Budd who climbed into a bottle
               five years ago, got himself comfortable, and decided to live

               Bill, looking like a cool million, stands out in the dirt and
               dust of Budd's lot of land, looking up at his brother in his
               natural habitat. In the B.G. we can see Elle Driver lounging
               in the passenger's seat.

               Budd, surprised by the visitor, says;

                         Great day in the morning. Brother
                         Bill livin up to his familia

                         How ya doin' Budd?

                         Oh, you know my life, Bill, just a
                         mad rush of wild parties and
                         wealthy women.

               Budd squints into the sun at the woman in Bill's ear.

                         Is that that tall blonde one-eyed
                         Viking bitch in the passenger seat?

                         It's Elle. Want to say hello?

                         Never said "bye," can't seem to
                         think of a reason to say, "hi."

               INSERT: INT. - BILL'S CAR
               Elle inside, blasting both the stereo and the air
               conditioner. She watches the brotherly scene play out through
               the car windshield. Obviously there's no love lost between
               Elle and Budd.

                         What'd ya wanna talk about?

                         Are you not going to invite me in?


                         May I ask why not?

                         It stinks in there, that's why. Now
                         what's so important it requires a

                                                               TIME CUT

               The estranged brothers continue their conversation. Budd sits
               in the doorway of his trailer, bottle of jack in his hand.
               Bill stands.

                         You tryin to tell me she cut her
                         way through eighty-eight bodyguards
                         'fore she got to O-Ren?

                         No. There wasn't really eighty
                         eight of them, they just called
                         themselves The Crazy 88.


                         I dunno, I guess they thought it
                         sounded cool. Anyhow, she had about
                         26 or 27 around her when (BLEEP)
                         attacked. They all fell under her
                         Hanzo sword.

               The mention of a Hattori Hanzo sword gets Budd's attention.

                         She got 'er a Hattori Hanzo sword?

               Bill nods his head, "yes."

                         She has a Hanzo Jingi sword.

                         He made her one? Didn't he swear a
                         blood oath never to make another

                         It would appear he's broken it.

               Budd doesn't say anything at first...THEN;

                         Them Japs know how to carry a
                         grudge don't they? Or is it just
                         you tend to bring that out in

                         I know this is a ridiculous
                         question before I ask, but you by
                         any chance haven't kept up with
                         your swordplay?

                         Hell, I pawned that years ago.

                         You pawned a Hattori Hanzo sword?


               The disrespect is pain.

                         It was priceless.

                         Not in El Paso it ain't. In El Pso
                         I got me 250 Dollars for it.

                         Since it was a gift from me, why
                         didn't you offer me the chance to
                         buy it back?

                         Because that would've required me
                         to acknowledge your existence.
                         Drunken bum though I may be, I
                         don't need booze that bad. But who
                         the hell gives a crap anyway. That
                         bitch ain't gittin no Bushido
                         points for killin a white trash
                         piece of shit like me with a
                         samurai sword. I'm a bouncer in a
                         titty bar, Bill. If she wants to
                         fight me, all she gotta do is come
                         down to the Club, start some shit,
                         and we'll be in a a fight.

                         -- Budd, you need to listen to me.
                         I know we haven't spoken for quite
                         some time, and the last time we
                         spoke wasn't the most pleasant. But
                         you need to get over being mad at
                         me, and start becoming afraid of
                         Bea. Because she is coming, and
                         she's coming to kill you. And
                         unless you accept my assistance, I
                         have no doubt she will succeed.

               Budd sees Bill's true concern for his welfare.

               Bill tries to charm his brother.

                         Can't we forget the past, and look
                         at the happy side of all this?

               Budd chuckles.

                         And what would that happy side be?

                         She's brought "the boys" back

               Budd is touched by Bill's concern and chuckles to himself.

                         I appreciate the concern on your
                         face, but there's a difference
                         'tween "the boys", time can't
                         erase. I don't dodge guilt. And I
                         don't Jew outta payin my
                         comeuppance. That woman deserves
                         her revenge. And we deserve to die.
                         But then again, so does she. So I
                         guess we'll just see now, won't we.

               EXT. THE MY-OH-MY-CLUB - DAY

               The My-oh-my Club, is the sleazy titty bar that Budd works
               at. His job is tossin out the riff-raff that's worse than
               him, out on their ear - minus a few of the teeth they had
               when they came in. His beat-to-shit pickup truck pulls up to
               the front, and he climbs out of the automobile.

               INT. THE MY-OH-MY-CLUB - DAY

               Budd walks into the wood-paneled titty bar. No strippin goin
               on yet, just a few BARFLIES drinkin. The owner, TED, yells at
               him as he walks by.

                         You're late, Budd, this shit ain't
                         school, ya know.

               Budd doesn't say anything, he just moves towards the back,
               passing by a STRIPPER serving drinks.

                         Hey, Budd.

                         Hey, Lucky.

               ANOTHER STRIPPER walks out of the ladies' room and says to

                         Hey, Budd, honey, the toilet's at
                         it again. There's shitty water all
                         over the floor.

                         I'll take care of it, Suzie Pie.

               EXT. THE MY-OH-MY-CLUB - NIGHT

               A brand new, enormous red pickup truck pulls into the parking
               lot and stops.

               The BRIDE
               sits behind the wheel, looking at the bar and the bar's front
               door. Using the rearview as a mirror, she grabs her long
               blonde hair and pulls it back to a ponytail with a
               rubberband. Then places a baseball cap on the top of her
               noggin that reads, "STUBB'S BAR B-Q." She steps out of the
               truck's cab. She's dressed like a little Texas two-stepper.
               Levi's, cowboy boots, and a "HARLEY DAVIDSON: LOUD AND PROUD"

               INT. THE MY-OH-MY-CLUB - NIGHT

               The Bride walks into the club just as the band on stage
               explodes into honky tonk guitar. She walks up to the bar and
               oders a;

                                   THE BRIDE 

               The BARTENDER gives her a beer bottle of Shiner Bock. As she
               drinks the Texas brew...SHE....

               ...Watches the BAND....

               ...The crowd...

               ...Looking for Budd among the crowd...

               ...She sees him...

               ...He's the bouncer...

               ...She observes him...

               ...he's sitting on a stool, observing the crowd, moving his
               head to the music...

               SHAW BROTHERS ZOOM into her eyes; VENGEANCE THEME plays on
               the soundtrack.

               Her hand removes her sog from its sheath. She moves through
               the crowd of Texas two-steppers, sog in hand, towards Budd
               sitting oblivious on his stool....


               Suddenly a BIG COWBOY stands up from his table -- spilling
               every bottle and glass on it -- and BARFS all over.

               Budd curses to himself, and heads over to the disaster area.

               The Bride...observes Him...CLEAN UP THE PUKE.

               EXT. TEXAS HIGHWAY - NIGHT

               As the music from above continues, we see Budd driving his
               pickup on an empty highway home from work.

               He passes by The Bride's new red pussy wagon parked on the
               side of the road. After he whizzes by, she starts up the
               motor, but doesn't turn the lights on. She follows him,
               hanging way back in the dark.

               Budd driving, not seeing the automobile cloaked in darkness,
               trailing him.


               Budd pulls his pickup truck in front of his small camper
               home. He walks inside, shutting the door behind him.

               The Bride rolls to a stop...Observing the lonely trailer out
               of her windshield...

               Texas tear-ass music begins coming out of the camper....We
               see his figure pass the camper window, once or twice.

               The Bride chooses her weapon -- Hattori Hanzo's samurai

               She doesn't say anything, nor will an actress of Uma
               Thurman's caliber indicate her feelings, but the astute
               member of the audience will read the significance of her
               choice. His current status be damned, the Budd who owes The
               Bride satisfaction was a warrior. And it's that Budd she
               intends to send to his maker.

               She takes a black stocking cap, and slips it on top of her
               skull, tucking her blonde hair underneath...


               ...Rubs black make-up under both eyes, on top of both
               eyelids, and down the bridge of her nose...


               Disconnects the cab lights above her, opens the truck door,
               and slips out unseen into the Austin Texas night air.


               On her belly, Hattori Hanzo sword in sheath in hand, she
               crawls across the desert floor towards Budd's trailer.


               Somewhere in the vast outdoors a cat jumps on a rat. Their
               fight makes a LOUD racket.

               The Bride stops and buries her face in the dirt.

               From inside the trailer, we hear the needle being lifted off
               the phonograph.

               From a distance we see: The shadowy figure of Budd looking
               out the window of the camper.

               The Bride keeps her face in the dirt.

               The figure of Budd at the window, seems to dismiss the sound
               he heard for what it was -- a rat meeting its end at the
               claws of a cat.

               The curtain closes again.

               The needle is placed back on the phonograph.

               CU The BRIDE
               face in the dirt...One Mississippi...Two Mississippi...her
               eyes look up towards the trailer...All's clear...She begins
               crawling towards the trailer again.

               ...She's now right outside the trailer home...We can hear the
               sound of Budd sitting in a chair rocking back and forth.

               She hears the sound of a screw top unscrewed...The sound of
               pouring in a glass...The sound of a glass being laid heavy on
               a table.

               Crouched low on the balls of her feet, she, with great care,
               slowly and silently unsheathes her Hanzo sword.

               Through the bottom slit in the door, she sees the distorted
               image of Budd's feet on the floor.

               She slowly rises...removes her black stocking cap...blonde
               hair falls around her shoulders...sword in right hand...left
               hand grabs the front doorknob...

               QUICK as a Texas lizard on glass -- She brings the sword's
               handle down hard on the door lock --

               EX CU Cheap Lock Busting.

               She flings the front door open...

               The BRIDE'S POV:
               Brother Budd sitting calmly in a rocking chair, moving back
               and forth to the Texas twang on his turntable, cradling a
               DOUBLE-BARREL SHOTGUN aimed right at The Bride.

               SERGIO LEONE CU:
               The Bride Blinks.

               Both barrels BLAST in our face.

               The BRIDE
               standing in the doorway is HIT SMACK DAB in the chest, and

               Landing hard on her back in the dirt.

               Budd casually rises from his rocking chair and lifts the
               needle off the phonograph, cutting off the music.

               Then with shotgun in hand, stands in the doorway of the
               trailer looking down at The Bride.

               BUDD'S POV:
               The Bride laid out in the dirt below him -- Sword separated
               from her grasp -- Bloody mess down her front -- Groan from
               her throat.

               Budd steps down from the trailer onto the dirt, standing over
               The Bride.

                         Bet your sweet ass that don't sting
                         like a bitch.

               More groans coming out of The blood splattered Bride.

                         You done got a double dose of rock
                         salt, right in the ole tit.
                         Now not havin tits as fine or as
                         big as yours, I can't even imagine
                         how bad that shit stings...

               He lowers down on his haunchers, over her.

                         ...But I don't wont to neather.

               The Bride, hurting and incapacitated from the shotgun blast,
               still nevertheless defiant, SPITS a gob of bloody saliva,
               right in ole Budd's face.

               Budd, gob of spit running down on his cheek and nose. The
               cowboy removes a red bandana from his back pocket, and wipes
               away the goo. Then his eyeballs go down to the spitter.

                         Now I know when it comes to a rock
                         salt burn, you're feelin pretty
                         much like a expert bout now. But
                         truth be told, you ain't felt all
                         rock salt's got to offer till you
                         took a double dose in your

               With the help of his cowboy boot he rolls The Bride over onto
               her stomach, exposing her butt.

               SNAPPING the barrel closed, he takes aim and FIRES both
               barrels -- EXECUTION STYLE -- right into her keister.

               The Bride does the one thing she has yet to do with any
               opponent during the movie up till now. Her head rears back
               and she lets out a SCREAM!

                         That gentled ya down, didn't it?
                         Yep...ain't nobody a badass with
                         two barrels of rock salt dug deep
                         in their backyard.


               Almost mercifully, the man once known as "Sidewinder," sticks
               a syringe in her arm, dropping her unconscious.


               Knocking down a swig of Jack Daniels, he removes a small
               silver cell phone from his pants pocket, raises the antenna,
               and presses one button on the panel.

               INT. ELLE DRIVER'S GYM - NIGHT

               The six-foot tall, long-haired blonde with the codename
               "California Mountain Snake," is doing a savage boxing workout
               with her COACH.

               This is one white bitch who can kick some serious FUCKIN ass.
               With one mighty blow from her huge right arm (synched to the
               sound of a CAR CRASH), her boxing Coach buys the farm.

               Elle on cell phone. We cut Back and Forth.


                         Wrong brother, you hateful bitch.



                         And what do I owe this dubious

                         I just caught me the cowgirl, ain't
                         never been caught.

               This gets Elle's attention.

                         Do you mean what I think you mean?

                         If you think I mean I got 'er, you
                         thought right.

                         Did you kill her?

                         Not yet I ain't. But I can sure do
                         it easy enough. She's so gentle
                         right now, I could preform her coup
                         de grace with a rock.

                         What are you waiting for, run outta
                         liquid courage.

                         No. It's just...I ain't killed
                         nobody in a long Goddamn time. And
                         just 'tween you, me, and Jesus
                         Christ, kinda made me a promise I
                         wasn't gonna. Be that however it
                         is. Back when I did kill people...I
                         got paid for it. Just don't seem
                         right...turn amateur this time of

               We stay on Elle's side for the following exchange.

                                   BUDD (O.S.)
                         Anywho, guess what I'm holdin in my
                         hand right now.

               We cut back to Budd's side. And what he's holding is The
               Bride's Hattori Hanzo sword.

                         A brand spankin new Hattori Hanzo
                         sword. And I'm here to tell ya
                         Elle, that's what I call sharp.

                         How much?

                         Oh, that's hard to say. Seein it's
                         priceless and all.

                         I'll give you a hundred thousand
                         dollars for it.

                         I'm sure you would. But I'll take,
                         one million.

                         Jeez Budd, who'd ever guess you
                         were such a capitalist. I thought
                         drunks like yourself were beyond
                         such monetary concerns?

                         Well Elle, a million dollars buys a
                         whole lotta Jack.

                         Why then are you selling it to a
                         hateful bitch like me, when you
                         know Bill would pay more?

                         If I'm gonna drink myself to death,
                won't be on Bill's dollar.
                         It's gonna be on yours.

                         What's the terms?

                         You buy a ticket to Texas, and I'll
                         see you here tomorrow mornin. You
                         give me a million in foldin cash,
                         I'll give you the greatest sword
                         ever made by a man. How's that

                         Sounds like we got a deal. One


                         You kill her tonight.
                         And one more thing.

                         You said one condition.

                         It's a caveat to the same


                         She must suffer to her last breath.

                         That Elle darlin, I can pretty
                         damwell guarantee.

                         Then I'll see you in the morning

                                                                CUT TO:


               We look down on a spooky Texas graveyard...
               Tombstones...Graves...Dirt...Low-hanging fog. This could be
               the opening shot of a Texas zombie movie. We also see TWO MEN
               WITH SHOVELS (one which is Budd, the other which is ERNIE)
               digging up a grave. Budd's beat-to-shit pickup is in the shot
               too. Its headlight beams shining on the two men. And last but
               not least, The Bride, bound and gagged, lying in the flatbed
               of Budd's pickup.

               The BRIDE
               She begins to come to from the shot in her arm.
               Some dried blood lies caked around her wounds. Rope binds her
               wrists tightly together in front of her.

               A big leather cowboy belt is wrapped tight around her cherry
               brown cowboy boots. Her eyelids flutter open...and she sees
               stars. A giant, black Texas night sky full of them.

               She has no idea where she is.

               She turns her head to the left and sees,

               Back window and Cab of truck.

               She turns her head to the right and sees,

               Hatch Gate to flatbed.

               She listens...she hears,

               Crickets...The sound of Two Men Digging...One of the Men says
               something to the other in Spanish...


               She hears one of the Shovels HIT something buried...

               The Two Men speak to each other in Unsubtitled Spanish...


               We hear them Lifting something heavy, we might assume is a
               coffin. The Bride however knows not what to think.

               BOOM...They set it down.

               She hears boots approaching the flatbed, The crunching of
               leaves leading in her direction...


               With a CLANG and a SCRAPE the latches on the Gate of the
               flatbed are Yanked Out, and it lowers open with a CRASH.
               Revealing Budd, looking down on her.

                         Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey.

               The grabs her by her collar, and yanks her out of the truck.

               She FALLS to the dirt HARD.

               Once in the dirt, The Bride sees an Old Coffin that's been
               dup up.
               Next to it is a brand new pine box coffin, straight out of
               "Fistful of Dollars." And a freshly dug grave, with a pile of
               dirt next to it, in front of an old tombstone that reads;
               "PAULA SCHULTZ."

               Budd and Ernie stand over her.

               The Bride just GLARES up at the two tormentors, with the only
               weapon she has left, the contempt in her stare.

               Budd turns to Ernie and says in SPANISH, subtitled in

                                   BUDD (SPANISH)
                         Look at those eyes. This bitch is
                         furious. You grab her feet, I'll
                         get her head.
                         Got anything to say?

               The Bride knows how these fiends derive satisfaction, and she
               won't give it to them.

                                   BUDD (SPANISH)
                         In America white women call this
                         the silent treatment.
                         And we let 'em think, we don't like

               The two fiends laugh, then bend down to lift The Bride and
               carry her over to the pine box. She struggles with her bound
               legs and arms...Both men DROP her to the ground. Budd whips
               out a can of mace from his pocket.

                         Hey hey hey, wiggle worm, look at

               He holds the can of mace spray by her eyes. She stops. Her
               eyes go to the nozzle of the spray can, then to Budd.

                         Looky here bitch, this is a can of
                         mace. Now you're goin underground
                         tonight, and that's all there is to
                         it. But, when I bury ya, I was
                         gonna bury you with this.

               He removes a flashlight from behind his back and turns on the

                         But if you're gonna act like a
                         horse's ass, I'll spray this whole
                         Goddamn can in your eyeballs. Then
                         you'll be blind, burnin, and buried
                         alive. So what's it gonna be

               Her eyes move to the right, indicating the flashlight.

                         You may be stupid, but at least you
                         ain't bloody stupid.

               The two men lift up The Bride, and carry her over to the pine
               box and place her in.

               Budd puts the flashlight inside.

               He picks up the pine lid, and is just about to place it over
               the coffin...


               ...He locks eyeballs with The Bride...

               ...her eyes hold his for as long as she can,


               ...he places the lid over her face, closing the coffin.


               ...with a hammer and nails the two men seal the coffin shut.

               INT. PINE BOX

               Dark, excerpt for the cracks of light seeping through between
               the lid and the box. However with each nail pounded in, more
               lights is cut off...


               ...the only light left, is the crack by The Bride's head. The
               last hammered nail obliterates that light source.

               The Bride lies in TOTAL DARKNESS.

               EXT. CEMETERY - NIGHT

               The two men lift the pine box, and set it in the grave.

               Budd scoops up a shovel full of dirt...

               INT. PINE BOX

               EX CU HER FINGERS turn on the flashlight.

               CU The BRIDE
               LIT by the flashlight beam...


               ...a shovel of dirt has just landed hard on the lid, making
               The Bride jump...


               ...More dirt. She reacts again.


               The dirt just keeps falling, the bams becoming softer with
               each new shovelful.

               The Bride is starting to perspire...her breathing becoming
               more rapid and panicked...her heartbeat begins to echo inside
               the pine box.

               We've never seen her like this before.

               She's starting to lose it...She lets out a SCREAM...She
               SCREAMS again...Her bound-at-the-wrist hands move to the
               lid...She pounds on it...Her bound feet kick up at it...She
               starts to cry...She's getting hysterical...Her fingers begin
               clawing at the wood lid...


               They're ripped open and bleeding...

               Leaving Blood Trails on the wood.


               She exhausts herself. All this while, she's been screaming
               the words we can't even imagine coming out of her mouth;

                                   THE BRIDE 
                         Help me.

               The Bride halts her hysteria.

               She wipes her eyes, and runs her hands down her face,
               mentally sending the little girl she became, back to wherever
               she came from. The woman we know as The Bride is back. She
               talks to herself.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Well, now that you've had a nice,
                         good cry, let's figure out how to
                         get out of here? You're breathing
                         like you just been fuckin. Calm
                         down...close your mouth, and start
                         breathing short breaths, through
                         your nose.

               She does. The Bride continues in VO;

                                   THE BRIDE (V.O.)
                         That's a lot better. But you're
                         still too agitated. Can you hear
                         your heart? It's like I'm buried
                         alive with Buddy Rich. Turn off
                         that flashlight.

               Fear comes into her voice as she combats herself.

                                   THE BRIDE (V.O.)
                         No! I can't turn off the light. Yes
                         you can. The darkness will have a
                         calming effect. Now turn off that
                         fucking light.

               She does. The screen goes Jet Black

               EXT. CEMETERY - NIGHT

               Budd and Ernie are finished filling the grave. The old
               coffin, with the body of Paula Schultz, in the back of the
               flatbed. Before they climb into the truck and drive away,
               Budd lays a dozen red roses on The Bride's grave.


               Budd behind the wheel. Ernie in the passenger's seat. Car
               radio playing Mexican music. Budd's silver cell phone rings.

                             (into phone)

               INT. AIRPLANE (FLYING) - NIGHT

               Elle Driver sits in a seat on a passenger jet enroute to the
               great state of Texas. She calls Budd on the airplane phone.

                         Didja do it?

                         Elle darlin, she's sufferin as we

               A smile spreads across Elle's face. She rests her head back
               against the seat's headrest. Her eyelids close. She slightly
               parts her lips...and lets out a;


               This is the face of satisfaction.

                                                         FADE TO BLACK.

               BLACK FRAME
               TITLE APPEARS:

                                      Chapter eight

                                   "The cruel tutelage
                                       of Pai Mei"

               FADE UP ON

               EXT. MOUNTAIN RANGE - CHINA - DAY

               We see a beautiful mountain range in the middle of China.

                            "SMACK DAB IN THE MIDDLE OF CHINA"

               A VOICE OVER SPOKEN BY BILL, tells us a story over this

                                   BILL (V.O.)
                         Once upon a time in China, some
                         believe around the year, one-double

               As Bill tells this story, it will be illustrated On Screen by
               footage from Old Shaw Brothers Martial arts flicks of the
               70's. Especially Films that feature Chinese Actor LO LIEH as
               the old, white-haired, white-eyebrowed Villian "PAI MEI."

                                   BILL (V.O.; CONT'D)
                         ...head priest of The White Lotus
                         Clan, Pai Mei, was walking down the
                         road, contemplating whatever a man
                         with Pai Mei's infinite power would
                         contemplate -- Which is another way
                         of saying, who knows. When, a
                         Shaolin monk appeared on the road
                         traveling in the opposite
                         direction. As the monk and the
                         priest crossed paths...Pai Mei --
                         in a practically unfathomable
                         display of generosity, gave the
                         monk the slightest of nods. The
                         nod, was not returned. Was it the
                         intention of the Shaolin monk to
                         insult Pai Mei? Or, did he just
                         fail to see the generous social
                         The motives of the monk, remain,
                         unknown. What is known, were the
                         consequences. The next morning Pai
                         Mei appeared at the Shaolin Temple,
                         and demanded that the temple's head
                         Abbot offer Pai Mei his neck, to
                         repay the insult. The Abbot, at
                         first, tried to console Pai Mei,
                         only to find, Pai Mei was
                         inconsolable. So began, the
                         massacre of the Shaolin Temple, and
                         all sixty of the monks inside, at
                         the fists of the White Lotus. And
                         so began, the legend of Pai Mei's
                         Ten-Point Palm - Exploding Heart

                                   THE BRIDE (V.O.)
                         What praytell, is a ten-point palm -
                         exploding heart technique?

                                   BILL (V.O.)
                         Quite simply, the deadliest blow in
                         all of the martial arts. He hits
                         you with his fingertips, at ten
                         different pressure points on your
                         body. And then, he lets you walk
                         away. But once you've taken five
                         steps, your heart explodes inside
                         your body, and you fall to the
                         floor dead.

               We see on screen Pai Mei demonstrate this technique on five
               shaolin monks. Who after being hit...take five steps...then
               fall to the floor dead.

               EXT. JEEP (MOVING) - DAY

               Bill and The Bride, years earlier, driving in a jeep through
               the mountains of China, enroute to PAI MEI's.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Did he teach you that?

                         No. He teaches no one the ten-point
                         palm - exploding heart technique.
                         But he is Nietzsche's psalm
                         personified. If Pai Mei doesn't
                         kill you, he will make you
                         stronger. Now one of the things I
                         always liked about you, Kiddo, is
                         you appear wise beyond your years.
                         Then allow me to impart, a word to
                         the wise. Whatever - WHAT - EVER -
                         Pai Mei says, Obey. If you flash
                         him - even for an instant - a
                         defiant eye, he'll pluck it out.
                         And if you throw any American sass
                         his way, he will snap your back and
                         your neck like they were twigs, and
                         that will be the story of you.


               The Bride sits in the jeep, by herself, parked in front of
               the Priest Pai Mei's home located high up on top of White
               Lotus Mountain.

               For over 100 years, his home used to be the temple of the
               White Lotus Clan, and he was the temple's head priest. The
               temple served as a home to over 60 priests and disciples. But
               now - the year 1990 - the White Lotus Clan is no more. All
               the priests have died. All that remains, is a very old man,
               who once upon a time, some worshipped as a god and some
               feared as a devil...neither was wrong.

               A huge stone staircase of one hundred steps climb up a hill
               leading to Pei Mei's home. Bill climbs down to the jeep.

                         He'll accept you as his student.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Caught him in a good mood, aye?

                         More like a sadistic one.

               She climbs out, and gets her bag out of the back.

               Bill casts a glance at the stone steps he just decended.

                         Just seeing those steps again makes
                         me ache. You're gonna have plenty
                         of fun carrying buckets of water up
                         and down that fucker.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Why did he accept me?

                         Because he's a very very very old
                         man. And like all rotten bastards,
                         when they get old, they become
                         lonely. Not that that has any
                         effect on their disposition. But
                         they do learn the value of company.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         When will I see you again?

                         That's the title of my favorite
                         soul song of the Seventies.

                                   THE BRIDE

                         Nothing. When he tells me you're

                                   THE BRIDE
                         When do you think that might be?

                         That my dearest, all depends on
                         you. Now remember, no backtalk, no
                         Least not for the first year.
                         You're going to have to let him
                         warm up for you. He hates
                         Caucasians, despises Americans, and
                         has nothing but contempt for women,
                         so in your case, that may take a
                         little while. Adios.


               The jeep speeds off down the road...leaving the Bride all
               alone, somewhere in the middle of China.

               She begins the journey before her by ascending the 100 steps
               to Pai Mei.


               The huge temple is exactly like it must have been a hundred
               years ago, except now it's empty and dusty.

               The Bride enters, She's winded from climbing up those fuckin

                                   THE BRIDE

               Her Voice ECHOES in the cavernous temple.

               PAI MEI's VOICE ECHOES back;

                                   PAI MEI'S VOICE (O.S.)
                         Up the stairs, yankee woman!

               A beautiful (but dusty) Mahagony staircase leads to Pai Mei's
               private chamber.

                                   THE BRIDE
                             (to herself)
                         More stairs, Jesus Christ.

               The still unseen Man's voice BOOMS back;

                                   PAI MEI'S VOICE (O.S.)
                         If it is Christ you seek, turn back

               She climbs the wooden staircase.


               PAI MEI'S POV: We see through Pei Mei's pupils, through a
               sheer scarlet scrim that hangs down in front of his sitting
               area. The Bride enters the room.

               She approaches the old man, reaches the edge of his sitting
               area in front of the scrim, lowers to one knee and bows her

               * From here on end, whenever ENGLISH is spoken by The Bride,
               or every once in awhile by Pai Mei, it will be spoken in 
               ENGLISH IN LIVE SYNCH SOUND. However, whenever MANDARIN is
               supposedly spoken, it comes out of their mouths as DUBBED
               ENGLISH like in a 70's Shaw Brothers Chop Socky Flick.

                                   THE BRIDE *
                         Teacher, I am unworthy to be your
                         student --

               Pai Mei is still unseen.

                                   PAI MEI'S VOICE *
                         Your Mandarin is lousy. I can't
                         understand a single word you say.
                         It causes my ears discomfort. You
                         are not to speak unless spoken to.
                         Do you understand Mandarin any
                         better than you speak it?

                                   THE BRIDE *
                         I speak Japanese very well --

                                   PAI MEI'S VOICE *
                         I didn't ask if you speak Japanese,
                         or Mongolian, for that matter. I
                         asked if you understand Mandarin?

                                   THE BRIDE *
                         A little, I am still learning.

                                   PAI MEI'S VOICE *
                         You are here to learn the mysteries
                         of Kung Fu, not linguistics. If you
                         can't understand me, I will
                         communicate with you like I would a
                         dog. When I yell, when I point,
                         When I beat you with my stick!

               Her head remains bowed, eyes to the floor.

               WE CUT TO PAI MEI
               He's just like he was in the films earlier. Long White Hair,
               Long White Beard, Long White Eyebrowes, same long flowing
               White Robe. Everything's the same, except he's older, by
               about a hundred years. He sits stone still in his sitting
               area on the other side of the sheer scarlet scrim.

                                   PAI MEI *
                         Bill is your master, is he not?

                                   THE BRIDE *
                         Yes, he is.

                                   PAI MEI *
                         Your master tells me you're not
                         entirely unschooled. What training
                         do you possess?

                                   THE BRIDE *
                         I am proficient in a combination of
                         Tiger and Crane style. And I am
                         more than proficient in the
                         exquisite art of the Samurai Sword.

                                   PAI MEI *
                             (he makes a SNORTING
                         The exquisite art of the samurai
                         sword. Don't make me laugh. Your so
                         called exquisite art, is only fit
                         for Japanese fat heads. You really
                         are a silly ass.

               This brings up The Bride's eye...She GLARES at the old man.

                                   PAI MEI *
                         Impudent dog! You dare glare at me!

               She lowers her eyes.

                                   THE BRIDE *
                         I'm sorry master --

                                   PAI MEI *
                         -- Silence! I do not wish to hear
                         your unintelligible excuses.



               Pai Mei softly LAUGHS to himself, and strokes his long white

                                   PAI MEI *
                         Your anger amuses me. Do you
                         believe you are my match?

                                   THE BRIDE *

                                   PAI MEI *
                         Are you aware I kill at will?

                                   THE BRIDE *

                                   PAI MEI *
                         Is it your wish to die?

                                   THE BRIDE *

                                   PAI MEI *
                         Then you must be stupid. Rise
                         stupid, and let me get a better
                         look at your ridiculous face.

               She rises.

               CU The BRIDE
               through the scrim, eyes down.

               Pai Mei laughs to himself again;

                                   PAI MEI *
                         You breathe hard. The one hundred
                         steps robbed you of your wind. So
                         your stupidity is matched only by
                         your weakness. Is there anything
                         you do well? -- Oh yes, you speak
                         Japanese. I despise the Goddamn
                         Japs. I would of thought an
                         American would be immune to their
                         pompous posturing. Apparently I was
                         wrong. Go to that drawer.

               The blonde woman goes to a large wooden drawer. She opens the
               drawer; it's filled with just about every type of edged

                                   PAI MEI *
                         Remove the sword.

               The Bride removes a large heavy steel Chinese Sword.

               Pai Mei rises from his sitting position, for the first time,
               parts the scrim, and approaches the Bride.

                                   PAI MEI *
                         Let's see how good you really are.
                         Try and land a blow. If you land a
                         single blow, I'll bow down and call
                         you master.

               The Bride doesn't need a second invitation, she ATTACKS with
               the sword.

               He deftly moves out of the way.

               The fighting style is now like an old Shaw Brothers film,
               with Pai Mei dodging at will all of her rapid sword slashes.

               Quick and skillful as her moves are, they're also full of
               Effort and Frustration. While Pai Mei effortlessly moves out
               of the sword's path.

               He's amused, and Speaks while they fight;

                                   PAI MEI *
                         Come now woman, can't you even hit
                         an old man?

               She tries more...

                                   PAI MEI *
                         Your ability really is quite poor.

               He STRIKES her with a blow to her chest, delivered with an
               open palm, that sends her flying back hard against the wall.
               She clutches her chest, and coughs up some blood.

               Pai Mei laughs as he strokes his long white beard.

                                   PAI MEI *
                         Ha ha ha ha ha! I've fought
                         cripples who posed more of a
                         challenge. Now fight, goddamn you!

               She ATTACKS with a wild cat's fury.

               He HOPS and DUCKS and DODGES her sword easily.

               He LEAPS HIGH UP IN THE AIR, and LANDS STANDING on the Blade
               of her Sword.

               The Bride looks down the blade of her sword and can't believe

               Pai Mei smiles at her and says;

                                   PAI MEI *
                         From here you can get an excellent
                         view of my foot.

               He does a BACKFLIP off the sword, kicking the Bride in the
               face in mid-somersault sending her CRASHING THROUGH A WOOD

               The Bride emerges from the hole in the wall.

               Pai Mei stands waiting for her, TWIRLING THE SWORD in his
               hand like a cheerleader twirling a baton, till the twirling
               STOPS. The sword's handle is pointed towards the Bride.

                                   PAI MEI *
                         Give up? Or care to try again?

               The BRIDE'S FACE
               shows determination. Not to win, not even to land a blow,
               that she knows is impossible. This man's ability is truly
               amazing. However be that as it may, she's determined not to
               quit, and through not quitting, she's determined to
               distinguish herself in his some way.

               She takes the sword from him and tries again.

               But this time, Pai Mei keeps grabbing her arm that holds the
               sword, manipulating it into positions that would do the young
               girl harm...Like bringing the blade up against her other
               arm...Poised to cut it Off.

                                   PAI MEI *
                         That blade's sharp. Careful not to
                         cut off your own arm.

               ...Then he TWISTS her arm, till the blade's against her own

               ...Then TWISTS again till it's against her hip...

               ...Then TWISTS again while KICKING her leg, till the blade's
               edge is against her thigh...

                                   PAI MEI *
                         If you can't fight any better than
                         that, what use do you have for a

               He lets go of her arms, she swings furiously at him...

               ...he calmly SPINS out of the way. Then, he KICKS her in the
               stomach, doubling her over, then he brings the Sword between
               her legs, Blade Edge against her Crotch.

                                   PAI MEI *
                         Now that really would be a shame.

               He takes the sword from her grasp...

               SWINGS once...

               The BLADES's against her jugular.

               He SWINGS twice...

               The BLADE's against the pocket of her throat.

               He SWINGS a third time...

               The BLADE's against the nipple of her right breast.

                                   PAI MEI *
                         Your swordsmanship is amateur at

               He tosses the sword in the air, catching it by the tip of the
               blade. Then like a mallet, brings the handle end down hard on
               the top of The Bride's head. She lets out a howl, and falls
               to the floor, holding the lump on her noggin.

                                   PAI MEI *
                         I'm a hundred and fifty years old,
                         and you can't even make me break a

               He CHOPS the sword in half with his hand.

                                   PAI MEI *
                         Let's see your Tiger and Crane
                         style match my Eagles's Claw.

               Again she ATTACKS...again he eludes.

               Like a Gordon Liu and Lo Lieh film, they do their animal
               style martial arts dance.

               As she STRIKES and he BLOCKS...he yells out;

                                   PAI MEI *
                         idiot, you should've landed that
                call that crane?...
                         Enough, I grow bored.

               With little effort on his part, he reaches out and GRABS her
               wrist, TWISTS...She's on the floor, with her arm stuck out in
               the air behind her, her wrist still between his fingers. He
               could literally break her arm in half.

                                   PAI MEI *
                         I asked you to show me what you
                         know, and you did. Not a goddamn

               He TWISTS her wrist...

               ...The pain is excruciating.....

                                   PAI MEI *
                         Like all yankee women, the only
                         thing you know how to do is order
                         in restaurants and spend a man's

               He TWISTS more...

               She CRIES OUT.

                                   PAI MEI *
                         Excruciating isn't it? I asked you
                         a question!

               Through gritted teeth, she answers;

                                   THE BRIDE *

                                   PAI MEI *
                         I could chop off your arm at will.
                         I think I shall.

               He raises his other hand to chop off her arm.

               The Bride SCREAMS in ENGLISH;

                                   THE BRIDE
                         No please don't!

                                   PAI MEI *
                         If you wish to speak romantic
                         languages, you've come to the wrong

                                   THE BRIDE * 
                         Please don't cut my arm off!

                                   PAI MEI *
                         It's my arm now. I can do with it
                         what I please. If you can stop me,
                         I suggest you try.

                                   THE BRIDE *
                         I can't!

                                   PAI MEI *
                         Because you're helpless?

                                   THE BRIDE *

                                   PAI MEI *
                         Have you ever felt this before?

                                   THE BRIDE *

                                   PAI MEI *
                         Compared to me you're as helpless
                         as a worm fighting an eagle, aren't

                                   THE BRIDE *

                                   PAI MEI *
                         THAT'S THE BEGGING!

               He lets go of her wrist. She cradles her still-throbbing arm.

                                   PAI MEI *
                         Is it your wish to learn how to
                         make others as helpless as you

                                   THE BRIDE *

                                   PAI MEI *
                         Can you cook?

                                   THE BRIDE *

                                   PAI MEI *
                         I'll be the judge of that.
                         Draw me a bath...your training will
                         begin tomorrow. That arm is still
                         mine. You may lose it yet.

                                                               TIME CUT

               EXT. WHITE LOTUS TEMPLE - DAY

               Pai Mei stands in front of a wood wall three inches in front
               of him. His right fist is cocked back by his breastplate,
               he's concentrating on a certain spot on the wall.

               The Bride stands behind him, watching.

               He lets out a SCREAM, and puts his fist THROUGH THE WALL.

               He turns to the new student;

                                   PAI MEI *
                         Since your arm now belongs to me, I
                         want it strong. Can you do that?

                                   THE BRIDE *
                         I can, but not that close.

                                   PAI MEI *
                         Then you can't do it.

                                   THE BRIDE *
                         I can put my hand through that at
                         six inches.

                                   PAI MEI *
                         And you could shoot a man from a
                         rooftop with a scope-sight rifle,
                         if you so desired, but this is not
                         what I asked. What if your enemy is
                         three inches in front of you, what
                         do you do then? Curl into a ball?
                         Or do you put your fist through

               He HITS the wall again leaving another hole.

                                   PAI MEI *
                         Now begin.

               The Bride takes her place in front of the wall. She HITS it.
               Only managing to stain the wall with the blood from her
               scraped knuckles. Then again. And again....

               INT. DINNER TABLE - NIGHT

               Both Pai Mei and The Bride sit at the dinner table. Pai Mei
               concentrates on eating. The Bride's hand is scraped bloody.
               She tries to eat a bowl of rice with chopsticks, but her
               fingers won't work. She puts down the sticks and takes a
               scoop of rice with her fingers.

               Pai Mei WHACKS her on top of her head with his stick.

                                   PAI MEI *
                         If you want to eat like a dog, I
                         will make you live and sleep like a
                         dog. Outside. If you want to live
                         and sleep like a human being, pick
                         up those sticks.

               She does.

               THE WOOD WALL

               The Bride HITTING it.

               She looks at her fucked-up hand, then to the wall,
               hesitating....Then Pai Mei's behind her.

                                   PAI MEI *
                         It's the wood that should fear your
                         hand, not the other way around. No
                         wonder you can't do it, you
                         acquiesce to defeat before you even

               He walks off in a huff.

               EXT. PIT - DAY

               Pai Mei and The Bride stand at the edge of a large, round
               deep pit, dug in the earth (by the Bride).

                                   PAI MEI *
                         In that pit, is a rat.

               We see one lone rat in the huge pit.

                                   PAI MEI *
                         In the sky, is a bird.

               Pai Mei brings a golden bow and arrow into Frame, and SHOOTS
               up in the sky.

               A BIRD FALLS to the earth with a golden arrow stuck through

                                   PAI MEI *
                         You are to go into that pit, and
                         catch that rat, with your bare
                         hands. If you catch the rat, I will
                         deem you the victor, and tonight
                         you will dine on bird. But, if you
                         can't catch the rat by sundown,
                         I'll deem the victor the rat. And
                         because of the disgrace to my
                         student, I will be forced to kill
                         it. And then I will force you, to
                         consume his body. Because to be my
                         student, you must develop a taste
                         for victory.

               She hops into the pit, gets down on the ground, lock eyes
               with her rodent opponent, and goes after it.

               The BRIDE
               Practicing her Tiger/Crane combo Kung Fu.

               MORE wall....

               At NIGHT punching the wall in front of her in her sleep.

               Trying to catch the rat to no avail.


               A golden arrow kills the rat.

               She looks up and sees Pai Mei, golden bow in his hand,
               looking down on her. It's sundown.

               She stands, dusting herself off (she's dirty from the chase)
               and looks at her teacher.

               She picks her dead foe up from the earth, and removes the
               golden arrow. Then with the rat in her hand, she looks up to
               her teacher.

                                   THE BRIDE *
                         I acknowledge defeat at the paws of
                         this rat. However, I will not eat
                         this filthy vermin. What I will
                             (she RIPS the rat open
                              like a pomegranate)
                consume his victorious heart.
                             (she snatches the tiny
                              heart from the rodent's
                              carcass. Holding it
                              between her fingers.)
                         But tomorrow, you kill a big bird.

               She POPS the tiny rat heart in her mouth, and begins to chew.

               Pai Mei looking down on her, says;

                                   PAI MEI *
                         How does victory taste?

                                   THE BRIDE *

               We do a Shaw Brothers ZOOM into a CU on Pai Mei, he gives an
               affirmative NOD and GRUNT.

               The BRIDE'S FIST
               goes through the wall.

                                   THE BRIDE
                             (to herself)


               Pai Mei splashing by himself in his huge bathtub, when he
               hears a noise.

                                   PAI MEI *
                         Woman, is that you who disturbs my

               She answers from outside the door;

                                   THE BRIDE'S VOICE (O.S.)
                         Yes, teacher.

                                   PAI MEI *

               She does, bowing to one knee.

                                   PAI MEI *
                         What news do you find so worthy, as
                         to disrupt my bath?

                                   THE BRIDE *
                         I did it teacher. I put my fist
                         through the wall.

                                                               TIME CUT

               PAI MEI and the BRIDE
               looking at the hole in the wall.

                                   PAI MEI *
                         Very good. Would you care to

               She moves in front of the wall.....Takes her position...Her
               right hand in a fist -- Locked and loaded into position....
               With Her left hand she reaches out and touches the wall where
               she'll strike....Like she's transferring her energy into the
               wood...She removes her left hand...and...STRIKES!

               She hits it HARD, but her fist doesn't go through.

               Her eyes sneak a look at the old man, who wears no

                                   THE BRIDE *
                         I think you watching is making me

                                   PAI MEI *
                         Not only that, it has you speaking
                         before you were spoken to. Try

               She does.

               And when she does, she DOES it.

               CU PAI MEI
               he says in ENGLISH;

                                   PAI MEI

               She immediately goes down to her knees;

                                   THE BRIDE *
                         Thank you teacher --

               He just as immediately, lifts her back up.

                                   PAI MEI *
                         You still fight better than you
                         speak. Finally, a woman who
                         understands what's important.


               He MOVES the wall one inch in front of her.

                                   PAI MEI *
                         Begin again.

               Then the old man leaves to finish his bath.

               The blonde gal begins again....Fist against
               effect....starting all over.

                                                                CUT TO:


               PITCH BLACK -- The Flashlight Beam turns on. CU The BRIDE in
               Profile. Her breathing is normal. We can hear the soft beat
               of her heart inside the pine box. Her composure is back.

               Taking the flashlight, she Shines the beam on the lid above
               her....Along the line of the coffin's rim and the lid where
               many nails meet....Then down to her Red Cowboy Boots, bound
               by a leather belt around her.

               Raising her knees, as much as the coffin will allow, and
               wiggling her feet, she slips her bare feet our of the boots
               and the belt's binding...Then, using her bare feet, then her
               bound-at-the-wrist hands, to pass one of the boots up to
               her...When the red boot is in her grasp, she turns it upside
               down....The STRAIGHT RAZOR falls out.

               Opening the razor, she slices through the ropes that tie her
               wrists, till both hands are free.

               She positions the flashlight so its Beam Shines on the coffin
               lid. The lid's about an inch and a half from the tip of her
               nose, about three inches from her hand.


               to concentrate. Her eyes focus on the wood above her, her
               left hand reaches out, touches the pine, passing her energy
               to it...

               ...Her long, white fingers, ball up into a FIST....

               ...and that FIST begins STRIKING the coffin lid above her.

               With each Strike she lets out a KARATE SCREAM...


               And AGAIN...

               Her FIST SMASHES into the wood, leaving BLOOD on the lid...


               And AGAIN...

               A crack in the lid...


               Dirt begins to sift through the cracks onto the Bride...


               More dirt...


               Even more dirt...


               THE LID SMASHES and dirt pours into the coffin like water...


               Through six feet of dirt, we watch, the Bride - DIG - CLIMB -
               SWIM - SPROUT - BURROW - trough the earth like a sprouting
               plant and a burrowing mole combined, clawing for surface air.


               A SHOT straight out of an Italian horror film. We see the
               tombstone of "PAULA SCHULTZ," and the mound of dirt over her


               The Bride's hand breaks the surface...then like one of
               Fulci's Zombies, Claws, Digs, and Pulls herself from mother
               earth's womb.

               Once extracted from her (almost) final resting place, she
               rolls over on her back, exhausted. She drinks in the night's
               air as if it were gulps of water.

               DIRT is in, on, and under every crack, crevice, and wrinkle
               on her body.

               SHE looks like a beautiful sculpture, made out of dirt.

               INT. DINER - NIGHT

               A Texas diner across the street from the graveyard. A YOUNG
               SODA JERK stands behind the counter, waiting for a customer,
               when he sees something approaching through the restaurant's
               big picture window that makes him look twice.

               SODA JERK'S POV:
               Through the picture window, we see the Bride, emerge from the
               Texas night, and walk towards the diner looking for all the
               world like a six-foot tall female version of the Peanuts
               character "PIG PEN." With each of her footfalls, a smaller
               mushroom cloud of dust comes off her.

               The dirty blonde, walks into the diner, sits on a stool at
               the counter directly across from the Soda Jerk, and says;

                                   THE BRIDE
                         I'd like a glass of water.

                                                         FADE TO BLACK.

               BLACK FRAME
               TITLE CARD:

                                       Chapter nine

                                       "ELLE and I"

                                                                CUT TO:

               CU ELLE DRIVER
               Behind the wheel of a hot black and gold Trans Am, driving
               full out on top of the desert's surface. Spanish Rock coming
               out of her powerful speakers.

               EXT. DESERT BUDD'S CAMPER - DAY

               The car stops in front of Budd's camper. She shuts off the
               car and the radio.

               The camper door opens, Budd squints outside through the
               bright gold, hot desert morning, at the Tall Blonde Girl with
               one Good Eye.

                         Want some breakfast?


               Budd and Elle in the tiny kitchen of Budd's tiny camper. Elle
               sits a the kitchen table, a black suitcase by her feet. Budd
               stands at a blender making them both breakfast margaritas, as
               he finishes telling the tale of last night.

                         ...So that's called a Texas


                         I got to give it to ya Budd, that's
                         a pretty fucked up way to die.
                         What's the name on the grave she's
                         buried under?

                         Paula Schultz.

               Budd turns on the NOISY blender, as Elle writes down the name
               Paula Schultz on a small notepad, placing it back inside her
               pocket. As the blender MASHES ICE, Elle looks around and sees
               the Bride's Hanzo sword in its sheath, leaning up against the
               T.V. In the front room. Budd shuts the blender off.

                         Can I look at the sword?

                         That's my money in that black case,
                         isn't it?

                         Sure is.

                         Well then, it's your sword now.

               The tall blonde girl steps into the living room, takes the
               Hanzo sword, and sits back down on the kitchen chair.

               She slowly removes the Japanese steel from its wood sheath.

                         So this, is a Hattori Hanzo sword.

               Budd answers as he fills up two former peanut butter jars
               with breakfast margaritas.

                         That's a Hanzo sword alright.

                         Bill tells me you once had one of
                         your own.



                         How does this one compare to that

                         If you're gonna compare a Hanzo
                         sword, you compare it to every
                         sword ever made -- wasn't made by
                         Hattori Hanzo. Here, wrap your lips
                         around this.

               He hands her her margarita, she takes a sip. He takes a gulp.

                         So, which "R" you filled with?


                         They say the number one killer of
                         old people is retirement. People
                         got'em a job to do, they tend to
                         live a little longer so they can do
                         it. I've always figured warriors
                         and their enemies share the same
                         relationship. So now you ain't
                         gonna hafta face your enemy on the
                         battlefield no more, which "R" are
                         you filled with, Relief or Regret?

                         A little bit of both.

                         Bullshit. I'm sure you do feel a
                         little bit of both. But I know damn
                         well you feel one more than you
                         feel the other. The question was
                         which one?

               Elle looks right at him with her eye, and says;


                         Yeah you gotta hand it to the ol'
                         girl. I never saw nobody buffalo
                         Bill the way she buffaloed Bill.
                         Bill useta think she was so damn
                         smart. I tried to tell him... Bill,
                         she's just smart for a blonde.

               He looks over at Elle and grins.

               Elle looks at him.

                         Want your money?

               She gestures to the black suitcase by her feet.

               He smiles and lifts it up on the table, unzipping it open.

               Lying inside is a cool million, the thousand dollar bills are
               inside stacks of a hundred thousand each. At the sight of all
               this lettuce, Budd lets out a whistle.

                         Great day in the morning.

               He lifts a stack out of the bag, then another, then
               another...and when he lifts the third stack out, he looks
               down and sees a BLACK MAMBA SNAKE coiled underneath.

               The Black Mamba opens its WIDE JAWS...and LEAPS RIGHT AT

               ...STRIKING Budd in the face repeatedly in blurred succession
               (three times in the face, and once in the forearm).

               Budd topples out of the kitchen chair onto the floor, bundles
               of money fall with him.

               Elle takes a sip of her Margarita.

               The Black Mamba leaves Budd and goes under the refridgerator.

               Elle looks down, Budd lies on his back on the kitchen floor
               at her feet. His face is already grotesquely swollen and
               white as a sheet. The serpent's extraordinarily potent venom
               makes a full-frontal assault on the cowboys's nervous system.

                         Oh, I'm sorry Budd, that was rude
                         of me wasn't it? Budd -- I'd like
                         to introduce my friend, The Black
                             (gesturing towards the
                         Black Mamba -- this is Budd. You
                         know before I picked up that little
                         fella, I looked him up on the
                             (she removes her notepad
                              from her pocket)
                         Fascinating creature the Black
                         Mamba. Listen to this,
                             (reading from the notepad)
                         "...In Africa, the saying goes, in
                         the bush, an elephant can kill you.
                         A leopard can kill you. And a Black
                         Mamba can kill you. But only with
                         the Mamba, and this has been true
                         in Africa since the dawn of time,
                         is death sure. Hence its handle;
                         Death Incarnate."
                             (looking up from the
                         Pretty cool, huh?
                             (back to paper)
                         "...Its neurotoxic venom is one of
                         nature's most effective poisons,
                         acting on the nervous system
                         causing paralysis. The venom of a
                         Black Mamba can kill a human in
                         four hours, if say bitten on the
                         ankle or the thumb. However, a bite
                         to the face or torso can bring
                         death from paralysis within twenty
                             (up from paper to Budd)
                         Now you should listen to this cause
                         this concerns you.
                             (reading from the paper)
                         The amount of venom that can be
                         delivered from a single bit can be
                             (looks up from paper)
                         -- You know I've always liked that
                         word Gargantuan, and I so rarely
                         have an opportunity to use it in a
                             (back to paper)
                         "If not treated quickly with anti
                         venom, 10 to 15 milligrams can be
                         fatal to human beings. However, the
                         Black Mamba can deliver as much as
                         100 to 400 milligrams of venom from 
                         a single bite."

               Elle finishes reading and puts the paper away. She looks down
               at Budd at her feet, going through all the symptoms she just

                         Now in these last agonizing minutes
                         of life you have left, let me
                         answer the question you asked
                         earlier, more thoroughly. When it
                         comes to that bitch, I gotta lotta
                         "R's" in me. Revenge is one.
                         Retribution is another. Rivalry is
                         definitely one. But I got another
                         "R" for that bitch you might be
                         surprised to find out. Respect. But
                         right at this moment, the biggest
                         "R" I feel, is Regret. Regret that
                         maybe the greatest warrior I have
                         ever met, met her end at the hands
                         of a bushwhackin, scrub, alacky
                         piece of shit like you. The woman
                         deserved better.

               Budd, dying, watches from the floor as Elle takes out her
               cell phone and presses one button. The other party comes on
               the line, but we never hear their side.

                             (into phone)
                         Bill...Elle. I have some tragic
                         Your brother's dead.
                         I'm sorry baby.

               Budd tries to make a sound from the floor, Elle calmly places
               her foot over his mouth.

                                   ELLE (CONT'D)
                         She put a Black Mamba in his
                         I got her, sweety.
                         She's dead.
                         Let me put it this way. If you ever
                         start feeling sentimental, go to
                         Austin, Texas. When you get here,
                         walk into a florist and buy a bunch
                         of flowers. Then you take those
                         flowers to Huntington cemetery on
                         Fuller and Guadalupe, look for the
                         headstone marked "Paula Schultz",
                         then lay them on the grave. Because
                         you will be standing at the final
                         resting place of BEATRIX KIDDO.

               WE FLASH ON
               The BRIDE'S DRIVER'S LICENSE (the real one), with both her
               picture and the name, BEATRIX KIDDO. Yes, that's her real

               FLASH ON
               CLASSROOM of 1st Graders on the first day of class.

               A 1st GRADE TEACHER reads roll call;

                                   1ST GRADE TEACHER
                         Melanie Harrhouse.

               WE WHIP PAN ACROSS A bunch of kids to an EX CU of 1st grader
               MELANIE HARRHOUSE.


                                   1ST GRADE TEACHER
                         Beatrix Kiddo.

               WHIP PAN TO AN EX CU OF The grown-up BRIDE,

                                   THE BRIDE

               BACK TO ELLE ON PHONE

                         I'm so sorry baby. --Look, I can
                         get there in about four hours,
                         should I come over?
                         No no no no no, you need me baby.
                         I'm there.
                         Okay, I'm leaving now, go smoke
                         some pot or something. I'll be
                         there soon.

               She hangs up the cell phone, and looks down at the dead man
               under her shoe.

               Picking up the Hanzo sword, she climbs down on the floor on
               her hands and knees to pick up the fallen money.

               CU The BLACK MAMBA
               out from under the refrigerator, behind Elle...

               Elle senses it. And slowly turns her head to look back..

               Both Black Mamba and Elle Driver LOCK EYES...

               ZOOM INTO BOTH CU's tighter and tighter, till Elle says;

                         Bring it on, bitch.

               The viper known as death incarnate, LEAPS at Elle.

               Elle flicks her wrist slightly. She doesn't even swing the
               blade. She just holds it.

               The snake's head touches it, and is immediately SEPARATED
               from its body.

               ELLE'S EYES look down at the Japanese steel in her hand.

               HANZO BLADE
               a smidgen of crimson blood is on the silver steel.

                         Now that's what I call sharp.

               EXT. BUDD'S CAMPER - DAY

               Elle exits the camper with both the sword and the black
               suitcase in her hand.

               She climbs into her gold and black Trans Am, starts up the
               engine, turns on the radio....


               ...she thinks she hears something...she looks out her
               driver's side car door window...

               ELLE'S POV:
               The dirty BLONDE BRIDE behind the wheel of her new, enormous
               red pickup truck, HEADING RIGHT FOR HER...

               CU The BRIDE
               behind the wheel, HEADING RIGHT FOR HER...VEGEANCE THEME
               PLAYS ON SOUNDTRACK.

               CU ELLE
               her jaw drops open. She's gobsmacked. Not only does she see
               the dead walk, she sees the dead behind two tons of metal
               coming at her at 100 MPH...


               The Red Pickup T-BONES the Trans Am, the gold and black car
               FLIES through the air, then ROLLS OVER AND OVER about five
               times in the desert sand and dirt...ending upside down.

               The dirty blonde looks out her windshield at the wreckage of
               the black and gold sports car. A smile with the slightest
               hint of satisfaction, spreads across her face.

               She hops out of the truck and into Budd's camper.

               INT. BUDD'S CAMPER - DAY

               As she walks through the door, Budd's dead, swollen body
               greets her. As does her serpent namesake, dead on the floor
               from decapitation.

               She begins searching the camper, quickly, for something in
               particular. We don't have the slightest clue what it could

               FLASH ON
               EX CU The BRIDE'S EYE - Watching.

               The BRIDE'S POV:
               Budd's camper, seen from up high looking down.

               The BRIDE
               searching the camper.

               FLASH ON
               EX CU Her EYE.

               The BRIDE'S POV:
               Budd's camper, Budd exits by himself.

               The BRIDE
               searching the camper.

               FLASH ON
               EX CU The BRIDE'S EYE.

               The BRIDE'S POV:
               She watches from a high perch, Budd practicing with a ...
               SAMURAI SWORD.

               The BRIDE
               searching under his bed, she sees a sword on the floor,
               resting in a shiny, black wood mahagony sheath. She removes
               it from its hiding place.

               WOOD SHEATH
               Its one of Hanzo's sheaths. She opens it. It is a Hanzo
               sword. Near the handle, etched in the steel, are the English
               words; "To My Brother Budd, The Only Man I Ever Loved, from

               She closes the sheath, this will do. She sees a pair of
               cowboy boots. Picks one up and places the sole of the boot
               against the sole of her foot. Her feet and this man's boot
               are around the same size. She slips her dirty feet in them.

               She's good to go.

               EXT. DESERT 

               Elle crawls from the wreckage of the Trans Am, holding the
               Hanzo sword, looking like she's just been in a car wreck.

               A cut on her head makes blood run down the side of her face.
               Luckily for her, not the side with the good eye.

               The camper door swings open. The Bride emerges from Budd's
               home, looking like a Barbie doll that's been dug up after ten
               years buried in the backyard, carrying a Hanzo sword. Every
               footfall creating a cloud of dust.

               The two women, each carrying a samurai sword, face each other
               in showdown position.

               A shark smile spreads across Elle's face.

                         Bravo, Bea. I actually thought that
                         alacky had got the best of you.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         You thought wrong.

               The Bride unsheaths her sword with great flourish.

               Elle does the same.

                             (referring to the sword)
                         What's that?

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Budd's Hanzo sword.

                         He said he pawned it.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Guess that makes him a liar, don't

               Without raising their swords into position, the two blonde
               warriors circle each other.

                                   THE BRIDE


                                   THE BRIDE
                         I was wondering, just 'tween us
                         girls, what did you say to Pai Mei
                         for him to snatch out your eye?

               of Pai Mei SNATCHING out Elle's eye with his Eagle's Claw.

                         I called him a bastard.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Oooh, not so good.

                         Were I to do it over again, I'd
                         bite my tongue.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         One more question?


                                   THE BRIDE
                         Where's Bill?

                         Villa Quatro.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Gulf of Mexico?

               Elle nods her head 'yes.'

                                   THE BRIDE
                         You wouldn't lie to me now?

                         Why lie?

               Elle raises up The Bride's Hanzo sword into position.

               The Bride raises up her sword.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         I saw what you did to that little
                         Mamba in there. Want to try that on
                         somebody your own size?

                         I intend to.

               The Bride completely drops her sword stance and her samurai

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Oh Elle, I should warn you before
                         we get started. Hattori Hanzo
                         swords are extremely sharp. They
                         can take a little getting used to.
                         Careful not to cut your own arm

                         I don't rattle, bitch!

               The Bride brings her sword back into combat position.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         You're gonna bleed though, you're
                         gonna bleed a lot.



               The two blonde warriors....swords in longer
               circle each other....but instead move forward...closer and
               closer to each baby step at a time...

               CU OF GIRLS.

               EX CU'S OF:

               Their separate GRIPS on the SWORD'S HANDLE.

               Their FEET moving closer.

               The Bride's eye.

               Elle's eye.

               The Tips of each other's Blade.

               Their Blonde Hair.

               As the Operatic Spaghetti Western Music Builds to a
               crescendo...we CUT BACK AND FORTH between CU's of the two
               women that get TIGHTER AND TIGHTER as we ZOOM in CLOSER and
               CLOSER....UNTIL...We reach the THEME'S CLIMAX....

               Both women let loose with a  Samurai Grunt and Swing.




               TWO SHOT: The TWO WOMEN WARRIORS stand their ground, STRIKING
               and DEFENDING...When they stop, no one's been touched.

               The TWO WOMEN - Swords in attack position - stare across to
               the other one, as they prepare for their next attack...

               Now they begin to circle again.

               CU THEIR FEET making a circular walk.

               They ATTACK...

               EX CU BLADES MEET -- However this time we don't know who's on
               the left or the right. One Blade maneuvers around the other.

               EX EX CU: of TIP OF BLADE SLICING OPEN SKIN, about a quarter
               of an inch. It looks like a scalpel cut. No blood. Just skin
               separating. We don't know who's cut.

               The TWO WOMEN stand and face each other. Neither knows if
               it's them who has been struck. Neither woman bleeds.

               We feel a count of...One Mississippi...

               EX CU: ONE SILVER BLADE, clean as a whistle.

               EX CU: ONE SILVER BLADE with a smudge of CRIMSON BLOOD on its

               We feel a count of Two Mississippi...

               BLOOD begins to PROJECTILE SPRAY out of a slice in Elle's
               neck only a quarter of an inch long. The Blood does not exit
               the neck as liquid but as a FINE RED MIST, like that of an
               aerosol can, we even HEAR the slight SPRAY WHISTLE. Elle
               feels nothing. She turns her eyes towards the sound of the
               spray, and sees the blood escaping her like air from a
               balloon. She lifts her hand and places it in the path of the
               spray, it's immediately BATHED IN RED.

               Elle drops the Bride's sword.

               As her blood continues to escape, both women look across each

               The effect is that Elle Driver is a balloon and her life is
               escaping before both their very eyes. And now looking across
               at each other, the two women see the other for the first
               time, not as adversaries, or opponents, or as rivals, or as
               bitches...but as sisters.

               Elle no longer has enough life in her to stand up...She falls
               to her knees in front of The Bride....

               ...then as she dies, she leans the side of her head against
               The Bride's standing body. Her blood runs down The Bride's
               leg. As she passes on, Elle gently wraps her arms around the
               Bride's leg.

               The Bride's hands go down to Elle's long blonde hair, and
               begins gently stroking it, easing her pain as she expires.

               Only in death do they find the sisterhood that could have
               been theirs.

               WIDE SHOT
               The Bride standing, Elle on her knees, the desert surrounds

               The BRIDE
               putting a shovel down.

               WIDE SHOT
               The Bride has finished burying Elle. She sticks a jerry
               rigged wood cross in the ground as a marker. Then using her

               WOODEN CROSS
               carves the name "L. DRIVER" on the cross.

               Then drives away in the big red pickup.


                                                         FADE TO BLACK.
               BLACK FRAME
               TITLE APPEARS:

                                      Final chapter

                                  "The blood-splattered

               INT. BILL'S HACIENDA - DAY

               Bill on the patio of his beautiful hacienda home (named Villa
               Quatro) located on the beach in Mexico. At the moment Bill
               partaking of his current hobby......Flower Arranging.

               With his hands among various flowers of BRIGHT COLORS, he
               sorts and prunes a very pretty arrangement.

               EX CU the BRIDE'S EYE

               Bill's Mexican housekeeper, JOSEPHINA, appears on the patio.

                         Mr. Bill, you wanted me to tell you
                         to leave now.

                             (finishing up)
                         Yes, I got to go and meet the
                             (referring to the flowers)
                         Do you like it?

                         Oh yes Mr. Bill, it's very pretty.

                         Why don't you put it on the dinner
                         table, so we can enjoy it tonight.

                             (she takes it)
                         Good idea, she'll love it.

               As he heads out the patio, he tells her;

                         Oh and Josephina, take the
                         remaining flowers and spread them
                         around the house, if you would.

                         Yes, Mr. Bill.

               He exits the patio, then turns around and pops his head back

                         You know I just had a great idea.
                         Take the roses, and spread the
                         petals on the bed I just got for
                         her. That'd be a nice thing to come
                         home to, wouldn't it, a bed of

                         Oh, she'll love that Mr. Bill.

                         You wouldn't mind doing that for
                         me, would you Josephina?

                         No, not at all.

               FLASH ON
               EX CU The BRIDE'S EYE

               We follow behind Bill as he moves through his house...He
               slips on his jacket...Grabs his keys...TWO energetic GERMAN
               SHEPHERDS follow him out the front door onto his driveway.

               On his way to his silver Porsche, he roughhouse plays with
               the dogs, speaking to them in Spanish. When he gets to the
               sports-car, the dogs won't leave him alone, and one jumps on
               the Porsche. He yells at it in Spanish;

                                   BILL (SPANISH)
                         Get the fuck off the car, Lucy,
                         Lucy, down!

               FLASH ON
               EX CU The BRIDE'S EYE

               The gates in front of Bill's Hacienda home open, and his
               silver Porsche hits the streets running.

               FLASH ON
               EX CU The Bride
               A SUSPENSE THEME PLAYS OVER THE SHOTS of The Bride's Eye
               every time we cut to it. Over the SHOTS OF BILL DRIVING we
               hear a SPANISH TRAGIC LOVE BALLAD, coming from the car radio.

               driving his convertible as the beach WHIZZES by in the

               The Bride's eye.

               Dirt Road, lined by greener than green trees, the Porsche
               kicks up dirt ZOOMING down it.

               CU BILL
               driving as the Spanish love song plays.

               The Bride's eye.

               A striking but antiseptic-looking INSTITUTION of some sort,
               surrounded by the beautiful foliage of Mexico. Bill's silver
               Porsche drives up its driveway.

               The Bride's eye.

               INT. INSTITUTION

               The institution is not Spanish in style, but on the contrary
               it's a clinical new-age box-like structure made up of clear
               glass doors and walls and the color beige.

               Bill walks through the glass doors, to a lone Asian FEMALE
               RECEPTIONIST, her desk is the only furniture in the lobby. In
               JAPANESE he explains to her his reason for being there.

               EX CU The BRIDE'S EYE
               ...watching...we now leave any shot of Bill not from the
               Bride's perspective. The SUSPENSE THEME is STRETCHED TIGHTER
               and TIGHTER as we look through the Bride's POV and listen to
               her VO;

                                   THE BRIDE (V.O.)
                         The attentive audience members
                         among you will have probably
                         noticed, that all my kills have
                         been straight up fights.

               The Bride's POV: The Glass-enclosed Institution, and Bill
               standing by himself in the empty lobby.

                                   THE BRIDE (V.O.)
                         Y'all figured I'd face him with my
                         Hanzo sword, aye? Well, I figured
                         Bill figured the same thing. I am
                         the product of three godfathers.
                         Bill, Pai Mei, and Hattori Hanzo.
                         Different teachers teach you
                         different things. But one thing I
                         learned from all three, was "in
                         combat, the opponent that does the
                         unexpected, can usually expect to
                         be the victor." Bill would never
                         see this coming. Not from me. And
                         least any of you judge me a
                         bushwhacker, remember...It was Bill
                         who taught me how to shoot.

               As the Bride has said these things, WE'VE seen INSERTS of her
               putting together her high-powered scope rifle. Snapping on
               the scope sight. Setting the FOCUS through the CROSSHAIRS.
               Loading the heavy-duty AMMO. Curling her long white finger
               around the rifle's TRIGGER.

               SCOPE SIGHT POV: Bill's head in between the Crosshairs.
               SUSPENSE THEME is STRETCHED TIGHTER will soon

               WIDE SHOT
               looking through the Institution's glass wall. The elevator in
               the lobby opens...and A LITTLE GIRL steps out, and runs into
               Bill's arms. A LITTLE GIRL about five years old. A FIVE-YEAR
               OLD LITTLE GIRL with blonde hair. Bill picks up the Little
               Girl and lifts her HEAD into the CROSSHAIRS of the SCOPE

               SUSPENSE THEME SNAPS into an OPERATIC WAIL...

               EX CU: The Bride's finger, pops off the trigger.

               EX CU: The Bride's eye, A HUGE TEAR FALLS OUT...We move out
               of the eyeball, into a MEDIUM CU of The Bride, tears falling
               down her face...She can't believe what she's looking
               at...that's her daughter...She's alive...

               Her REMEMBERING THEME PLAYS...

               FLASH ON
               The Bride remembering, while she was in her wide-eyed coma
               state, lying on an operating table, as DOCTORS AND NURSES
               performed a Cesarean childbirth on her. The NEWBORN INFANT is
               passed to other hands above her wide-eyed unblinking
               expressionless face.

               CU of The BRIDE
               In one moment, Bill has managed to suddenly change the game.


               Silence, except for a few birds.


               WE HEAR the Roaring of an Engine, and the Silver Porsche
               WHIZZES into FRAME.

               INT. PORSCHE (MOVING) - DAY

               Bill behind the wheel, his little girl asleep in the
               passenger seat. He sees something ahead.

               A convertible Volkswagen Karman Ghia enters the road heading
               in the opposite direction. It's a long long long way off, but
               it will get closer every second.

               Bill senses something about this automobile, and throws a
               glance at his sleeping child.

               His cell phone RINGS, he answers it.


               INT. THE BRIDE'S CAR (MOVING) - DAY

               The Bride behind the wheel of the convertible, her long
               blonde hair whipping in the wind, talks to Bill for the first
               time in five years and six months.

                                   THE BRIDE 
                         Hello Bill.

                         Kiddo, is that really you?

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Oh, it's me all right.

                         I hear you were driving a truck?

                                   THE BRIDE
                         My pussy wagon died on me. Who's
                         your little friend?

               He glances down at the sleeping child.

                         Oh, you mean the little tow head
                         next to me, who looks
                         extraordinarily like you?

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Yeah, that one.

                         Her name is B.B.

               The Bride gets choked up again, emotion betrays her voice.

                                   THE BRIDE

                         Yes. Do you approve?

               She wipes her eyes. Her hand moves under her shirt,
               fingertips rest on scar.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Yes. Can she hear us?

                         Not now, she's in dream land.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         How old is she?

                         What do you mean by that?

                                   THE BRIDE
                         How many years has she been alive?

                         Don't ask how old she is, ask, if
                         she's five.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Is she five?

                         Aren't mothers like God, aren't you
                         supposed to automatically know?

                                   THE BRIDE
                         I did and I do.
                         I want to meet her.

                         Have dinner with us at my hacienda
                         tonight. She's expecting you.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         What do you mean?

                         I knew you were on your way, so I
                         told B.B. Her mommy was coming to
                         see her.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         What have you told her about me?

                         That you were sick, that you were
                         asleep, but one day you'd wake up
                         and come back to her.
                         And she asked me, "If Mommy's been
                         asleep since I was born, how will
                         she know what I look like?" To
                         which I replied, "Because Mommy's
                         been dreaming of you." And she
                         said, "Then I'm gonna start
                         dreaming of her." So I gave her a
                         picture of you --

                                   THE BRIDE
                         -- which one?

                         The one I took of you in Paris,
                         sitting on the steps with the
                         baguette in your hand. Since she
                         was one and a half years old, she's
                         slept with that picture of you next
                         to her bed.

               The EXACT PHOTO DISSOLVES OVER The Bride's face, then
               DISSOLVES AWAY.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         You know, prettier photos of me do

                         And she's seen them. But the one
                         she wants looking after her while
                         she sleeps is the one of you
                         holding bread.
                         We normally have dinner around
                         seven, is that convenient?

                                   THE BRIDE

               Pause....The cars get closer...

                                   THE BRIDE
                         When do we cross swords?

                         Well, it just so happens, my
                         hacienda comes with its very own
                         private beach. And my private
                         beach, just so happens to look
                         particularly beautiful bathed in
                         moonlight. And there just so
                         happens to be a full moon out
                         tonight. So, swordfighter, if you
                         want to sword fight, that's where I
                         suggest. But if you wanna be old
                         school about it - then we can wait
                         till dawn, and slice each other up
                         at sunrise, like a couple real life
                         honest to goodness samurais. As per
                         usual Kiddo, I'll leave the big
                         decisions up to you.

               The cars will soon pass...

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Do me a courtesy?


                                   THE BRIDE
                         Slow down as we pass...I want
                         another look at her.

                         Wear something nice tonight?

                                   THE BRIDE
                         I have a dress all picked out.

                         Will I like it?

                                   THE BRIDE
                         You said I looked beautiful last
                         time you saw me in it.

                         I'll dress up too.

               His foot moves off the gas, slowing the car; her foot does
               the same.

               The cars in SLOW MOTION start to pass.

               The Bride looks into the other car.

               We ZOOM past Bill to the little girl in the passenger seat.
               We go ONE FRAME AT A TIME till the car moves past us, to Bill
               holding a pistol with a large silencer pointing right at our
               face. He FIRES. It emits only a tiny PHOOF.

               The Bride throws herself across the passenger seat as the
               driver's side window EXPLODES over her head.

               The two cars pass each other.

               The Bride straightens herself in the driver's seat. She looks
               in the rearview as Bill and her daughter drive away. Grabbing
               the cell phone she screams in it;

                                   THE BRIDE
                         You fucking maricone!

               Bill on his cell, eyes on rearview.

                         Now you just wait one second there
                         little missy. Unless I'm confused,
                         we are trying to kill each other
                         aren't we? Now I wasn't planning on
                         taking a shot at you in front of
                         the squirt, but, she is asleep. And
                         if you're gonna forget everything I
                         ever taught you, and gawk like you
                         ain't got good sense, I'm gonna
                         take a shot, am I not?

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Did she wake up?

                         Of course not. She's like you that
                         I look forward to this evening. It
                         was great speaking with you, Bea.

               He hangs up.


               Hattori Hanzo lies sleeping on his mat...


               His phone wakes him up in the middle of the night...He
               hurriedly answers it.

                                   HANZO (JAPANESE)
                             (in phone; groggy)

               INT. MEXICO HOTEL - DAY

               The Bride's on the phone, calling Japan, in tears.

                                   THE BRIDE (ENGLISH)

                                   HANZO (ENGLISH)
                         Beatrix, what's wrong?

                                   THE BRIDE (ENGLISH)
                         She's alive! My baby girl's alive!

                                                                CUT TO:


               The same shot we saw during the opening credits. She's
               dressed in a white bridal gown, the exact replica of the one
               she was bushwhacked in.

               Over her CU we DISSOLVE TO A CU OF HANZO talking to her
               earlier on the phone.

                                   HANZO (JAPANESE)
                         Half of Bill's strength, lies in
                         his talent for the unexpected.
                         If you intend to vanquish this man,
                         and claim your daughter, you must
                         not only expect the unexpected. You
                         must do the unexpected.

               WE DISSOLVE BACK to The Bride.

               We see the same shots as before of The Bride driving up to
               Bill's villa, through his iron gates, and parking by his
               front door. We see TWO BLACK-SUITED MALE SATELLITES approach

               Now comes the new stuff.

               She climbs out of her vehicle, goes to the back, opens the
               boot, and removes her MOSSBERG PUMP ACTION SHOTGUN.

               The two satellites freeze...

               She SLIDES THE PUMP once, and FIRES.

               ONE is BLOWN APART by the blast.

               She SLIDES THE PUMP a second time...BLAST.

               TWO buys the farm.

               She slides the PUMP again...

               ...and BLASTS the front door, kicking it open and stepping

               INT. BILL'S VILLA - NIGHT

               ANOTHER BLACK-SUITED SATELLITE hurries down the stairs,
               reaching for his weapon...

               She FIRES the shotgun into his kneecap...

               He TUMBLES down the stairs landing at her feet.

               She points the shotgun straight down at his face.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Hello Manny.

               She FIRES...Then moves further into the house.

               Apparently, this is the do-the-unexpected part of her plan.
               Fuck the charade, storm the camp, kill everyone she comes
               across, send Bill to hell, scoop up her daughter, and head
               for parts unknown.

               So far, so good.

               She enters the butcher block kitchen, and finds Bill's cook
               and housekeeper, Josephina.

               Josephina stares at the shotgun barrel pointed at her.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Hello Josephina.

                         Hello Miss Beatrix.

               She grabs the housekeeper, and shoves her into the kitchen

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Stay in here and don't come out. If
                         you leave this room I'll shoot you,


               She closes the pantry door, and moves into the hallway
               leading to the living room.

               With her back against the wall, holding her weapon tight, she
               moves down the hall. As she creeps, an unseen Bill yells to
               her from around the corner.

                                   BILL'S VOICE (O.S.)
                         Kiddo! If you're through shooting
                         the servants, I'm in the living
                         room. You remember how to get to
                         the living room, don'tcha? Go down
                         to the end of the hall, and make a

               Back against the wall she creeps down the hall to the end.
               She pumps the slide, and TURNS THE CORNER - SHOTGUN RAISED -
               READY TO FIRE...


               EX CU The BRIDE'S EYES - blink once.

               EX CU HER FINGER comes off the trigger.

               What the Bride sees in front of her is, Bill in a tuxedo,
               holding a small, orange squirt gun pointed at her. Standing
               next to him is five-year-old little B.B., dressed up in a
               very pretty party dress, arm outstretched holding a orange
               squirt gun, aimed at The Bride.

               The three look at each other for a moment, then Bill says;

                         Bang Bang!

               Then he suddenly clutches his abdomen like he's just been

                         Oh B.B., Mommy got us.

               B.B. lowers her gun and plays out a big dying scene alongside
               her dad...Bill falls to the floor.

                         Oh, I'm dying...I'm dying...

               B.B. parrots this.

                         Oh, I'm dying...I'm dying...

               Bill on the floor, says up to his little girl;

                         Fall down sweetheart, Mommy shot

               The little girl falls down pretend dead.

               The Bride, still absentmindedly pointing her weapon at them,
               is truly thrown.

               Bill delivers his lines from the floor, spoken like a dying

                         You did it Quick Draw Kiddo. You
                         are-the fastest.

               And with these last words, pretends to die.

               But then while pretending to be dead, he speaks in a dramatic
               narrator's voice.

                         But...little did Quick Draw Kiddo
                         know,...that five-year-old B.B.
                         Gunn was only playing possum, due
                         to the fact she was impervious to

               B.B. raises her head off the floor and says;

                             (to Mommy)
                         I'm impervious to bullets, Mommy.

                             (to B.B.)
                         Hey, get back down there, you're
                         playing possum.

               The little girl's head drops back down.

               Bill continues his dramatic narration;

                         So, as the smirking killer
                         approached, what she thought, was a
                         bullet-ridden corpse,...that's when
                         the little B.B. Gunn fired.

               B.B. springs up holding her tiny orange squirt gun and says;

                         Bang bang!

               The Bride continues watching in gobsmackery.

               Bill raises his head off the floor, and says to her in his
               normal voice;

                         Mommy, you're dead - so die.

               The Bride shakes off her confusion, and acts out a big death
               scene fo her little girl.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Oh, B.B., you got me. I should have
                         known, you are the best.

               She falls to the floor and pretends to die.

               The little girl in her party dress, runs over to the big girl
               in her wedding dress, and kneels over her mommy.

               Mommy opens her eyes.

                         Don't die Mommy, I was just

               From the floor, looking up at her daughter, she speaks to her
               for the first time.

                         I know baby.

               They embrace each other.

                         I waited a long time for you to
                         wake up, Mommy. Did you dream of me
                         - I dreamed of you?

               The female killer says to her daughter as mommieness begins
               to creep into her voice;

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Every single night, baby.

               She holds her daughter out at arm's length to get a better
               look at her.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Now let me look at you. My my my...
                         What a pretty girl you are.

                         You're pretty too, Mommy.

               B.B. starts stroking her mother's long blonde hair.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Thank you.

               All of a sudden, Bill has joined them on the floor.

                         When I showed you Mommy's picture,
                         tell Mommy what you said.

               The little girl gets shy.

                         C'mon shy girl, you know what you
                         said, tell Mommy, it'll make her
                         fell good.

               As she strokes her long blonde hair, little B.B. says;

                         I said - I said - You're the most
                         beautiful woman I ever saw in the
                         whole white world.

                         That's the truth. That's what she

               B.B. points to Manny's blood, which splashed a little on the
               Bride's wedding gown.

                         What's that?

                         Oh, Mommy spilled something on her


                         No. Kool-Aid. Do you like Kool-Aid?


                         Do you not like it, or do you not
                         know what it is?

               Parroting Bill;

                         I do not know what it is.

                         Well, it's a very tasty beverage
                         that I used to drink, when I was a
                         little girl. It comes in a lot of
                         different flavors and colors, and
                         it's really good. Maybe we should
                         fix some sometime. Want to do that?

               The little girl gives a big nod, yes.

                         Speaking of fixing and drinking and
                         eating, I think it's dinner time
                         don't you?

               B.B. does an exaggerated nod, yes.

                             (to Mommy)
                         When you were doin all that fancy
                         shootin, you didn't happen to shoot
                         a nice Mexican woman about forty
                         five years old, did ya?


                             (wiping imaginary sweat
                              off his brow)
                         Whew, then dinner should be done.
                             (shouting to the other
                         Josephina! You can come out now,
                         we're ready for dinner.

                                   JOSEPHINA (O.S.)
                         Yes, Mr. Bill.

               He offers his hand to Mommy, and helps her to her feet. Then
               says to B.B.;

                         Want to go on top of the world?

               She says excitedly;


               He scoops the little girl up, puts her on his shoulders, and
               as the mommy and the daddy and their little girl walk through
               the house towards the dinner table, Bill and B.B. Sing The
               Carpenter's song, "Top Of The World." It's obviously one of
               their songs.

               INT. DINNER ROOM - NIGHT

               The dining room of Bill's house. The family, mother father
               and daughter, sit at the dinner table eating.

                         B.B., don't you think Mommy has the
                         prettiest hair in the whole wide

                         Yes I do.

                         In fact it's better than pretty.
                         What's better than pretty?


                         Very good, gorgeous. Mommy is

               The Bride shows no sign of thawing around Bill.

                         You know baby, Mommy's kinda mad at

                         Why? Where you a bad daddy?

                         I'm afraid I was. I was a real bad
                             (to Mommy)
                         Our little girl learned about life
                         and death the other day.
                             (to B.B.)
                         You want to tell Mommy about what
                         happened to Emilio?

                         I killed him. I didn't mean to, but
                         I stepped on him and he stopped

                         Emilio was her goldfish. She came
                         running into my room holding the
                         fish in her hand, crying, "Daddy
                         daddy, Emilio's dead." And I said,
                         "Really, that's so sad. How did he
                         die?" And what did you say?

                         I stepped on him.

                         Actually young lady, the words you
                         so strategically used were, "I
                         accidentally stepped on him."


                         To which I queried, "And just how
                         did your foot accidentally find its
                         way into Emilio's fishbowl?" And
                         she told me no no no, Emilio was on
                         the carpet when she stepped on him.
                         Hummmmmm, the plot thickens. And
                         just how did Emilio get on the
                         carpet? And Mommy, you would have
                         been real proud of her, because she
                         didn't lie. She said she took
                         Emilio out of his bowl, and put him
                         on the carpet. And what was Emilio
                         doing on the carpet, baby?

                         He was -- flapping.

                         And then you stomped on him?


                         And when you lifted your foot up,
                         what was Emilio doing then?


                         He stopped flapping, didn't he?


                         And you knew what that meant,
                         didn't you?


                         What did that mean?

                         He was dead.

                             (to Mommy)
                         She told me later, that the second
                         she lifted up her foot and saw him
                         not flapping, she knew he was dead.
                         Is that not the perfect visual
                         image of life and death? A fish
                         flapping on the carpet, and a fish
                         not flapping on the carpet. So
                         powerful even a five-year old child
                         with no concept of life and death
                         knew what it meant. Not only did
                         she know Emilio was dead, she knew
                         she had killed him. So she comes
                         running into my room, holding
                         Emilio in both of her little hands -
                         it was so cute - and she wanted me
                         to make Emilio better. And I asked
                         her, why did she step on Emilio?
                         And she said, she didn't know. But
                         I knew why. You didn't mean to hurt
                         Emilio, you just wanted to see what
                         would happen if you stepped on him,


                         And what happens when you stomp on
                         Emilio, is you kill him. And you
                         discovered that, didn't you?


                         So we drove down to the beach, had
                         a little funeral, and gave Emilio a
                         burial at sea. And right now I'm
                         sure he's happy as can be, swimmin
                         around in fish heaven.
                         But the point being, our child
                         learned two very important lessons.
                         One, about life and death. The
                         other, somethings once you do, they
                         can't be undone. I knew just how
                         she felt
                             (to B.B.)
                         You loved Emilio, didn't you?


                         Well sweety, I love Mommy, but I
                         did to Mommy what you did to

                         You stomped on Mommy?

                             (making his finger a gun)
                         I shot Mommy. Not pretend shoot,
                         like we were just doing. I shot her
                         for real.


                         I don't know.

                         Did you want to see what would

                         No, I knew what would happen to
                         Mommy if I shot her. What I didn't
                         know, is when I shot Mommy, what
                         would happen to me.

                         What happened?

                         I was very sad. And that was when I
                         learned, somethings once you do,
                         they can never be undone.

                         What happened to Mommy?

                         Why don't you ask Mommy.

                         Are you okay Mommy. Does it hurt?

                         No sweety, it doesn't hurt anymore.

                         Did it make you sick?

                         It put me to sleep. That's why I
                         haven't been with you B.B., I've
                         been asleep.

                         But you're awake now, right?

                         I'm wide awake, pretty girl.

               EXT. PORCH - DAWN

               Bill sits on the steps of his porch in the back of the house
               drinking a glass of red wine. The steps lead to the beach and
               the sea.

               Beatrix steps out onto the porch, and sits down on the steps
               across from him.

               Between them the dawn sky breaks.

                         Did she go to sleep easy?

                                   THE BRIDE
                         It took her a little bit. She was
                         excited. She's quite the little

                         Well, if she doesn't like you, you
                         got to kill her to say hello. But
                         if she likes you, you can't shut
                         her up. She's a chip off the ole
                         blonde in that regards.

               He holds up the bottle of vino.

                         Red wine?

               She shakes her blonde head, no.

                         C'mon, Bea, you're a whole lot more
                         fun with a couple glasses of wine
                         in ya.

               She gives him a look.

                             (pointing towards the
                         We're going to go out there and
                         have at it, aren't we?

               She shakes her blonde head, yes.

                         Well, I've already had a glass. So
                         unless you want to win by an unfair
                         advantage, you should have a glass
                         of wine. So we're both on the same
                         footing wine wise.

               She holds out the empty glass, and he fills it with red.

                         You know, there's an old man down
                         here, his name is Esteban Viharo.
                         He was a pimp. I knew him when I
                         was a child. He was a friend of my
                         mother's. I told him about you.
                         When I showed him your picture he
                         smiles and said;
                             (imitating his accent)
                         "Yesss, I see the attraction." He
                         told me a story about taking me to
                         the movies when I was five. It was
                         a movie which had Lana Turner in
                         it. And whenever she would appear
                         on screen, he said I would stick my
                         thumb in my mouth and suck it, to
                         an obscure amount. And he knew
                         right then, this boy will be a fool
                         for blondes.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Who would of ever thought you'd be
                         such a good father?

                         Well not you, that's for damn sure.

               She gives him another look.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Must we have to endure your little

                         No we mustn't. But if you're going
                         to say sentences like that, in the
                         future, I will resist the

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Baby, you don't have a future.

               Bill drinks some wine.

                         I sent you to L.A. and you never
                         came back. I thought you'd been
                         killed. Do you know how cruel it is
                         to make someone think someone they
                         love is dead? I mourned you. Then
                         in the third month of my mourning,
                         I track you down. I wasn't trying
                         to track you down, I was trying to
                         track down - the fucking assholes -
                         who I thought killed you. And when
                         I find you, what to I find? Not
                         only are you not dead, you're
                         getting married - to some fuckin
                         jerk - and you're pregnant? How do
                         you expect me to react?

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Why do you think I hid?

                         Why did you leave in the first
                         place? You have cold eyes towards
                         me now. I understand their
                         temperature, but they were warm the
                         second to the last time I saw them,
                         or was that just my imagination?

                                   THE BRIDE

               The Bride decides to tell all. As she tells this story, parts
               will be shown on the screen.

               To give herself a running start with the story she starts it
               off in Japanese;

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)
                         You sent me to L.A. to kill that
                         lady scoundrel, Lisa Wong.

               Bill interrupts her.

                                   BILL (ENGLISH)
                         You are you talking in Japanese?

               The Bride explodes;

                                   THE BRIDE (ENGLISH)
                         What the hell do you care what I
                         talk in? Don't you know when to
                         keep your mouth shut? I'm trying to
                         tell you what you want to know, if
                         you'll just shut up and listen and
                         stop talking! Now may I continue?

                         You're right, I'm wrong, continue.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         The morning I left, I threw up. I
                         don't feel like speaking in
                         Japanese anymore - on the plane, I
                         threw up. When I got to my hotel, I
                         threw up. So naturally I started
                         thinking, maybe I might be
                         pregnant. So I bought one of those
                         home pregnancy kits. Went back to
                         my room and took the test. The
                         little strip said blue. I was going
                         to have a baby. I tried to call
                         you, but you weren't there, so I
                         just thought I'd call back later.

                         But you never did.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         - Would you shut up, I'm trying to
                         tell you how I feel.

                         My apologies, please continue.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         So I just figured I'd call you back
                         later. I was just so happy, I put
                         on music and danced by myself in
                         the hotel suite, holding my little
                         blue strip.
                         What I didn't know, was at some leg
                         of my journey, I was spotted. With
                         me in Los Angeles it didn't take
                         Lisa Wong long to figure out
                         someone put a hit out on her. So
                         she sent an assassin of her own to
                         kill me in my hotel room. As I was
                         dancing in euphoria, the killer
                         came down the hall.

               There's a knock on the hotel room door.

               The Bride stops dancing and goes to the door's peephole.

               PEEPHOLE POV: A pretty KOREAN WOMAN in the blazer and skirt
               outfit of a hotel manager. She's holding a basket of flowers.

               The Bride says through the door;

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Hello, can I help you?

                                   HOTEL WOMAN
                         Hello, I'm Karen Kim, I'm the
                         hospitality manager of the hotel. I
                         have a welcome gift from the

               Seeing it through the peephole.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Oh, it's beautiful. But I'm kinda
                         busy at this second, could you
                         possibly come back later?

               As she talks, she accidentally drops the blue strip, she
               bends down to pick it up...


               A SHOTGUN BLAST BLOWS A HOLE in the door, right where the
               bent over woman was previously standing.

               Karen kicks open the door, Pump Action Shotgun in hand.

               The Bride's on her back, on the floor below her.

               Karen aims the shotgun down at her.

               With her foot, The Bride kicks the front door.

               It SLAMS BACK HITTING Karen in the face.

               The Bride scrambles to her feet, running for cover.

               Karen pushes the door aside, steps into the room, and FIRES
               the shotgun The Bride's way.

               The Bride DIVES out of the way.

               The BLAST DESTROYS the side of the room it HITS.

               The Bride comes up from the floor with her SOG in her hand,
               and THROWS IT across the room at Karen...

               Karen BLOCKS the thrown knife with her shotgun. The blade
               sticking in the weapon's wooden stock. She removes the knife,
               and drops it to the floor.

               The Bride is a sitting duck. There's nothing she can do
               except wait to get shot.

                         So you came here to kill Lisa Wong,
                         huh? Well that's my sister, bitch.
                         I'm Karen Wong, and I've come here
                         to kill you.

               She raises the shotgun, and takes aim at The Bride...

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Wait a second!

               Karen stops.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Yes, I'm an assassin. Yes I did
                         come here to kill your sister. But
                         I'm not gonna do that now.

                         Oh, I know you're not --

                                   THE BRIDE
                         - listen to me! I just found out,
                         right now - not two minutes before
                         you blew a hole in the door, I'm

               Karen looks at her, "what?".

                                   THE BRIDE
                         On that table is the home pregnancy
                         kit. On the floor by the door is
                         the strip that says I'm pregnant.
                         I'm telling you the truth, I don't
                         want to and I won't kill your
                         sister. I just want to go home.

                         What is this, bullshit story number
                         twelve in the female assassin's

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Any other time you'd be a hundred
                         percent right. But this time you're
                         a hundred percent wrong. I'm the
                         deadliest woman in the world, but
                         right now I'm scared shitless for
                         my baby. Please, you hafta believe
                         me. Look at the strip, it's on the

               Karen looks over to the door, and sees the tiny strip on the

                         Sit down on that bed and put your
                         hands behind your head.

               The Bride complies. Karen bends down and picks the strip off
               the floor. Then takes the package it came in and reads the
               directions on the box.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Blue means pregnant.

                         I'll read it myself, thank you.

               It is blue, Karen's starting to believe her.

                         Okay, say I were to believe you,
                         what then?

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Just go home. I'll do the same.

               Karen does...She starts backing out of the room...before she
               leaves, she says;

                         You fucked with the Wong sisters.

               BACK ON THE PORCH

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Facing Karen Wong, was the most
                         frightening moment I have ever
                         experienced. And that includes
                         three years with that evil bastard
                         Pai Mei. Before that strip turned
                         blue, I was a woman, I was your
                         woman. I was a killer, who killed
                         for you. Before that strip turned
                         blue, I would have jumped a
                         motorcycle on to a speeding train
                         ...for you. But once that strip
                         turned blue, I could no longer do
                         any of those things. Not anymore.
                         Because now I was a mother. A
                         mother who only had one thought on
                         her mind. Please don't harm my
                         baby. Can you understand that?

                         Yes. But why tell me now, and not

                                   THE BRIDE
                         You wouldn't have let me go.
                         Specially once you found out I was
                         pregnant. You would've tried to
                         talk me out of it. It would have
                         been a big scene. I just said fuck

               Starting to get mad.

                         Fuck who?

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Bill, you couldn't know I was
                         pregnant, once you knew, you'd
                         claim it, and I didn't want that.

                         That's not your decision to make.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Yes, but it's the right decision.
                         And I made it for my daughter.
                         Everybody on this earth deserves to
                         start with a clean slate. But with
                         us - my daughter would be born into
                         a world she shouldn't be. Robbing
                         her of the one thing everybody
                         deserves. She would be born with
                         blood stains. I had to choose. I
                         chose her.

               She takes a sip of wine. It's morning now. And now it's her

                                   THE BRIDE
                         You know five years ago, if I had
                         to make a list of impossible things
                         that could never happen.
                         You performing a coup de grace on
                         me by bustin a cap in my crown,
                         would be right at the top of the
                         I'd've been wrong, wouldn't I?

               Bill listens stoney, then;

                         I'm sorry was that a question? Of
                         impossible things that could never
                         happen - yes in this instance you
                         would have been wrong.

               The Bride listens stoney, then;

                                   THE BRIDE

                         Well what?

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Explain yourself.

                         I already have. When I told you the
                         story of when I thought you were
                         dead. Didn't you get how badly I

                                   THE BRIDE
                         You call that an explanation?

                         Well if that's too cryptic let's
                         get literal.
                         There are consequences to breaking
                         the heart of a murdering bastard.
                         You experienced some of them.

               That's his explanation.

               She hears it.

               They both understand one another.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         You and I have unfinished business.

                         Baby, you ain't kidding.

               They both laugh.

                         You know how proud I am of you,
                         don't you?

                                   THE BRIDE

                         You know I was rooting for you,
                         don't you?

                                   THE BRIDE
                         I figured.

                         You know on that beach out there I
                         want you to be the victor?

               She nods her head, yes.

                         You also know you're going to have
                         to defeat me. I can't just give it
                         to you, even though I want to.

                                   THE BRIDE
                         It won't be necessary for you to
                         give me anything. I've surpassed
                         you. I'll take it.

                         Well, as they say in Missouri, show

               EXT. THE BEACH - MORNING

               As the blue waves of the Gulf of Mexico crash on the beach,
               The Bride in her bridal gown, and Bill, his tuxedo jacket
               off, face each other in a combat stance.

               The BRIDE
               Breeze blowing her blonde hair, holding her Hanzo sword in
               its sheath.

               stares across the sand to the figure of the Bride, his
               student, facing him at sunrise with a weapon he taught her to
               use. This is where all who teach combat artistry may end up.
               Facing a Frankenstein monster of their own creation. He
               removes his Hanzo sword from its sheath with GREAT FLOURISH.

               WIDE SHOT
               The two combatants...quite far from each other...they intend
               to charge/attack...stand in showdown stance.

               The BRIDE
               She takes her combat stance. But what she doesn't do is
               remove her sword from its wood sheath. The fist of her left
               hand is wrapped around the wood sheath's center. Her right
               empty hand, raises and makes a beckoning gesture to Bill.
               Then with a face completely devoid of emotion, says in

                                   THE BRIDE (JAPANESE)
                         Attack me.

               She's facing him, sword in sheath, hand far from handle, in a
               standing still position, not moving a muscle of blinking an
               eye, staring her laser beams in Bill's direction waiting for
               his attack.

               He stands in a combat position, sword raises in a combat
               grip, to charge her.

                             (to himself)
                         That's my girl.

               He screams a samurai scream...and charges her...

               She stands motionless...


               Watching him coming...

               No fear....

               No expression...

               We go back and forth, close, wide, low.


               They meet...

               Using only her left arm, with the sheathed Hanzo sword in its
               grip, she blocks all of his blows, right arm unmoving down at
               her side...sort of like Pai Mei did to her earlier...his
               sword and her sheath lock together...they're close to each
               other, she brings up her right arm, sticks out two fingers,
               and hits Bill on ten different pressure points on his body.
               Then hits him straight on in the heart with her palm. His
               body jolts, like he's just had a heart attack...he coughs up
               a little blood...he looks at her.

               Their faces are very close...

               The face of the cold ice woman Ninja, melts away before our
               eyes, and the face of Beatrix Kiddo is filled once again with

                         He taught you the ten point palm
                         exploding heart technique?

                                   THE BRIDE
                         Of course he did.

                         Why didn't you tell me?

               She doesn't have an answer.

               She looks at him apologetically;

                                   THE BRIDE
                         I don't know...Because...I'm
                         a...bad person.

               He smiles at her duplicitly, and says with blood on his lips;

                         No. You're not a bad person. You're
                         a terrific person. You're my
                         favorite person. But every once in
                can be a real cunt.

               They smile at each other.


               Bill turns his back to her...

               And walks five steps in the opposite direction...with each
               step his heart swells, on the fifth...

               It BURSTS...WE HEAR A SOUND, like of a tire blowout...

               He falls to the beach...dead.

               The Bride walks over to his body.

               She unsheaths her Hanzo sword.

               Blood lies in a pool, by Bill's mouth.

               She dips the tip of the blade in the blood, leaving the
               tiniest of crimson smudges.

               She then removes the Bill handkerchief, and wipes Bill's
               blood from off the blade onto the white cloth.

               She lets the Bill handkerchief drop onto his body.

               The Jingi sword Hattori Hanzo created, just for her, for this
               purpose, has come to the end of its journey.

               Beatrix, in a moment of enormous generosity, allows herself,
               one final tear, shed for her corrupter, her enemy, the father
               of her child,...her MAN. The tear is for her as well. For
               she's very aware she will never ever be completely any other
               man's WOMAN.

               EX CU The Hanzo BLADE slowly sliding into the wood sheath.

               EX CU the single teardrop, sliding down her cheek.

               The blade disappears inside the sheath.

               The teardrop falls of her chin.

               Her journey, her revenge, her victory, her unfinished
               business, is completed.

               The Bride exits the beach.

               Bill doesn't.
               As a female voice sings a song on the soundtrack.

               We see the Bride, get B.B.

               The Bride and B.B. are driving away.

               The Bride and B.B. eating in a coffee shop.

               The Bride and B.B. in a motel room. They both wear bath
               towels and both of their blonde heads are wet. The Bride sits
               behind her on the bed, combing the little one's head.

               The Bride spooning B.B. from behind, both of them are asleep.

               It's the morning...

               B.B. Sits on the motel room bed, watching Saturday morning
               cartoons on T.V.


               The Bride is on the floor of the motel room bathroom, crying
               her eyes out.

               She shoves a towel in her mouth so B.B. won't hear her.

               We wonder for a moment what's wrong...

               Till we see her face in CU...

               Her tears are tears of joy.

               She can't believe this is even happening.

               Her daughter is alive. They're together. They get to begin

               She covers her mouth so B.B. won't hear her crying and get
               worried or confused.

               But as the deadliest woman on the planet, lies on the motel
               room bathroom floor, smile on her face, twinkle in her eyes,
               happier than she's ever been, she thinks one thought. Over
               and over again....

               Thank you god...thank you god...thank you god...thank you

               She washes her face in the sink, when she's presentable, she
               walks out of the bathroom, jumps on the bed with her baby,
               hugs her from behind as the two watch Saturday morning

               TWO SHOT CU
               Both blonde heads, the big one and the little one, next to
               each other, watching T.V.

               The lioness has been reunited with her cub, and all is right
               in the jungle.

                                                                CUT TO:

               BLACK FRAME
               TITLE APPEARS:



                                    Quentin Tarantino